Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fear the Deer



Holly said...

But your heart still belongs to the Astros right? Right?!?!
Haha--we're rooting for the Rangers too. Way to show your spirit!!

Did y'all go to any of the playoff games or will y'all get to see a World Series game?

Love ya!

Kim said...

Did you go?!?!?! LOVE the car decor and al the spirit! Go Rangers!

Lacie said...


We are SOOOO still Astro fans! We wept when Berkman and Roy-O were both traded :(. *Sigh*

Actually, we have front row seats for the World Series...couch side!


I have actually gotten honked at and given the "claw" because of the car decor! It has been fun!

Heather said...

Those are PRECIOUS! The boys look so big! I love the Rangers spirit. :) Reid is waiting patiently for his Rangers #32 Hamilton shirt to come in the mail. :)