Monday, August 31, 2009

The Pick-up Car Line

Let's just say the Pick-Up Car Line has been a learning experience for this Momma!
The first day of school I arrived 10 minutes before school let out...45 minutes later (around the middle school, by the tennis courts, around the pond) I finally picked up a red cheeked little Kindergartner! I was determined not to let my little boy sit out in that heat that long again. So, day two I get out there 20 minutes before the school was let out...K-man only had to wait 25 minutes! Better, but not the best I could do! Day three...I grab my book, a sun viser, and a tea and sit in my car for (note the picture) 40 minutes before school was let out -K-man waited only 10 minutes! Yes, No red cheeks, No "I have been waiting forever to go to the potty!" and No feelings of guilt. This Momma got it together. So, I get 40-45 minutes uninterrupted reading time ALL to myself (Little-Bit at home sleeping with work at home Daddy!). Today, I actually rolled down my window...I feel fall in the air (that's another post)! I'm going to get A LOT of reading done this way!
How long do you wait in the car line?


Holly said...

Our car pick up line probably isn't as long, but I haven't quite figured out the best time yet either. Some must get there about 20+ minutes before school gets out. I've gotten there 5-10 minutes before and the wait is about 10 minutes, so...not too bad.

Glad you can get good reading time in!!

Kim said...

The car line is when my mom started cross-stitching. Over my elem. years everyone we knew got a cross-stitched gift! :)