Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blast into God's Word

My adorable husband and the K-Man reading the scriptures together. Yes, they are in my Cozy Chair, but for this one time it's ok by me.
Nothing better then a Father and Son reading the Bible together. Yes, I had to take quick pictures not to ruin the moment- But they were too sweet sitting there together!

Monday we started the Blast into God's Word Bible Reading program. This year the summer reading includes Psalm and Proverbs. For every 20 chapters that the kids read (or that are read to them) they get to pick a prize. If at the end of the summer they have read all of Psalm and Proverbs they get a medal and certificate. Last summer, Dive into God's Word (which was all of the New Testament), was so life changing for our family. K. was only 2 years old, but through reading the scriptures every night he learned that the Bible was God's Word and that the Bible is important to our family. He was so adorable walking up to the front to receive his medal (which he still proudly wears around at times- he calls it his dog collar, Ha!) On our own we also sang the books of the Old and New Testaments. At the end of the summer K. was able to sing them both on his own. We were so proud to say the least! This year we are singing the Old and New Testaments, but are also including the Apostle and Creation songs to the mix.

I encourage you to read the Bible to your children. There is no other book that is more important or life changing to read. Reading the Bible to your children will also change your life- speaking from experience.

Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Little Bit

I just thought I would send a new picture out of Little Bit. Why is he called Little Bit you ask? Good question! When B. was born we had two boys...stay with me! You couldn't just say "he is crying" or "will you go get him" because now there were two HE/HIMs! So, I casually started calling him "Little Bit" (he looked so small next to our 2.5 year old) and it stuck. The name is pretty catchy if I do say so myself! No matter how big my little boy gets he will always be my Little Bit of Joy!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Introducing Poppy

I would like to introduce you to the new addition to our family. Yes, it's another boy! This is our new Pop- up camper, Poppy! We finally had the chance to "pop" it up this weekend and give it a good cleaning. Once we had it up and cleaned we started making our "need it" list. Then it was off to the store to get it- We have gotten a good start to the organizing (My favorite!) and the packing of Poppy.Here is the front of Poppy. It has a screen door- love it! Oh- Shelby has already decided to start guarding the front door.
Here is the formal dining area. The table and chairs make into a bed for more sleeping area. The interior color is hunter green and maroon. The Aggie Maroon is what sold it for Trey (Ha!)
Here is one end of Poppy. Each end has a king bunk. This picture also shows the open floor plan including the kitchen, dining, and living areas. At the other end of Poppy is the shower and potty. That's a whole other post by itself!
Here is the back side of Poppy showing the pull out dining area. This picture also shows the storm clouds that engulfed us later that day!!

We are so excited about Poppy! K thinks it's one BIG play room. Before the boys came along we camped in a two room tent (which was fun too!), but getting Poppy has been in the back of our minds for a long time. We have planned a camping trip to Mineral Wells Sate Park. The park is not too far away so it will help us get our feet wet with Poppy. It should be interesting camping with a 3 year old and a 7 1/2 month old...Let The FUN Begin!!!!

My life goal of having a camper has been met by Dear Poppy! I am also starting on my life goal of camping/visiting each State Park in Texas. WooHoo!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

The 10 Year Challenge

Holly's challenge for us this week was for us to compare our lives now to what they were like 10 years ago. While there are MANY differences here are a few:
10 years ago I attended Texas A&M football games and other sporting events from the bleachers with loud cheering fans. Now...I attend them on my couch with a loud cheering husband!
10 years ago I lived in an apartment with a wonderful roommate- Ellen. We would stay up late laughing and talking about the day's events. Ellen was able to clean up and cook for herself. Now...I live in a wonderful house with three adorable roommates. We stay up late trying to get supper cooked, baths given, and and the house cleaned. However, we still laugh and talk about the day's events!
10 years ago I carried a backpack everywhere! If I lost my backpack-I lost everything! It held all I needed for the day. ID, Money, Books, Assignments, Car and Bus Passes, work out clothes...etc.
Now...I carry a diaper bag everywhere. If I were to loose it I would FREAK- OUT! It has diapers, wipes, burp clothes, Destin, change of clothes (for the baby), toys, books, snacks/ juice cup (for the bigger boy), ID, money, cell phone...need I go on!
10 years ago I had my nose in college text books preparing for the next assignment or test. BORING!!!!

