Friday, December 31, 2010

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

I always feel that the time from Thanksgiving until New Year is a complete whirlwind! I even find myself at times grrrrring about the holiday season. I feel like I have a hard time Enjoying Anything between Everything that needs to be done and the things I want to do. SO.... New approach! Instead of keeping the whirlwind feeling lingering inside me, I'm going to look back and savor the moments that brought "goosebump" moments to my arms and heart. Even if the moment only occurred for a split second.

  • DVRing all the Christmas movies from the Hallmark Channel. I only watched a few, but it was wonderful to watch them anytime. I always feel warm and fuzzy inside after watching them.
  • Fudge all over the boys faces after licking the beaters.
  • K- Man making a list of the goodies he wanted me to bake (fudge, puppy chow, candy covered pretzels, sausage balls, and candy covered popcorn).
  • B-boy seeing Santa for the first time at the mall..."I see Him! I see Him! He's over there!"
  • Watching the boys write their Christmas lists...adding to it all month long. I love the way K-man spells his words and how B-boy forms his letters.
  • Shopping for clothes (with my boys in tow) for a couple of ladies living at the nursing home I work at. The boys were so proud when they picked out a blouse that I actually bought for the ladies.Wrapping the gift while I thought about what each of the ladies meant to me.Watching them open each present and feel and touch each piece of clothing. Seeing the boys' big eyes as the ladies were so excited about the gifts.
  • Seeing the boys look in awe at the Christmas tree ornaments and gifts.
  • Driving up to the outside of our house being decorated with Christmas lights for the first time.
  • Finding the perfect place to put our Department 56 Snow Village.
  • Looking at all the past ornaments made by the boys over the years.
  • Having a marshmallow fight following opening the marshmallow shooters Christmas morning.
  • Listening to B-boy see Christmas lights on the way to church. He would see the same lights every time we went, but listening to him you would have thought he had never seen them before!
  • Singing at the nursing home with friends from church.
  • Looking at Christmas lights with Paw Paw and Gramzie singing Christmas Carols at the top of our lungs!
  • Watching B-boy in his Christmas program. He was a very ADORABLE wise man.
  • Listening to B-boy practicing singing all the songs that he would be singing in the program. I can still hear him singing ...."Si--lent Night..." all over the house.
  • Going with K-man on his field trip to an Opera House for a Christmas show/play. Yep, I teared up...always do! There is nothing better then seeing your child's bright eyes experiencing Christmas.
  • Going with friends to see the play Rodolph. B-Boy was scared out of his mind of the Abominable Snow Monster! Watching the boys get autographs from all the characters after the show. Yep, I teared up at the end...always do!
  • Getting 10 Christmas cards on one day!
  • Hearing the boys excitement as they looked at what Santa brought before they "woke us up".
  • A couple of days before Christmas- Listening through the boy's door as K-man explained what Santa does on Christmas Eve.
  • Seeing my adorable husband in his new house shoes, shooting the boys with his new Nerf Gun!
  • Listening to all the Christmas music being played EVERYWHERE.
  • Seeing our nieces that we haven't seen since this past summer.
  • Sitting on my Parents front porch for two hours on my Mom's new porch swing watching the boys play outside


Yes, once again, in the mist of the CRAZINESS of the holiday season there were memorable moments that deserve their time to be savored.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

October at a Glance

My Pumpkins holding their Pumpkins!

This year was the 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party at our home.

K-man dove right into the carving process in true boy form.

He really has become such a pro!
Just a little bit of help here and there.

Now, B-Boy is still not into the pumpkin slim, but wants very little help with the drawing and carving part...A bit scary, I know!
Yep, my 4 year old has a knife!
But it's a small knife...
Sorry, I didn't include the completed pumpkins, OOPS!
(take my word for it...they were spooky!)

