Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Having to Sit

It has been an interesting last several days...I went from having a rash to having to sit.
While I am waiting for some blood work results, the Dr. has instructed "No Work and Minimal
Activity". In other words I'm having to sit.

What do I do with all this sitting time?

I have been reading blogs, visiting Amazon (dangerous!), planning future craft and baking projects found on the web... all while listening/watching all things girly on TV.

While this may seem fun (and it is!), I am already chomping at the bit. I don't sit well and I sure don't like watching my adorable husband having to do everything!

I keep telling myself...enjoy, relax, read!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today as I look at the clock...

  • I am still in my Pjs
  • I was able to read a chapter of my book during the day
  • I have done three loads of laundry
  • I have had A Lot of warm coffee
  • I have sat by the fire
  • I have watched the kids play together (I have toys all over the living room)
  • I have a load of wet clothes inside my front door
  • I have gotten the chance to blog and browse Blog Land
  • I didn't have to sit in the pick up line
  • I didn't have to go to my payed job
  • I don't have to get K-man to practice tonight
  • I have gotten to see a beautiful view out all my windows

Gotta Love Snow Days!