Now...I have my nose in children's books. It is far from boring watching my children's faces light up with every new adventure! Some of my favorite time spent!

My life is very different then it was 10 years ago, but I can honestly say that I would not change a thing. The adventures of the last few years have been sooo much fun! I can hardly wait to see what the next 10 years have to hold! Don't ever forget to live life to the fullest!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


"Hey sweetie, get off your brother. Your head is probably heavy on his little body."
"Pleeease get off your brother, you are bigger then Little Bit!"
" Kannon, I don't want to tell you again to get off your brother!!!!"
"Go Braden Go!!!!!! Get him!!!! You gotta him now!!!!"

You would not believe how many times a day I have to tell the K- man to get off Little Bit! I feel like a broken record. I should just have it recorded and play it back throughout the day, "Get Off of Him!, Get Off of Him!" Boys are something else! I can get on to Kannon over and over throughout the day, but more times then not Braden is smiling and loving every minute of it. They are wrestling already! At 7 months Little Bit is wrestling! I just don't get it! I think I have an interesting road ahead of me-

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gordon vs Garden

Family dilemma: I think Gordan is a great name for a garden, but my husband informed me that he can't step one foot into a named garden. "What?" People name all kinds of things... their boats, cars, campers, body parts, shoes, children etc. (only to name a few!) Don't you think if you give something a name it makes it more fun... more like family? What's wrong with a named garden? AND the name Gordon- How Cute! What is a girl to do way out here with a 3 year old, 7 month old, and a dog to keep her her garden!

I guess the only way to solve this family dilemma is to wait until the K-man wakes up from his nap and ask him what he thinks! I have a sneaky suspicion I may when this battle!

Veggie Sighting

Our Vegetable Garden I have named, "Gordan the Garden"
My adorable husband putting together our "irrigation system" for Gordon. Now I don't have to stand there and water every plant! Thank You, Thank You!!!!

First "Proud Parent" sighting! A Pea Pod! I have never seen one but in grocery stores. Can you find the sweet lady bug. I've heard it's a good sign to see a lady bug in your garden! So, "you are welcome to stay sweet little lady bug!"
I love banana peppers- Just waiting for the little guys to turn yellow!!! Yummy!
Do you see the little green round thing? That will soon be a Bell Pepper! It is just amazing to watch these little boogers grow! I am such a proud parent!
Ohhhh- the tomatoes are beautiful! We have about 14 on just one plant!!!!!!

I cannot believe how Gordon the Garden has grown! All of our plants are growing and getting SO BIG! I would share all my wonderful pictures but it would take you all day to look at them! Our corn, beans, peas, squash, okra, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini plants are just beautiful! The veggies are starting to show up and it's such fun to see the difference one day makes! Stay tuned the adventure continues!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

1/2 Marathon

I have these CRAZY friends (yes...that's you Heather and Holly!) who have been talking marathons for the last year or so. They paint such a fun and glorious picture of this challenge of running your rear-end off!

Well, I caught the bug! The peer pressure was killing me! I love to run for the pure joy of it, but I have never pushed my body beyond three miles! So, the last two weeks I have been getting up with the roosters (literally) and taking off on a sun rising adventure. Yeah right! I am having to drag myself out of bed and talk myself through every mile!

I hope this new little goal of mine gets easier with every day! The Houston Marathon is in January and my goal is to be there! Ok, not just be there but run a comfortable 1/2 Marathon. CRAZY you might say...Yes, I would have to agree! But as my adorable husband would say, "You are just stubborn enough to do it!" With those encouraging words I am off to a new world of marathons!