My adorable husband turned a year older.
Poor guy, he gets a birthday smashed between B-boys birthday and Halloween.
He never complains. This birthday, He blew out candles and then we all ran off to cheer him on in his has last game of the softball season.
No, you did not jump into another universe...
These are my SUPER HEROS...
ready to knock, kick, karate chop, slash or shoot anything into oblivion they can get their hands on (including each other)!
Halloween was fun this year.
We rode in the back of "Blue" and the boys just jumped and ran to each door (fighting the evil villains while saying "thanks you" for the candy)! Yes, it is all on video.
Sunday lunch Spooky menu:
Black Battie Spaghetti
Brainy Broccoli
Ghostly Garlic Bread
Baked Eyeball Apples with Raisins
Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Bars
(for dessert)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day at the Deer Lease

Today the boys are spending the day with Daddy at the deer lease. They will be refilling deer feeders with corn and preparing for rifle season. The count down began months ago and the boys can hardly wait...the big boy too!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Number 4 and Counting!

I can't believe that my little boy is 4!
The years have gone by with whirl winds of fun and boyish adventures!

For B-Boy's birthday, he was given a blue and green "big boy bike".
Just like he has strongly suggested over the last 6 months!
With some minor adjustments by Daddy...

and some loving encouragement...
He was off to discover the "big boy world" around him!

Truth be told, B-Boy was having a bit of trouble getting his bike moving smoothly.
So, later that morning when we couldn't find him, he was on the drive way giving it all he had until he rode the bike perfectly. I'm telling you...if we can get his stubbornness going in the right direction, he might solve world hunger!

Sweet B-Boy,
We love you so much.
Your smile lights our hearts and your tender hugs warms them!
You have a flare for adventure and a warm spot for your brother.
Your love for God is evident through your questions and comments.
I believe God will use you to strengthen many.

Hot Wheel Birthday Party...Here B-Boy comes!

The family on B-Boys's special day!

Lilah, K-Man, Ali, B-Boy, and Anson.
The making of an exciting party!
Ok, with over 200 pictures taken
(with the help of my mother-in-love...thanks!)-
These are just a few.
A Hot Wheels Pinata was a MUST!
B-Boy got the last hits to send the candy flying!
We also played relay races (just like Hot Wheels race).
The kids beat the parents in "fill the jug of water, "egg carry", and the "sack race".
Those pictures were left out for good reason!!

The blowing out of the candles is always a lasting memory of a fantastic birthday party!

B-Boy hugging the gift he has asked for...seriously, for over 3 months!!!
The excitement could not be missed!

Another gift that was a major suggestion was a GREEN ROPE with a CASE!
Grammie and Poppa could not come unless THIS was B-Boys gift!
Do you see a pattern here?
This is not a child who beats around the bush!
It was a great birthday event.
Grammie and Poppa, Gramzie and Paw Paw, and Auntie Lindsey and Lilah were all able to be there and share in the fun! Birthdays are such a Joy!
Hope you had as mush fun as we did celebrating your life sweet B-Boy!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Would you like a bit of COFFEE with that FALL?

When TWO of my most favorite things collide
it is worth noting~

Can't you just smell the coffee brewing?...(I actually can!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Then I Would Like to Admit...

There are some things about me that I do not like to admit to...but here it goes.

  • I' m an all or nothing person: neat freak some days...SLOB other days;; worn out...energized; baking baking; running...nothing; time on computer...what is a computer; crafting...unfinished projects! I never really find myself in the middle (grrrrr)
  • I'm competitive. This trait frustrates me to no end! (grrrr)
  • I'm a health freak. (yep, I'm one of those people!)I absolutely love to learn about nutrition and new information on health strategies. I can't understand why some eat and take care of themselves the way they do. I get overwhelmed by other people's shopping carts at Wally World-(ask my adorable husband how I fume :)). I enjoy trying out new recipes that are "good" for you. This aspect of myself can drive my adorable husband nuts. He is a sweet and carbo man... (we are getting there with some compromises :)). My kids have no problem with it- they don't know the difference between white flour and Almond flour in my baking.
  • I'm not as friendly as I once was. Or maybe I just don't feel like being social and meeting new people (ie. mom's at the boys school, mom's of kids on the boys sports teams). Don't get me wrong, I'm nice! I'm just a bit of a homebody with just a few close friends and thats good enough for me. I know, it sounds CRAZY! Maybe, it's that I'm consumed with family and the friends I have now. Maybe I don't have the energy for the drama of lots of friends...MAYBE I'm content!
  • I withdraw. Sometimes I need to be with my own thoughts. It can last a couple of days or a week. I think its good.
  • I'm motivated by frustration. You want to know my secret to clean cabinets...i can't get something out!...then my all or nothing personality comes out and the whole kitchen has been gutted and reorganized!!!!!! You want to know my secrete to a spotless house...I have been a SLOB for a couple of days and I become frustrated with myself at allowing the boys to have piles (Ok, my pile too!) everywhere! Motivation for running...pants don't fit (FRUSTRATION)!! Blogging again...frustrated that so much time of my boys was not documented!
  • I'm stubborn. Enough Said!

