Friday, June 29, 2007

Let's go Camping!

We got back a couple of days ago from our annual "Pitch Family" vacation. This year the destination was Possum Kingdom. Though it rained for the last couple of days we had a great and relaxing time. Like Kannon said, "Rains not bad cause God made it." Lucky for you I decided to share only a FEW of my pictures. K. tried his heart out to catch a fish. He wanted to catch a "little fish for Bob". Bob is his pet fish at home.
We tried and tried to catch a fishy friend for Bob. Sorry Bob not this trip!
Notice they have given up the fishing and decided to just enjoy the scenery.
Oh B.! You are just too cute! I don't think any sun will find that baby soft skin...Do you?

Rub a Dub Braden in the "Poppy Tub". He can't get much bigger or the "Poppy Tub" might bust!
Say cheese little boy! See I told you it was a tight squeeze...his poor feet are getting smooshed against the side!
Grammie did you say you wanted a s'more? K. feels like sharing!
It was so pretty! Do you see the large rolling, tree covered hills in the back ground? This was our swimming hole during our vacation- not to shabby, huh?
Where will Poppy the Pop-up take us next?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Tips and Tidbits

Have you ever mixed your cereals? If not, you are totally missing out! Right now my favorite mix is Golden Grahams, Cheerios and Honey Graham Oh's. The combination is so yummy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Favorite Things

What is a favorite thing? Really...How do you know when you have something that you can call a "favorite thing"? Well, I got brave (just for a short time) and decided to join in on a Favorite Thing Swap. This Swap included sending something that is your "favorite"for someone else to enjoy. I thought and thought about all the things I love to do, love to look at, or love to use. And while I won't spill the beans on what I sent I came to the conclusion: you KNOW something is your "favorite" when you just get sooo excited when you use it or see it (You just get plan giddy)!

Aprons. Yes, aprons are on the top of my list of favorite things. I love any kind. When I put one on I feel I can clean the whole house in a day (Ha), I feel I can cook a four course meal for an army (Ha Ha), I feel I can snap a million green beans (Ha Ha Ha)! I don't know where I got this joy from aprons- but I am always looking for the just right one.Here is my first apron. I got it a couple of years after I was married. I purchased it from Williams-Sonoma. I knew I had to have it when I saw it! Ohhh- I didn't realize how stained it was until I looked at the picture. I wash it...I really do! It's like an old Friend, It always makes me smile!
Ohhh- this one is stained too! See, I really do use them! This apron makes me laugh- I bought it while my adorable husband and I where in Savannah Georgia (taking a vacation before our second boy was born). We ate at the Lady and Sons Restaurant (Sweet Paula Deen!) and it just called my name! Lacie.... Lacie...Over here!

This is a light weight, cool for Texas apron. My mother made it when she was younger and wore it herself. I love wearing something my mother made. She has always been a good seamstress.

Gotta have a PINK apron! I just like to look at this one. So girly, So pink, So me!
Now here is my new Craze on aprons! I love the older ones that just cover the lower half. In all honesty I NEED a full coverage apron (I am a bit messy in the kitchen)! We were antique shopping and again this apron called to me...I am so cute...I need a good kitchen...You love Christmas (notice the red and green theme!)

Ok..Ok.. last apron! I found this one antiquing too. Can we say Fall Baking! I just want to make a pumpkin pie looking at it!
Everyone should stop and think about what you enjoy most, a "favorite thing"...and REALLY ENJOY IT! Just "stop and smell the aprons" (from the stains maybe not mine- Ha!)
What is one of your favorite things?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What do ya do...

What do ya do when you have the house to yourself with one of your nieces?...Well, cook together of course! The "Thurman Girls" came down to hang out with us before our camping trip this weekend. Everybody left to run into town to get last minute things and Haley (9 years old) decided to stay behind to hang out with me (How special did I feel? -VERY SPECIAL!) I introduced her to self portraits- cute huh?
We "aproned up" (of course) and made a cake, rice crispy treats, and pigs in a blanket for our camping trip. But more then that we made wonderful memories. There is nothing like a little girl time in the kitchen- but we won't ever tell what we talked about! We also made time for a little sweet tea and raspberry lemonade-yummy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In A Pickle ?

How about pickles! We decided to try to make pickles from our cucumbers we have grown this season. Ok- I'm a first time veggie gardener and now a first time pickleiler (is that a word?)-what a year!
First you need about 7lb of cucumbers. Here are a few of our home grown (with love) cucumbers. They are all different shapes and sizes- not like the perfect shaped ones in stores.

Then you put on your apron and make sure all the kids are sound asleep!

While your jars and lids are heating at 180 degrees you get all your seasonings together.

You boil the seasonings with 2 1/2 cups of vinegar to make this green witches brew- Hee Hee just kidding! Your whole house starts to smell like pickles!

While the good smelling stuff is boiling you cut your cucumbers into spears.

Then you put the spears into the hot jars. Don't touch the jars with a bare hand...It hurts!!!

The good smelling stuff then goes into the jars with the cucumbers. Lids go on tightly...

AND now you are ready to process the jars to preserve them.

We canned them in a propane out door cooker for about 15 minutes once the water boiled. So- for 15 minutes we sat under the stars dreaming off yummy Dill Pickles!

Now they are done! We have heard them all pop to let us know they are sealed. We just have to wait 4-6 weeks for them to season really good! Anyone up for some homemade Dill Pickles?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Small Town Traffic

We have moved away from crowded highways, busy feeder roads, and constant construction right into THE small town traffic problem of SLOW moving tractors on two lane country roads! No worries... I am drinking my sweet tea listening to Josh Tunner on the way to the post office. I have learned to be prepared for these small town traffic jams- Ha!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Let's Go to the Rodeo!

