Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's All About Preschool

Little Bit has been wanting to go to Preschool ever since K-man had his first day of Kindergarten on Monday. I even let him carry his Preschool backpack while taking K-man to school on Wednesday (he begged me all morning!).
HOWEVER...this was Little Bit today! Yes, when it came down to the actual first day of was just a bit to early!

Little Bit did GREAT up until he had to actually
find his seat!
Yep, he never cried. Just stood there taking everything in while holding his blankie.

My little man did wonderful and he told me all about it when he got home.
"Aiden is a bad boy...There are TOO MANY girls!"
Happy First DAy of Preschool!
(I had a little bit of fun playing around with my pictures. I just can't help myself...)


Anonymous said...

I knew he would do great!
He is such a cutie, but I'm just a little biased.

Kim said...

B looks SO grown up!!! Those pics with the blanket are priceless! You are getting really good at the new camera. I'm so glad he had a good first day! Sweet boy! :)

Lynn said...

So grown up! Treasure these moments.

Holly said...

How sweet is he to bring Blankie?!?! Love that. Glad he is adjusting to his new class--what a big boy!!

And what a cutie!!

Heather said...

Sweet Little Bit! I love those mornings when they are so sleepy they just need to chill for a minute...with their blankie!

Glad his day went good! I love the pics...I feel like I was there.

Love ya!