Ok, I think these confessions were painful enough. I have a huge closet full of things I do not enjoy admitting. However, I think it's good to remind yourself that YOU HAVE FAULTS and Only through God's mercy are you made PERFECT in HIM! Pride is distructive...Amen!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'll Cry if I Want To!

Today, when I picked up B-Boy from MDO the teacher whispered to me that he had cried during centers and after lunch today. She explained...

"He said he was tired."

When we got home and after I had explained the situation to my adorable husband, he asked B-boy why he had cried at school. The innocent response was,

"Momma cries when SHE's tired!"

Yep...SHE does!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yes, he is very adorable...
However today, he was NOT so much a cutie pie!
I decided that I needed to get some professional pictures taken. Just some quick shots to "freeze the moment" of my fast growing and changing boys. So, with today being a holiday we loaded up as a family to spend some time together in the BIG city which included the boys pictures being taken in a studio...
This is where the HAPPY THOUGHTS end! Imagine my 6 year old strutting in taking his pictures with ease and poise. THEN COMES...B-BOY! We drag him in and he crawls under a chair and won't come out. He refuses to even talk to the girl (who is smiling, but thinking that I have NO control over this child...I'm thinking she's right!). I look at my husband like, "what are we going to do?" He drags B-boy out and takes him to another room. He is there for a long while....Then out comes the "mule-stubborn child" with furrowed brows- No change!
30 minutes later we have NOTHING! Bribery has not worked, "your breaking my heart" has not worked, threatening has not worked! I have lost control of the whole situation! Yep.
We leave the studio with the idea that we will return following more intense bribery..."Your brother is getting... and YOU ARE NOT!"- no change. Will not budge. When it finally starts sinking in B-Boy cries loudly explaining he does not want to smile! We go over he will get NOTHING until he smiles for the camera!- no change. Will not budge.
Finally, are 6 year old comes to the rescue and takes the "mule-stubborn child" into the bathroom for a talk. 5 minutes later out walks "angle child (for today)" and mule-stubborn child" both with huge smiles on their faces. B-boy is ready! Not sure what was said and I could care less, but we were going to get the pictures done TODAY!
He smiles all the way to the studio and it takes SERIOUSLY 7 minutes to finish the whole session! AND I SERIOUSLY needed a LARGE sweet tea after the whole ordeal.
So, no cutie pie today! GRRRR.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joys of School?

The K-man has been at it for two full weeks...
What things are different: (First Grade vs Kinder):
  • Reading books for AR tests every night vs. two times a week
  • Math homework two days a week vs none
  • Spelling tests on Fridays vs none
  • Tardies count vs. a smile and a sweet "hurry up"
  • Lockers vs cubbies
  • Teacher don't make eye contact with parents vs hug you and the child (not really, but get the point)...ok, a bit harsh. K-man's teacher is very commutative via e-mail.

So, really the homework has been the real adjustment for us and K-man starting first grade. It has been hard encouraging K-man do the homework when he is worn out and "brain fried". He often takes some down time and then spends about 30 minutes with the school work for the night while I'm finishing up supper.

I usually try to ask, "what was your favorite thing today?", but I have had to alter my probing because I have been answered on multiple occasions, "nothing! all we do is WORK!"
With that said, he has not told me he isn't going back... yet!

For B-Boy, the adventures at home with Momma could not be better!

However, I am "brushed" to the side when his big brother comes home.
I wouldn't have it any other way!

Oh...B-boy is not real excited about the homework either!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Learning to Read

With learning to read comes a new awareness of the world around you.

