Friday, May 18, 2007

Lacie, Lacie, How does your garden grow?

My Veggie garden on May 14. Wow, it is just taking off! Look at the rows!!
Can you believe I am actually growing corn? Me either!!!
We love fried okra. We will have enough for okra every night if we want!
I just tried a new recipe for squash- we are going to need a lot of ways to eat squash!!!

My garden is growing so fast! When we got back from our trip to Houston, I couldn't believe how much the veggies had taken off!!! Along with the veggies were also a large amount of weeds!! So over the last couple of days I have been trying to remove the weeds without hurting the plants. The garden hoe has become my new friend. I wonder if I am even using it right! It won't be long before I will have my first batch of home grown vegetables!!!

I need good vegetable recipes!!! Do you have any?


Deanna said...

That's awesome! I'm excited! Scott said mine are growing so far too :)

Holly said...

How fun to see them growing! You'll have to figure out the mailing thing because it looks like your garden is taking off!

As for a vegetable recipe, either get a can opener or go to Cracker Barrel. Hee! Hee!

Heather said...

I can taste the veggies now! :) Your garden looks great!

Have fun in it! Love ya!

silken said...

awesome! I love it!