Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All in a Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in our small little community. We spent all day playing outside and getting dirty!
We even ate Oreo's (notice the black teeth)! THEN...
We spent about 4 hours in the ER with our sweet K-man with the final diagnosis being a broken tibia in the left leg. The break is in the upper shaft (close to the knee joint), NOT in the growth plate and NOT displaced. There is nothing more heart wrenching then seeing your baby suffer! He was very strong and even had the famous "K-man smile" through a lot of the pain. We were not in the ER 30 minutes before our new church family overwhelmed us with their presence, prayers and kind words. This picture was taken following the the pain meds and the ride home in the back of the car. So tender. So precious.
We believe in a God of healing and God that fills our lives with blessing...We are still smiling following a long night of discomfort and sickness (from meds). Our blessings: a brother to read with, the K-man's contagious smile, a "good" break (could have been much much worse), a beautiful sunny day to picnic on our lounge chairs outside...

"good mail" delivery from our church family...
AND naps!

The-K-man is wearing a splint and is non-weight bearing. We have an appointment on Thursday morning with an orthopedic pedi surgeon in a well known children's hospital. Please keep our family in your prayers over the next few days.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back in the saddle again...

Tonight was our first time to have people over at our house other then family and friends from Houston. I have always LOVED having people in our home, but over the last year I have really spent my energy and time focusing on me and my internal struggles resulting from our move.

I can honestly say...I am comfortable with who I have become over the last year. Yes, I feel I'm a bit different-and that's ok! It has really taken taken me a full year to sit back and regain my bearrings.

Well, tonight I feel great! It was a blast to see the boys running around with new friends~ We all ate too much and kept the kids up too late- FUN! It feels wonderful to have our home open again to others!

Do you enjoy having people in your home?
Do you wish we would open our homes to each other more often?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

BBBC- To Kill a Mocking BIrd

This month the BBBC read, " To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee".

Ok, my impressions...I have only read this great book one other time. Yes, high school! Let me just say...I didn't remember one thing from reading it in high school!! However, I will not forget this book now that I have immersed myself into the characters.

I enjoyed the dynamics of the Finch family. Mr. Atticus Finch was living a difficult life with raising his children without the love of his life and holding the weight of the town on his shoulders (not to mention the life of another!). Jem the older brother that was growing up swaying between adulthood and childhood. Scout who was being exposed to the "real world" around her while trying to maintain the strength of who she was (and who she would become.)

My interpretation of Boo Ratley was...well, sometimes I still find myself wondering about his character. He was on the outside (really inside-) always participating in the life of the Finch family in some way. Going through life quietly observing and participation when need be. Everybody wants to be a part of something... I was so torn up about the story of his past life- don't we all need forgiveness. I felt that forgiveness was somewhat received in a way when Scout and Boo finally met and the forever connection was made.

The quotes were endless!!! However, I could not bring myself to mark in my book. Unlike my cookbooks, I have this sense of books being an art piece and writing would just damage the piece! I need to grab a pen a paper next time... However, Holly had some outstanding quotes from the book that she remembered!

Overall this book is now on my favorite book list! The characters and the moral struggles that the author vividly describes allowed me to visit another time and place, struggling with my own inner dilemmas. Have times really changed? Do we allow one person to be the "stand strong moral person" while we quietly sit back and watch? Do we allow ourselves to "see" those behind "closed doors" that just want to be a part of something? Do we help those around us feel the forgiveness they deserve?

Good Read Holly -thanks! Join in next time!! Check it out at Holly's Blog .

Thursday, April 24, 2008

5 hours!

What would I do with 5 hours at the house all alone????
  • I would open all the windows letting the spring smells and breezes in
  • I would crank up Mr. Frank Sinatra
  • I would clean the house as fast and vigorous as my little mop would carry me
  • I would shower (AND shave!)
  • I would fix me a perfect sandwich with all the fix'ns (including CHIPS!)
  • I would light my candles all over the house
  • I would eat my sandwich AND homemade strawberry pie while reading a GREAT book I haven't had the chance to finish yet- "Sarah's Quilt"
  • I would take a deep breath and be thankful for the 5 hours to myself!

Oh..and take 10 seconds to tell someone what a wonderful five hours I had (that's you)-Ha!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SPT- Going Geen

Ok, I know I'm a day late, but I don't think Lelly will mind, right? Basically this SPT for this week has to do with what we are doing for our earth... (Earth Day was yesterday, April 22nd).

