Monday, August 31, 2009

The Pick-up Car Line

Let's just say the Pick-Up Car Line has been a learning experience for this Momma!
The first day of school I arrived 10 minutes before school let out...45 minutes later (around the middle school, by the tennis courts, around the pond) I finally picked up a red cheeked little Kindergartner! I was determined not to let my little boy sit out in that heat that long again. So, day two I get out there 20 minutes before the school was let out...K-man only had to wait 25 minutes! Better, but not the best I could do! Day three...I grab my book, a sun viser, and a tea and sit in my car for (note the picture) 40 minutes before school was let out -K-man waited only 10 minutes! Yes, No red cheeks, No "I have been waiting forever to go to the potty!" and No feelings of guilt. This Momma got it together. So, I get 40-45 minutes uninterrupted reading time ALL to myself (Little-Bit at home sleeping with work at home Daddy!). Today, I actually rolled down my window...I feel fall in the air (that's another post)! I'm going to get A LOT of reading done this way!
How long do you wait in the car line?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's All About Preschool

Little Bit has been wanting to go to Preschool ever since K-man had his first day of Kindergarten on Monday. I even let him carry his Preschool backpack while taking K-man to school on Wednesday (he begged me all morning!).
HOWEVER...this was Little Bit today! Yes, when it came down to the actual first day of was just a bit to early!

Little Bit did GREAT up until he had to actually
find his seat!
Yep, he never cried. Just stood there taking everything in while holding his blankie.

My little man did wonderful and he told me all about it when he got home.
"Aiden is a bad boy...There are TOO MANY girls!"
Happy First DAy of Preschool!
(I had a little bit of fun playing around with my pictures. I just can't help myself...)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kindergarten is the Place to BEE.

This is a story of a little monkey named George who helped his friend get through the first morning of Kindergarten. George and the little boy have been friends for a LONG time. George and the little boy have gone through a lot together...A new brother, a big move to the country, a broken leg (and the casting of the broken leg), and meeting new friends. Though the little boy doesn't need him as much anymore, when the little boys needs a little more security, George is ready to be there for him. This morning I noticed George was again by K-man's side.
Here is a small peek of K-man's first day of Kindergarten.

Today was wonderful! God was with our whole family today.
While I was snapping the pictures outside before we left K-man kept saying, "I'm going to be late for Kindergarten!" He was really so excited. Then tonight after supper K-man expressed to us, " I want to go to Kindergarten the first thing in the morning!" I think by talking all summer about how fun it would be and how proud we were of him really helped prepare him for this day. I also think going to the town MDO where he met many of the kids in his class also made a HUGE difference (a perk to a small town!). BUT, I have to give God all the Glory. Our scripture for the summer was, "I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13. We talked about the scripture often and we applied it to many situations including going to school (I quoted it often out loud for my own benefit). We have really talked to K-man about how God is always with him! I completely felt his presence today. Thank you Father.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Bible Reading Club

While attempting to get a picture of the boys' Summer Bible Reading Program medals and certificates, I actually gave up and just told them to take a SILLY picture. Seriously, trying to get these two boys to take a "normal" picture these days is out of the question! I did however get a picture of all the kids who participated and completed the program...BUT goofy me had them hold up all their certificates with there names clear as day so I just couldn't bring myself to posting the picture.

This year we had 20 children participate in the program and 13 complete the reading! Pretty good odds! We read through Genesis and Exodus this summer which lead to some great family discussions and devotional time.

Way to go SILLY boys!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Countdown

Our family has started the countdown to the school year.
I have been trying to be positive about this whole Kindergarten thing, but I have really struggled this summer. It has been hard to talk about Kinder without a bit of tears. I have tried to savor the little moments of lazy mornings and late nights watching the Astros knowing our family schedule will be changing. I know that the K-man will be fine and that he really is ready for Kinder, but I just enjoy spending my days with him. I enjoy both my boys and I just miss them something awful when there gone.
With all of that said I have been trying to prepare the boys for Kinder and Pre-K 3.
Yes, Little Bit is growing up too (sigh).
We have been reading books and talking about being "nervous".
These books may be as much for me as the boys- hee hee!
This week I have spent some time sewing special mat covers, blankets and pillow cases for the boys. I think it has made the countdown easier for me when my hands stay busy. It makes me feel I am doing something to make it easier and special for the boys.