Well, to run good you have to look good, right? So I have my gear:
  • Duo Dry Shirts and Shorts (Teal, Coral, and White)
  • Duo Dry, No Show socks
  • Strawberry Gatorade
  • Mizuno Wave Inspire 3 running shoes
  • Hot Pink MP3 Player (Thanks Boys)
  • Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Cliff Bars

And this Little Lady is Off!

Have I forgotten anything? What is your favorite running "gear"?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Confessions of the Cleaning Lady

Today I woke up and decided THIS WAS THE DAY to get the house clean- all at once. There is nothing better then a totally clean house. I think this is because it very rarely happens in a house full of kids!

I started with the kid's bedrooms...done. Then the living room...whew, done! Might I add I am practically doing this all one armed holding Little Bit with the other and K- Man as my shadow (Do I hear a Whoo Hoo!).

Then finally nap time for B and K decides it is much more fun outside in the dirt!!! So I look around...What next? Then there it is the Bathroom!!! It is staring at me..."It's My turn, Little Lady!" Oh, Man I really hate doing bathrooms. AND the kicker is the John! Now that I have two boys (one being three) using the potty, can I say YUCK!!!!! So I buckle down and pull my gloves up to my shoulders and just go for it!

Yeah-DONE. I look at the spotless John... Did it just wink at me? As a walk to put the cleaning stuff away what do I hear... The back door opens and running to the bathroom with sand all over him is K-man! NOOOOOOO...I start to panic. "Where are you going?", "To the Potty?" "You need to Pee Pee?!". Sigh...I guess I can't ask the poor kid to wait all day. So I smile and say, "Remember to flush". Bummer another clean John down the drain!

Banana Pudding

"This looks Yummy!" said Camo Boy.
"It IS Yummy!" said Camo Boy
"Can I have more PLEEEASE!" said Camo Boy.

There is nothing better then banana pudding on a cool spring day or a hot summer afternoon. It is the best thing to share with a friend, enjoy on a picnic or take to a potluck. I don't know anyone that doesn't enjoy a huge helping of banana pudding. It is a comfort food that can just about make anyone smile. There are many reasons to make this wonder food called banana pudding, BUT Camo Boy is why I made it this weekend.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Heather!

Heather and Me- Two Peas in a Pod! Making memories one adventure at a time!
What a crew! Nothing better then good friends, good family, and good coffee!

Heather is 34 today! Yes, Heather I put it where the whole world could see it! You and your family are so special to me! I decided to honor our friendship and your birthday by writing 34 reasons why I smile when I think of you! These are in no particular order!

  1. You are a true Servant of God
  2. You love your husband and children
  3. You love God with all your heart
  4. You lock yourself out of your house at least once a month
  5. You blog and check e-mail at 2 am
  6. You run a free bus service- to and from sporting events and dance class
  7. You never say No- Never!
  8. You cock your head back and open your mouth when you laugh!
  9. You are always smiling even when it's tough
  10. You are not afraid to laugh out loud
  11. You always make others around you feel special
  12. You will deliver soup and humidifiers to very sick friends on more then one occasion
  13. You are always ready to cook a roast
  14. You are not ashamed to wear flip flops with unpainted toe nails
  15. You sing with your heart
  16. You put up with your "Type-A" personality friend
  17. You bite your tongue when someone at the baseball game says "not so nice things" about your baby boy on third!
  18. You make great jewelry that everyone wants
  19. Your husband calls you blessed
  20. You drink coffee with the best of them!
  21. You laugh at the days to come
  22. You are always there for ANYONE!
  23. You feed baked potatoes to babies (HeeHee)
  24. You give Great hugs
  25. You show your love for your WHOLE family through action
  26. You make holding a "shift-worker" family together look easy
  27. You take one day at a time
  28. You have paid for your dentist's new home (HeeHee)
  29. You are always ready for a "girls night out" or an "emergency meeting"
  31. You can talk or listen to anyone about anything (that includes strangers!)
  32. You have entered your thirties with grace
  33. You love life
  34. YOU ARE MY FRIEND!!!! I am honored you call me friend! Happy Birthday Heather!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Joy of Saturday!

