Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Beat of a Mother's Heart

Well, let me re-introduce my boys... K-man (6) and Little Bit (3 1/2)
They are the beats of my tender heart!
Our 7 inches of snow in February.

A Warmer day in February.
(I can tell this because of the red pillows on the porch swing!)

A "normal" day of brotherly love and fun!

Gotta snap quick for moments like these...they are very rarely this still!

Camping at Eisenhower State Park for Spring Break.

That's my boys!
(We camped for 5 days!
You talk about not wanting to go back to the real world!!!! BLAST!)

Arggg! K-Man's Pirate Birthday Party!

Easter...They clean up nice ;)

My heart...Beat, Beat, Beat!
You will be seeing more of these guys!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 months...I know.

I know...

It has been a long time since I even looked at my blog. I stopped blogging with the attempt to simplify my life, focus my time, get my priorities in order, and to stop comparing myself to others.

The time away has really allowed me to work on these areas. I do feel more focused and less guilty for the extensive time loss I noticed while blogging that's including participating in the blogging world.

With that said, as I snack on popcorn and drink my new favorite soda... (close your eyes mom!) Cherry Coke Zero, I miss not documenting the stories that are precious to me about my boys and family. I also miss the family and friends that live away not feeling they know what is happening in our lives.

SO...I am making no long standing commitment to blogging at the level or the time consuming manner at which I did before, but I'm back (along with my cherry coke zero!)

FIRST ENTRY BACK... little bit (age 3 1/2) just cut his hair in front...only a flat-top could help!