The backpacks are ready...

And we have even worked hard to get a "drop station" in our mud room for all the boys school things. I hope this will help control all the madness- ha!

Last Thursday night we had "meet the teacher" for Little Bit's Pre-K 3 class. It's in the same school he has been at for MDO, so he seemed pretty confident until he realized his teacher was not going to be the same. All the way home he kept saying, "I not like Mrs. Lindsey!" SOOOO...we will see how the first day goes for this little booger. He did let me take a picture of him in his chair, but only if K-man was in it. Over the last few days I have been trying to "talk up" Pre-K. I have even told him I would bring snacks for his class on the first day. In reality he is only going two days a week right now, but he is still having a hard time with the whole idea of changing classes.

Last night we had "meet the teacher" for K-man's Kinder class. He had gotten a letter from his teacher last week and he has been excited to meet Mrs. Thomas. The anticipation increased as we became aware of some of the kids that would also be in his class. I have also heard really good things about this new teacher. I have to admit my heart was thumping out of my chest as were getting ready to leave, but K-man seemed ok. Before we left for the "new" school, I explained it was fine for him to be shy, but he had to be nice to his teacher and at least say "hi".

Well, he did great (and I think I did good too!).
We were the second ones there and had the chance to talk to the teacher and look around the room before it got busy. To K-man's joy a good friend of his from Pre-K arrived and he was SO excited! He also found these....

All the way home K-man talked about how excited he was while I answered a couple of his questions. The one I was worried about was Little Bit. He is NOT happy about his brother going to another school. My boys really do most everything together including going to the same "school". Little Bit put it all together last night and decided he wanted to go to Kindergarten! Yep, I think the challenge will not be K-man on the first day, but Little Bit!
This morning K-man woke up asking if he was going to Kindergarten today.
Now that K-man is excited and confident, I am feeling better, however I will miss him during the day (I still have to get comfortable with him being gone EVERYDAY!)
I wise woman (my Mom) encouraged me by saying- I can get most everything done during the day so in the evening I can spend "good quality" time with the boys. Sounds great to me!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spoiled Rotten!

Yep, look what my adorable husband surprised me with last night!!
Ok, I was so lucky to have Diane (my adorable husband's sister) visit last night so she could enlighten me on the basics, but OH MY!!!
There are sooo many "Apps" that you can get on the i*Phone.
Which ones could you just not live without?
Which ones are fun for kids?
Which ones are just neat?!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

hello there.

My adorable husband asked the question today in passing, "have you blogged lately?" ... After I screamed and threw something at him (feeling much better)- I agreed with him. There is so much going on in our lives I can hardly breath.

Ok, let me clarify. I like to think of myself as simple person (don't laugh) with a simple life (I work very hard not overbook our family!). I am a home body who ONLY wants to do the minimum, but I somehow always go a bit overboard. AND I tend to get overwhelmed with details and sometimes I have to admit my "freak out" emotion gets the best of me. SO, when I say there is SOOO much going on, it may seem like nothing to others.

Here is what has gone on since the last blog...sorry no pictures. Maybe later, but if I tried to find and down load all the pictures I would like to share, I might just not share anything (the overwhelmed factor!)

* We spent some WONDERFUL time with my adorable husband's family at Beaver Bend, OK.
(Ok, I really need to share some of those pictures!)

* Visited a museum in Idabel, Ok with a huge DINO cast of bones

* We finally had VBS at church (months of planning- whew!)

* My adorable husband is deep into church softball

* A trip to Victoria to spend with my grandparents

* A trip to the Children's Museum and I-Max theater (which Little Bit so did not enjoy!)

* Braden is totally and completely potty trained (ok, that has been around a month ago...but no post or pictures-Bummer!)

* Gone to Londyn's birthday cousin's family has moved about 10 minutes from my house (FUN!)

* I have rearranged the living room, painted and added a piece of furniture in the living room, stained 6 pieces of furniture, gotten the house ready for painters tomorrow- In SHORT...I have been playing home decorator!

* I have tended to sick children...and an adorable husband, cooked at least two meals a day, washed clothes, made beds, cleaned house, played "museum" with the boys (along with other fun imaginary things-oh to be a child), and the daily activities could go on...

SO, there you have it the SHORT version of why I have not had the chance to sit let alone if front of a computer! However, this blogging thing is fun!