Do you know this Woman? If not let me introduce you...this is Ms. Paula Deen ( I just call her Paula-we know each other well, Ha! ) I love her southern cooking and her cooking show. Anyone who loves butter as much as she does has to be a good cook! I enjoy watching her show because it's like she is your best friend in your kitchen cooking with a lot of fun and laughter! I always laugh out loud while watching her taste her own cooking( she takes such HUGE bites!) I have a couple of her recipe books (some of my favorite things) and I just read the recipes for the pure enjoyment of it! Her recipes are GREAT!! You have to try some - they will make your husband weak in the knees!

Well, since our move I haven't even watched her once- yes, in over a month I haven't watched one cooking show- Major Paula withdraw!. So, this morning while Trey was outside mowing our large yard (took him a couple of hours!) with K-man on his lap and "little bit" asleep I walked slowly, making sure no one was watching, And I flipped on the TV!!!!! Guess who was guessed right, PAULA ! I started jumping up and down (after making sure again nobody was around). I wanted to squeal, but I just couldn't wake up "little bit"! Ohhhhhhh- she was baking (my favorite) and with A LOT of butter!

I just sat quietly watching every stir the Southern Belle made. I could just taste the bread pudding! The joy of Saturday with a little Paula Deen! Eat well!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Lacie, Lacie, How does your garden grow?

My Veggie garden on May 14. Wow, it is just taking off! Look at the rows!!
Can you believe I am actually growing corn? Me either!!!
We love fried okra. We will have enough for okra every night if we want!
I just tried a new recipe for squash- we are going to need a lot of ways to eat squash!!!

My garden is growing so fast! When we got back from our trip to Houston, I couldn't believe how much the veggies had taken off!!! Along with the veggies were also a large amount of weeds!! So over the last couple of days I have been trying to remove the weeds without hurting the plants. The garden hoe has become my new friend. I wonder if I am even using it right! It won't be long before I will have my first batch of home grown vegetables!!!

I need good vegetable recipes!!! Do you have any?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bouquet of Flowers

K in the field behind the house picking flowers just for me!
K being very selective on the "just perfect" flowers, grass and weeds for his cup.
My perfect bouquet. Now the arrangement will sit on my kitchen counter for weeks- just because it is the most beautiful bouquet I have ever had!

When I looked outside the other day K was in his socks way out in the field. When I walked out there to see what he was doing he explained he was picking flowers (and weeds) ,"for you, cuz I love you". They were the most beautiful weeds I had ever seen! I didn't even make a comment about being in his socks because he was picking the flowers for me!! Who needs a bouquet of flowers (or roses) from a flower shop when you have a little boy that can arrange the most unique and beautiful bouquet of flowers, grass and weeds!

The Pink Challenge

My PINK Mother's day card from "my boys"! You gotta love Snoopy!
On the bottom left corner is K's signature. I can make out the K, can't you?

The challenge this week was to take a picture or talk about something PINK! Ok- let's just say I had A LOT to choose from with all the flamingo stuff, but as soon as I saw that my Mother's Day card was pink-that was that...challenge met! The front of the card says, "This card is from both of us..." and on the inside, "Think of it as a double dip of love." This Mother's Day was my first one with both of my boys! It is the first time that I had a card that said. "from both of us". I am honored that God has chosen me to raise both Kannon and Braden. It was a very special day for me. Thanks boys for the PINK card!

Go 'Stros!

