Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Start for 2009

We loaded up "Poppy" a couple of weeks ago.
(Well, prior to the K-ma's B-day and the Tree-Set)

Headed to Lake Whitney State Park.
We are HUGE fans of State Parks. We hope to hit all the ones in Texas.
(There are over 80 in Texas-HeeHee!)
I absolutely LOVED this Park!
It was the perfect camping trip (my FAVORITE so far!).
1. It was just our family and we didn't have to coordinate our schedule with anyone else. (Ok, we also love camping with others...but it really is easier when it is just you family.)
2. The weather. It started off cold the first day, but then in warmed up and was GORGEOUS!
3. The location. At this park you have fishing, the beach (with sand) and great hiking!
4. The camping sites were spacious enough you could stretch out and not feel you were camping on top of another family.
5. The boys are BOTH finally old enough to be "good" campers. They can go with the flow a bit better and the actually enjoy the camping activities!!
Day 1:
We got to the park around 3:00pm and the boys jumped out of the truck and started their adventure. It was a bit cold, but never to cold for digging in the dirt and playing a little horse shoes!

After the "Camp" was set up we decided not to let the cold keep us down and we headed for the water for some fishing. K-man had is new fishing pole from his last years b-day and we bought Little Bit a "Cars" one special for this camping trip. The boys were bundles up, but still enjoyed it.

My, aren't they just too cute!

Day 2

The day started off a bit cold, but it didn't stop us!
The boys had to rest after breakfast- HeeHee!

After these wonderful pictures of the boys in the hammock, we went on a hike where I broke my camera! Yes, I broke it on the first snap! SO, after the hike we ran into town for two disposable cameras. The boys could SO not understand why they couldn't see the picture after I took it AND I was crazy with only 52 pictures!!!!

Following the run to town we headed to the beach for a picnic and fun in the sand!

On day three it was not a chilly in the morning and had the promise of a beautiful day.
We started with a morning hike. There were two 1 mile hiking trails. We decided to take Shelby along for thishike. by the end og the hike we each had a walking stick.

After we ate lunch and rested a bit around the camp we headed out for more hiking (the boysd loved the hiking-their poor legs did very well!). Our goal was to actually see an animal on the hike...AND we did! An Armadillo!

After the hike we decided to spend the late evening at the beach. The day was absolutely beautiful. We ate snacks, played in the sand, fished, played in the water, and flew kites!

Once back at camp we rested a bit and then had supper and more SMORES!!!
You have to have smores when your camping!

On the last day the boys woke with the green lepercon having been there!
He had tuned our milk green and had made a mess in Poppy! The boys loved it and the Lucky Charms he left!
We all knew we were going to have to leave, but we were all having too much fun. K-man asked if we could just live there. I wanted to say, YES! But instead just gave him a huge hug and looked forward to making a few more special memories before we left!

As we left I took my last picture of the Texas Bluebonnet.
They were everywhere and It just seemed like such a nice warm ending to the camping trip!

Do you camp?