Saturday, April 26, 2008

BBBC- To Kill a Mocking BIrd

This month the BBBC read, " To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee".

Ok, my impressions...I have only read this great book one other time. Yes, high school! Let me just say...I didn't remember one thing from reading it in high school!! However, I will not forget this book now that I have immersed myself into the characters.

I enjoyed the dynamics of the Finch family. Mr. Atticus Finch was living a difficult life with raising his children without the love of his life and holding the weight of the town on his shoulders (not to mention the life of another!). Jem the older brother that was growing up swaying between adulthood and childhood. Scout who was being exposed to the "real world" around her while trying to maintain the strength of who she was (and who she would become.)

My interpretation of Boo Ratley was...well, sometimes I still find myself wondering about his character. He was on the outside (really inside-) always participating in the life of the Finch family in some way. Going through life quietly observing and participation when need be. Everybody wants to be a part of something... I was so torn up about the story of his past life- don't we all need forgiveness. I felt that forgiveness was somewhat received in a way when Scout and Boo finally met and the forever connection was made.

The quotes were endless!!! However, I could not bring myself to mark in my book. Unlike my cookbooks, I have this sense of books being an art piece and writing would just damage the piece! I need to grab a pen a paper next time... However, Holly had some outstanding quotes from the book that she remembered!

Overall this book is now on my favorite book list! The characters and the moral struggles that the author vividly describes allowed me to visit another time and place, struggling with my own inner dilemmas. Have times really changed? Do we allow one person to be the "stand strong moral person" while we quietly sit back and watch? Do we allow ourselves to "see" those behind "closed doors" that just want to be a part of something? Do we help those around us feel the forgiveness they deserve?

Good Read Holly -thanks! Join in next time!! Check it out at Holly's Blog .


Holly said...

Squeal! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and connectd with the characters. It's funny what you said about highlighting in a book, because I felt the same way until the last two books I read(Mockingbird and Fair & Tender Ladies). I decided to go ahead and highlight because there were SO many things I wanted to remember.

Aren't the characters wonderful? They each have many layers. I like how you mentioned about Jem struggling through growing up and Scout trying to reconcile the changes in their relationship. Can't you just picture the town and the people? I felt like I was there through Ms. Lee's descriptions.

It makes me think too about the character of people and wonder if times/attitudes have changed as much as we like to believe, you know?

If you've never seen the movie, rent it soon! :)

I'm glad you are a part of the BBBC! I'll post about the next selection soon.

Aranne and Dan said...

I am part of the BBBC as well and I loved the book. I had read it before but got SO MUCH MORE out of it this time around. I had no idea there was a movie though. That might just have to be on my list of things to do for this coming weekend. Blockbuster here I come!

Family Fun & Faith said...

I enjoyed your insights on the book, especially the thought about Atticus being alone. I would hate to do anything without the love of my life.