We love the Houston Astros!!! Our first game with all four of us! Go Astros!!!Minute Maid Park with the roof open- What a sight!!! As Trey would say, "It was a great ball for a day game."
The game was B. first Astro baseball game. They won just for him... Astros (10)/Diamondbacks (4). The Astros also hit 4 homeruns that night to represent the 4 in our family of course!
K got a Houston Astros Finger! While he wore it he kept saying, "Gig'em Astros!" (We are also Aggies!)
There is nothing better then going to a baseball game...Not any game, but the Houston Astros! To sit in the stands eating a pretzel, nachos, ice cream, cracker jacks, or hotdog while cheering for your favorite player is just plain FUN!!! You would think the players were part of our family- we talk about them so much. At home K uses the Astros to describe his actions- "I run fast like Biggio!" and "I eat slow like Berkman." K. now can see a player on the TV or the Big Screen (at the ball game) and tell you who it is and where he plays! I am such a proud Momma!
Last Sat. was our first Astro game of the season and B's first game ever! He was GREAT!!! I can already tell he loves the Astros! We just knew he would make the Big Screen during the "Kids Cam" because he was soo CUTE in his Astros Onsie- Maybe next time!
OK- my new favorite player (along with Biggio and Berkman) is Hunter Pence! He is a rookie and plays with a lot of energy and excitement! He actually sprints around the bases after he hits a homerun and runs with all he has to first base after a hit. Baseball needs more players like him.
Though we are now 5 hours away from Minute Maid Park we are still Astro fans! We proudly wear our shirts, watch the game on TV or listen to the game on the radio AND we will always go to watch "the guys"when we can! Go 'Stros!!
Do you have a favorite sports team or player?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Mr. Toad telling me, "Back away little lady or someone is going to get hurt!"
Mr. Toad giving me his good side for the photography session! Smile Mr. Toad!
K. so excited to see Mr. Toad- He would have held that gross thing if it would not have jumped right out of his little hand.

I am not at all in love with frogs- better yet, BIG TOADS!!! Trey has been telling me that there is a large toad living in and around our pond. That's fine with me as long as the little booger leaves me alone! What is it about toads and boys- they are just plan gross! They are bumpy and have beady eyes!

Well, last night after the boys were all snug in their beds, I noticed Trey doing some kind of dance outside (I had to laugh)! I walked out to see Trey trying to keep the toad out of the pond. When he saw me he told me to "go get Kannon!" So, I practically sprinted into his bedroom to get the sleepy child. I was so excited to show K the gross toad I probably scared the poor guy (You would have thought I saw a flying saucer)! K ran straight for the toad- Me, well I squealed every time it just hopped my direction (Trey and K thought it was great!). The whole time K was trying to touch and pick up that slimy thing I kept yelling- "it's going to pee pee on you!!!"

It took everything I had to get close enough to get a good picture of this HUGE TOAD. I think it was as big as my foot! Ok- maybe half my foot! At one point the toad and I had a stare down before he leaped for me...YIKES!!! He even tried to jump into our house- the nerve of Mr. Toad! Ok, Mr. Toad you can live in my pond and eat my mosquitoes because K really likes you- but you give me my space and I will give you yours!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My 100 Life Dreams

In January 2005 I decided I would write down 100 things/goals that I would like to see, experience, or accomplish over my lifetime. While they are just simple and fun goals, I thought that writing them down would make it more real and I would actually work to meet them. It really worked!! While I haven't come up with all 100 things ( I add to the list as I discover a new goal/dream for myself)- I have met many of my goals/dreams. It is funny when I reach a goal or experience something that was on my list it feels so great! I feel like I am really living my life to the fullest.

Well, I decided I would keep the list on my blog as a reminder to me to "live life". Now every time I meet a goal I will share my experience. My recent move to my "cozy spot" has allowed me to reach several of my goals and I will share them over time.

