Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Favorite Things

What is a favorite thing? Really...How do you know when you have something that you can call a "favorite thing"? Well, I got brave (just for a short time) and decided to join in on a Favorite Thing Swap. This Swap included sending something that is your "favorite"for someone else to enjoy. I thought and thought about all the things I love to do, love to look at, or love to use. And while I won't spill the beans on what I sent I came to the conclusion: you KNOW something is your "favorite" when you just get sooo excited when you use it or see it (You just get plan giddy)!

Aprons. Yes, aprons are on the top of my list of favorite things. I love any kind. When I put one on I feel I can clean the whole house in a day (Ha), I feel I can cook a four course meal for an army (Ha Ha), I feel I can snap a million green beans (Ha Ha Ha)! I don't know where I got this joy from aprons- but I am always looking for the just right one.Here is my first apron. I got it a couple of years after I was married. I purchased it from Williams-Sonoma. I knew I had to have it when I saw it! Ohhh- I didn't realize how stained it was until I looked at the picture. I wash it...I really do! It's like an old Friend, It always makes me smile!
Ohhh- this one is stained too! See, I really do use them! This apron makes me laugh- I bought it while my adorable husband and I where in Savannah Georgia (taking a vacation before our second boy was born). We ate at the Lady and Sons Restaurant (Sweet Paula Deen!) and it just called my name! Lacie.... Lacie...Over here!

This is a light weight, cool for Texas apron. My mother made it when she was younger and wore it herself. I love wearing something my mother made. She has always been a good seamstress.

Gotta have a PINK apron! I just like to look at this one. So girly, So pink, So me!
Now here is my new Craze on aprons! I love the older ones that just cover the lower half. In all honesty I NEED a full coverage apron (I am a bit messy in the kitchen)! We were antique shopping and again this apron called to me...I am so cute...I need a good kitchen...You love Christmas (notice the red and green theme!)

Ok..Ok.. last apron! I found this one antiquing too. Can we say Fall Baking! I just want to make a pumpkin pie looking at it!
Everyone should stop and think about what you enjoy most, a "favorite thing"...and REALLY ENJOY IT! Just "stop and smell the aprons" (from the stains maybe not mine- Ha!)
What is one of your favorite things?


Deanna said...

OK Lacie..I didn't realize what an apron obsession you have! :) Cute!

Ashley said...

I seriously just laughed out loud! I might have woken up the baby. ha ha ha!

Lynn said...

I want an apron!