Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February at a Glance...Blink and it's Over!

February was cold and full of fun!
We were snowed in A LOT! The boys actually went to school a total of 3 days in two weeks. I was so glad that Ihad made a grocery store run before the wild weather hit. While stuck indoors we made from scratch cinnamon rolls and fruit kabobs. The boys also used their imagination often while playing indoors including super hero's and army. Our dog Shelby even got in on the act. The month also included Valentine parties at school with lots of candy!
The end of basketball season ended with K-Man playing the best game of the season the last game. He scored 7 points and demonstrated being a leader on the team. He also showed an agressive side...not always seen. I think he has just become more confident in his abilities.
K-Man also had a great accomplishment in Februaury. He was asked to be a greeter at the school. Greeters have shown good character at school and have been chosen by their teachers. We were so proud of him. K-man was very nervous the first day, but ended up having fun opening the door for his friends. It was an all week privilage.

Another huge highlight was going to rodeo!
It took us double the time to get there because of the snow and ice on the roads, but the boys would have been soooo disappointed if we didn't try to get there.
We were able to watch some of the kids show their animals, watch cowboys ride for 8 seconds and eat HUGE hotdogs...fun!