As the K-man has increased his confidence in reading, I often hear him reading signs in town, book titles, signs I have in the home, labels...the list could go on. I usually just smile and say something like, "great reading', "that's right!"...however, this summer I had a heart stopping moment.

We were exiting off the freeway when I looked in the rear view mirror at my two boys in the backseat only to notice tears rolling down the K-man's cheeks. When I asked what was wrong he pointed to the man holding a sign at the traffic light. "Help. Have no Home."

"Momma, that man doesn't have a home!"

As I choked back tears and looked at my innocent little boys in the backseat my heart broke. I said something like, God knows that man's name and God IS working... It just made me sad that K-man was realizing things are not always, "Ok." There is hurt, hunger, sadness and loneliness in this world. We stopped before going in the next store and I prayed with all my heart! Out loud I was praying for the man to know God and for protection..., inside I was also praying for God to keep my boys' hearts soft for the hurting and to strengthen them for the hurt they will face and witness.

May we have soft hearts for the hurting, the hungry, the sad, and the lonely.

May we never stop reading!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Two of First Days!

Today was B-Boy's first day of Pre-K 4's ! (Tues. and Wed.)
He too was remided of being a Warrior for God in all things he does!
When B-Boy was brought into the living room this morning all he could say was,
"I'm tired! I want to go back to bed!"...Me too!

Here is the sweet, "ready for Pre-K" smile!

So grown up! Brush those pearly whites~

Our Favorite Preschooler!

B-Boy has always wanted to be "big" like his big brother.
Going to "school" makes him feel he is more like his brother.
The other day he told me he wanted to go everyday like way, little man! You are growing up too fast already!

We love you with all our heart!
We are so very proud of the big boy your are becoming~
B-Boy's excitement this morning was getting to use his Scooby-Doo lunch box!
This year, we are letting him take a lunch box (again like his big brother). He picked the Scooby one out without any hesitation!

He was a bit hesitant this morning being with some older kids, however when he saw his buddy in the class he let a smile slip across his face. They started with the pledge this morning...this is my angel with his precious hand across his heart! Little did he know my hand was patting my heart all the way to my car thinking about my big, independent little boy.

As I got in my car to leave this was my view.
*Sigh*...Heart Pat!
Dear Father, you are our Savior, Protector and Friend. Please hold my little boy's hand today while he his not in my arms. Help him to be confident knowing he is never alone. Let the day go fast with you as his protector and guide. Let him learn things today that will allow him to be a growing servant for you. Thank you for your mercy and grace.
love, Me.

Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day of 1st Grade!

To be honest, I have been a bit blue and the K-man has been a bit quiet.
The unknown can really be hard.
We always talk to the boys about being Warrior's for God and today was no different!
When K-man sat to eat breakfast there was another book,
"Will, God's Mighty Warrior" (we love these books)!
Seriously, 6:30 am is really early!

Ahhhh, K-man looks much better after a change of clothes.
He had a hard time eating breakfast, because his tummy was a bit nervous.

So, my '"little first grader" decided a bit of reading with breakfast would calm his nerves.
It might have helped his, but is Momma was still a bit anxious!

Through the rest of the morning I was a walking prayer warrior myself!
I so miss my boys when they are gone out of my protective mother's eye.
Our new FAVORITE 1st grader!

The shoes make the outfit don't you think?
K- Man couldn't wait to put on his new shoes!
Boys are ohhhhh so easy!

Our Father, Please guide us in the rearing of our sweet boy. Let the words that leave our mouth be worthy of entering his precious heart. Protect our little boy while he is not snug in our arms and allow him to feel you strong and mighty presence! Lord I trust in you. Thank you for your mercy. Love, Me.

When I said good-bye to K-man this morning in his classroom , he looked up at me sniffing with his eyes and nose red and said, "I better just keep coloring." My heart broke. He was trying so hard not to cry. My sweet boy was just so nervous. I know he will be fine, but I wanted so bad to sweep him up and carry him home with me.
At 10:30 am this morning B-Boy stated,
"Now, when do we pick up K-man?"
Here are our sad faces.
We both can't wait to pick up the K-man!!