Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day at the Deer Lease

Today the boys are spending the day with Daddy at the deer lease. They will be refilling deer feeders with corn and preparing for rifle season. The count down began months ago and the boys can hardly wait...the big boy too!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Number 4 and Counting!

I can't believe that my little boy is 4!
The years have gone by with whirl winds of fun and boyish adventures!

For B-Boy's birthday, he was given a blue and green "big boy bike".
Just like he has strongly suggested over the last 6 months!
With some minor adjustments by Daddy...

and some loving encouragement...
He was off to discover the "big boy world" around him!

Truth be told, B-Boy was having a bit of trouble getting his bike moving smoothly.
So, later that morning when we couldn't find him, he was on the drive way giving it all he had until he rode the bike perfectly. I'm telling you...if we can get his stubbornness going in the right direction, he might solve world hunger!

Sweet B-Boy,
We love you so much.
Your smile lights our hearts and your tender hugs warms them!
You have a flare for adventure and a warm spot for your brother.
Your love for God is evident through your questions and comments.
I believe God will use you to strengthen many.

Hot Wheel Birthday Party...Here B-Boy comes!

The family on B-Boys's special day!

Lilah, K-Man, Ali, B-Boy, and Anson.
The making of an exciting party!
Ok, with over 200 pictures taken
(with the help of my mother-in-love...thanks!)-
These are just a few.
A Hot Wheels Pinata was a MUST!
B-Boy got the last hits to send the candy flying!
We also played relay races (just like Hot Wheels race).
The kids beat the parents in "fill the jug of water, "egg carry", and the "sack race".
Those pictures were left out for good reason!!

The blowing out of the candles is always a lasting memory of a fantastic birthday party!

B-Boy hugging the gift he has asked for...seriously, for over 3 months!!!
The excitement could not be missed!

Another gift that was a major suggestion was a GREEN ROPE with a CASE!
Grammie and Poppa could not come unless THIS was B-Boys gift!
Do you see a pattern here?
This is not a child who beats around the bush!
It was a great birthday event.
Grammie and Poppa, Gramzie and Paw Paw, and Auntie Lindsey and Lilah were all able to be there and share in the fun! Birthdays are such a Joy!
Hope you had as mush fun as we did celebrating your life sweet B-Boy!