We decided to jump into this small town thing and go to the Parker County Sheriff Posse's Rodeo. Ok- this is totally up my adorable husband's alley! This is one of the many reason's he wants to raise our boys in a small get into this rodeo, showing, riding,...thing. I am in for an adventure!!! While you could say I was raised in a smaller town- I have had little experience with these things called FFA, sheep, steers/heifers, manure...get the picture. Well, while we were all getting ready for the rodeo K. was so excited about wearing his boots. However, he was a bit confused, "Momma's not wearing boots?" My husband tried to explain that, "Momma does not own one pair of boots"-as he laughed. So the question of the night was, Would I ever were boots?... NO! What if they were PINK??? Hmmm...
What do you think? Me in PINK Boots??? What in the world would I wear with them? What would be next- A cowgirl hat?
So after putting on my Capri's it was off to the rodeo. Even though it is a small town rodeo, it was the PRCA Rodeo of the Year in 2004- If you don't know what that means don't worry I don't either, but it is a big deal my husband said! This was also the rodeo's 60th anniversary- now that's impressive!
I don't remember ever being this close to the action!

The K- Man was mesmerized to say the least! He would call out, "Aww Man, he got bucked off!"
We didn't know any of the cowboys riding, but as a mother I can tell you K. or B. WILL NOT BE RIDING A BUCKIN' BULL!!!! (My sweet husband told me to watch what I say!)
After watching the cowboys show off their stuff it was time for the goat scramble. That is where kids 6 years and under run into the arena and line up to chase two poor, sweet, cute goats with ribbons tied to their tails. The object is, out of about 50 kids, to be the one of two to get the ribbon off the goat's tail! My husband casually asked K. is he wanted to try...Yesss! I couldn't believe it! As they were making their way to the rail for K. to be thrown over into the mass of children I kept yelling, "If he doesn't want to do it, don't make him!!!!!" The joke was on me. He jumped over the fence and lined up looking like he had done it a thousand times. As the poor goats were let out K. took off with the rest of the wild tikes. He just laughed and ran his little heart out! When it was all over he said. "I didn't get it dad." to which my husband said, "Next year!"

(K. is the little guy with the Maroon Aggie cap and plaid shirt on!)

This is the K- Man after the run of his life. You'll get'em next year buddy!
When the rodeo was about half over we decided we better get the boys to bed, but not before looking at all the show animals. We actually saw someone we sort-of knew and K. was able to pet a sheep and steer. The animals will never be the same-Ha!
As we walked away from the small town rodeo I can actually say that I had a blast (Even without pink boots!). I know it will not be the last of my adventures with stock shows, rodeos, and manure! We stopped off at DQ to get dipped cones at about 9:45pm just to top off the evening! Gotta Love Small Towns!

Friday, June 15, 2007

"Veggies" of our Labor

We are now seeing the Veggies of our Labor. We are picking Zucchini and Squash every morning! They just keep producing veggies!! We are all going to turn into Squash or Zucchini with all that we are eating!
The K- Man has gotten the hang of what he is looking for when he goes to harvest the veggies in Gordon. He has also finally learned to ask before he just picks them.
K. makes me laugh! He loves the garden as much as we do.
Oh- the joys of having a garden! Everyday you have a new surprise! It has been a fun experience for our family.
We are still watching the Corn grow. I still can't believe we are growing CORN!!!
I love this picture of K. in the garden. It really shows how tall the corn has grown! K. look like a pro!!!
The improved pinto beans have been the the newest adventure. The K-Man and I were up before anyone else so we went outside and picked many of our improved pinto beans. I had to read to find out what to do with them (the best way to eat them). We have learned that you can freeze and cook them just like green beans.
So far we have put away round peas, some zucchini and squash. I still need to put away the improved pinto beans and I think the(Kentucky Wonder Bean) green beans are next. I am also going to fry some fried green tomatoes in the next couple of days...Yummy!
Once our spring garden has done it's work we are thinking about planting a fall garden- We have heard they do even better up here! We are also planning on planting pumpkin seeds in the next couple of weeks! We are looking forward to having our own pumpkin patch in the fall!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

How do you know...

We went to the Parker County Sheriff Posse's Frontier Days Parade yesterday. It was our first small town parade in a very long time! I love small town parades. Million dollar question...How do you know you are at a small town parade?

1. The WHOLE town shuts down to enjoy the parade
2. You can practically back your car up in the street to watch it
3. Everyone knows everyone in the parade
4. You actually talk to the person next to you

5. Instead of cars pulling floats...horses pull wagons

6. BOOTS!- You have to wear boots to be in the parade
7. There is EVERY age group of "Ms. Peach Pudd'in" (baby, preschool, school age, teenage, and don't forget Mrs. Senior Peach Pudd'in).
8. The horses steal the show!

9. The horses are ALL throughout the parade not just at then end

10. Everybody who is anybody rides a horse in the parade

11. Candy is still thrown and you have to run in the street to get it!
12. Tractors replace the Hummers and other "fancy cars" people like to show off in the parade
13. When you wave the participants actually look right at you and wave back... even say Howdy! 14. There are more people in the parade then watching the parade
15. There is only the ONE small town high school band in the parade

16. Did I say that the horses were the main "float"...

17. AND There is NO "pooper scooper" at the end of the parade... animals are free to do whatever they need to do-Ha!

There is just something about the wonderful feeling of watching a small town parade that makes you want to drink lemonade (or sweet tea) and sit on your porch while chatting with you neighbor. How do you know you are at a small town parade?