What got our family thinking green was the concept that we have been teaching both our boys since they were born~ "God made the world and everything in it". Hmmm... If God made the world and we love God, how should we live our lives to be pleasing to him? Hmmm...Take care of the blessing He has created around us! This thought can continue going in many areas BUT TODAY let's stick with being green~

This is our third season to have our own garden with 8 rows of wonderful organic-ish veggies being grown without using polluting chemicals. "Real" veggies are soo much better!
We continue to visit our farmers market for fruits, veggies, and flowers instead of always buying from grocery stores where their items are often massed produced using all kids of "stuff" to make them bigger and better!
We have started using these wonderful reuseable bags from Reusable Bags . Now if you are a sceptic on the capacity of these bags- in these two bags I was able to have: 6 lb of ground beef, 3 (4lb) roasts, 3 loaves of bread, 3 BIG containers of Gatorade and some other little things! I am always impressed with these bags!
We try to use our regular dishes instead of the "use one time and toss" products-Easy but every thing helps!
We store our leftovers in glass containers...it is overall better for YOU (plastic products start to give off yucky stuff over time and you don't want to use them in the microwave)!

We also make an effort to eat our left overs (which always look better in glass containers!). Energy is being spent to make these foods. Also, farmers are having to use "stuff" to make foods bigger and better because there are so many more people in this world to feed, while there are still only a very small percentage of farmers- just think about it and eat your left overs!
Finally we recycle! Anyone can do this!!!
God created this world!
What are you doing to let Him know you love him and are aware of the beautiful blessings around you!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Strawberry Season!

Saturday we loaded up and visited Fall Creek Farm and picked these juicy red things!!!
The K-Man is a pro at picking veggies and fruit because of his experience helping with the planting and harvesting of TWO gardens (spring and fall of 2007) He is going to be a great gardener getting to start so early!
Oh- back to strawberry picking!
The K-Man whooped and yelled constantly, "Here is another big red one!" His goal was to find "HUGE" ones~and he did!
Little Bit had fun too...However he wanted to taste them to make sure they were really as good as he has heard-Ha! Eat up little man!
No Little Bit! I know it looks good, but we don't need to eat them all now!!
The K-man's sweet hands full of sweet strawberries.
Little Bit's sweet hand holding another sweet strawberry!
We had so much fun picking...
We picked about 8 lbs!!! The K-man started requesting a strawberry pie and telling me just how to make it before we even loaded back in the car! I guess a strawberry pie is in our future...along with Freezer Jam...salads...and other yummy desserts~I mean really, we have EIGHT POUNDS!!!

Do you have any good strawberry recipes???
I did some really neat things with some of these pictures with my photo shop, but blogger wouldn't upload them...any suggestions?

Friday, April 18, 2008

"On the road again..."

I haven't really decided if I'm ready to be on the road again, BUT my backside has determined that IT IS TIME! The weather has been beautiful and I have felt kind of sluggish lately...sounds like a combination that screams- GET MOVING! So...I'm moving!

What determines when you get moving? Are you moving?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What was I thinking?!?~ SPT

When I left this morning for work I had no idea what I would do for today's SPT...never fear!!!

Today HAD to be a short day at work because my adorable husband is out of town...well, that being said- I had to eat on the go (between the nursing homes I work for) and didn't have time to nook my left over pizza...
COLD PIZZA- YUCK... What was I thinking!?!
I guess I have just been out of college too long~

Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Mail Question...

Can you get too much good mail??
(Thanks Sabs for the K-man's birthday loot!)
Answer: NO!!! Just look at the K-man's face!!
(Thanks Smiths for the Daniel and the Lions Den Book and figures
AND for the baseball outfits for Little Bit!

The K-man got over 10 birthday cards in the mail for his B-day and he jumped up and down about each one of them! Thanks for all the love shown to "My" K-man! You want to see a Mother smile?...show love to her children~Author , Me!
When we got back from our Dino Birthday Weekend this wonderful Dino shirt and card were waiting on our front porch for the K-Man! They are from Willie- Thanks Sneads!

Ok...do you think my K-man likes mail or what?!?
Annelise sent books AND dino stuff!
You would think that we have seen all the Dino stuff there is ...Wrong!

AND Holly sent me the most stylish holder for my Grocery Game Coupons!