Keep checking the list as it has grown and will continue to grow over the years! Remember to always live life to the fullest and give God all the glory!
(My list is in no particular order)
*Goal met
  1. Visit Savannah, Georgia *
  2. Go to the Ladies and Sons restaurant *
  3. Live in the country*
  4. Have another baby*
  5. Go Sailing
  6. Visit New York
  7. Have a camper to go camping in*
  8. Catch up on my scrapbooks
  9. Visit the Grand Canyon
  10. Planned visit (not just passing through)to all 50 states in the USA (Georgia*, Missouri*, Massachusetts*)
  11. See a Broadway show
  12. Have a home with a fireplace*
  13. Have a home with a front porch*
  14. Visit the Holy Lands
  15. Fly a kite at the beach
  16. Camp on the Beach
  17. Visit the White House
  18. Make a quilt*
  19. Have a vegetable garden*
  20. Read all the Janette Oke books
  21. Watch all the Little House on the Prairie episodes
  22. Visit Italy
  23. Get on a Monthly or Weekly mail order "thing" were you get food, candles,books, ect.-anything fun!
  24. Learn how to can veggies
  25. Learn how to make and can jellies, jams, and/or preserves*
  26. Go snow skiing
  27. Keep an active journal*
  28. Learn to crochet*
  29. Have a "good" flower garden and keep a journal of it
  30. Go on a mission trip
  31. Make a pie from scratch (and keep the recipe)
  32. Write down all my families special recipes
  33. Have a china cabinet to display my/family china*
  34. Go to a symphony
  35. learn to play and instrument
  36. Go to a play*
  37. Go on a cruise (anywhere)
  38. Run in a 1/2 Marathon
  39. Camp or visit all State Parks in Texas

Monday, May 14, 2007

Today is "Ketchup" day!

Today is Ketchup day! I have not posted in several days- ohhh, it feels good to be back! We have had a very busy last couple of days!
  • Thursday- We left to visit our friends in Houston (where we moved from a little more then a month ago). On the way we stopped in Corsicana to visit B and Lanette and their two new precious babies (Colton and Ellie). We also stopped in Spring to look at a camper (which is now ours!). Look for the story later!!!!!! We arrived in Clear Lake at the Sab's House at around 10:30 pm. Can you say, "VERY LONG TRIP!!!" and "FLASH FLOOD!"
  • Friday- We all slept as long as the kids let us (HAHA). The day was full of fun things! We took it easy and let the kids play. Heather and I got our eyebrows done (New Woman!) and went to Reid's Ball Game. The team won 11-10 (very exciting game!!!). We all stayed up chatting about life and our kids!
  • Saturday- "The girls" went out to eat for Heather's D-day!!! Yes, she will be thirty something on May 20th! I had sooo much fun catching up with everyone and their families! Heather and I got the oil changed in the car (We will do anything just to get out of the house and visit!) and went to visit Kelly H. in the hospital after having baby Aiden! Then our family went to the Astro game and had a blast! We love the Astros! Once we got back to the Sab's, again we stayed up late chatting with "the hubbies".
  • Sunday- Mother's Day! I felt blessed all day with great family and friends all around me- AND my two most PERFECT boys!! We went to our "old church" and felt so loved by all of the kind words and excited people to see us! I just tried to soak up all the hugs, smiles, and family stories until our next visit. Heather cooked a wonderful meal and we loaded up and headed back to our "cozy spot" (our home) only after stopping to pick up the camper! We finally arrived at 12:30am. Can you say "VERY LONG TRIP!!!"

Ok -thats the VERY SHORT version of the last couple of days-

Thursday, May 10, 2007

National Chair Day

Today is National Chair Day so I thought I would tell you about "My Chair". When we moved into our new house about a month ago there was a little corner by the fireplace that looked like the "just right place" for a cozy chair. We shopped and shopped until we found the perfect fit for me and the corner. It is a leather chair with an ottoman. It is ohhhh so comfy!

Top 10 reasons I love "My Chair":
  1. It's MY CHAIR
  2. I can see almost the whole house sitting in the chair
  3. I fit perfect in it
  4. The only spot in the living room that has good lighting to read a book or magazine
  5. It just looks cozy over there
  6. It has tall arms for me to just sink between
  7. You can put any color throw or pillow with it and it looks great!
  8. It has an ottoman that my legs love to rest on at the end of the day
  9. The ottoman can also double as more seating
  10. It is the perfect place to watch my family, read the bible, read a good book, journal, think about life, solve all world problems, drink sweet tea, write cards/letters, dream, sleep and just be me!

Did you notice the Pink Flamingo and Pink house flip flops???

Do you have a favorite chair?