A girl has to look good even digging through coupons!! Thanks girl-

Finally, with all of the good mail received it is my turn to share in the fun!! I loaded my goodie boxes and went to our famous country post office and visited Dixie, our personal post master!

A funny note: The other day I felt I had to explain what "Good Mail" was to Dixie. With over a year of me bringing mail with GOOD MAIL plastered all over it and The K-Man eating all her Tootsie Rolls I figured she deserved an explanation. She just smiled and added more Tootsie Rolls to her jar! Thanks Dixie!

Do you ever feel silly hauling in a load of good mail to the post office? Do you know what good mail is? Don't you just love to send good mail as much a receive it??? What do you send your good mail in?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Do you ever get on the computer and have a certain thing you want to do or look at...then before you know it, you have been everywhere BUT where you were going or what you intended to do??? Grrrr. Why can't I just stick to the game plan... instead I look over at the evil computer clock and it tells me I have been on for an hour with nothing accomplished. Really little lady, GET IT TOGETHER!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today was a challenging SPT for me...I really had to think! A bit hard for a girl after she gets home from working!!
when you are cleaning the kitchen, or sitting on the playground, driving the carpool, browsing through target...what's going on behind you? something funny? colorful? disturbing? tempting?
I never have to worry about what is going on behind me while I am at home because our WONDERFUL Shelby is always on the look out! She is the most perfect fit for our family. She became part of the family long before the boys and now she thinks she is one of their parents! The K-Man and Little Bit just love her...However after looking at this picture It makes me wonder what Little Bit is up to?????? Shelby why aren't you watching him???
AAWWW... Kisses from the watch dog!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What we have been up to...

1. The K-Man has been wearing his new boot EVERYWHERE!
2. The Grocery Game has been working for our family. Today at Kroger I Spent: $62.00 Saved: $87.00!!! My cart was loaded with things we USE! Also, this week while I was shopping I ran into a girl that is playing the game too. We exchanged e-mails and ideas- (this also happened to me last week...small world!)
3. The K-man and I went on a date to see Horton Hears a Who . It was a blast. He laughed out loud through the whole movie! He spent the whole night trying to explain to his Daddy that the "WHOs lived on a flower"...His Daddy's response Who??? The K-man...the WHOs...Who?...the WHOs!!! (you get the picture!)
Meet Will. Well, the K-Man calls him Willie! We double dated with Jennifer (Mom) and Willie! What two little boogers we have!
4. We also ventured out to the farmers market for flowers...

and more flowers! We also picked up some watermelon plants and strawberries! We have been busy little bees here!
Have you been busy?
Have you looked into the Grocery Game?
What is the last movie you went out to see?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Favorite Things

I have posted before about my collection of aprons, however I haven't taken the chance to post about this wonderful apron given to me by my adorable husband for my 30th birthday. It came from the talented Whoopsie Daisies Girl ! Check out her blog... Every girl needs an apron!
I am crazy about journaling. I have a journal for our garden, our camping trips, and my flamingo trips. Recently, I even started a Ten Year Journal . Which I would totally recommend to anyone who is thinking about starting to journal daily life. I think journaling is such a neat way to preserve the past and look to the future. Blogging is such a fun aspect of my journaling craze- I decided to make a hard copy of my blog for each year. I am so excited about how it turned out!
Finally, cook books...I have a ton of them. I am often asked what is my favorite. I must say this one is up there in the must have cook books!

What are some of your favorites?
Do you have an apron?
Do you journal?
Do you have a favorite cookbook?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Good-Bye Mr. Ducky!

Mr. Ducky has been a loyal friend to both the boys...
The K-Man was the first to enjoy Mr. Ducky during bath time. We had to find something to confine the K-Man because he was just too wiggly during his baths...However, surprisinglywhat we found was a true friend...QUACK! QUACK!
Little Bit has also had the chance to bond with Mr. Ducky too. Though Little Bit is not as wild during his baths as his older brother we wanted him to get the full experience of Mr. Ducky...and he has!

However, the day has come to say good-bye! There are some things that make me a bit sentimental about the boys growing up and not having a little baby in the family (not enough for another though!) and Mr. Ducky is one of them! As we deflate him today it will be bitter sweet- the boys are big now and don't need him, BUT I get my tub back...whoo hoo!

Do you have something special that all of your children have used that is a bit sentimental?