Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Frog from Hobby Lobby

I love living in the country! I love the quiet, the stars, the horses, the gardens, the fresh air, the unlocked doors, the open windows... However, the smell of Hobby Lobby is not too bad either!

Yes, I was a kid in a candy store this moring! While we are at my parent's house I had the chance to swing by HOBBY LOBBY (we don't have one near us since we moved- very sad)! I was so excited I didn't know where to start! I bought stuff for my scrapbooks, garden and home. One of my favorite finds was a Frog for my garden!

I picked it up the second I I saw it! I loved it... THEN Lindsey (my sister) ran over it with the shopping cart (another story)! I went to put the frog up and pick out another one and Lindsey went CRAZY! She explained that you can never put something back you have picked up and loved, just because you found it wasn't perfect! She went on to say that the "frog" was excited to go home with me and I couldn't get another one! SO.... Now I have a cute (not perfect) frog going 51/2 hours home with me just because I picked it up!
I think I may name the Frog, Lucky. Lucky, because he would have been back on that shelf if Lindsey wouldn't have been there!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


We decided tonight would be the perfect night to make S'mores with K.! He had never made them and he kept asking, "S'mores?" We have a really neat area that has a fire pit built into the ground. It worked out perfect! K. was able to make S'mores without getting too close to the fire. He loved them!!! It took him no time to get the hang of making them and eating them. I have a feeling this won't be the last time we make S'mores!
Ok- if we are really honest, we were selfishly the ones that wanted to make S'mores! There is nothing better then S'mores on a nice cool night! It makes you feel like a kid when the chocolate and marshmallows get all over your fingers and face! It was so fun to share the gooey adventure with K. (poor B. just watched us eat them- he will get his chance soon!)

It's Done!

(I added this picture to the story later just for you girls! It's a bit blurry, but it was the picture that showed the color the most! Different huh? Trey had fun taking the picture HA!)
Ok- the hair has been done. The girl was super sweet!! It WAS kinda like "steel magnolias". Everybody knew everybody that walked in and I also found out all the town's ins and outs.

Oh- back to the hair. Well, I am going to give it few days. I didn't know that the low lights would bring out the red tones in my hair. We will see. I have a friend (Holly) who always goes for it when it comes to hair- Well, Holly this one is for you!

Trey said it looks nice, but "there is red in it!" Reds ok -right?

I'm Scared

My hair needs some help! It has been a while since I had my hair done, with the move and everything. You know when your hair needs help you just don't feel like yourself! So... I decided to drive up the road to the small town hair salon (YIKES!!) to set an appointment. They had an opening at 1pm! Well, the girl was very young and she asked me if I wanted bleach!!!!! I tried to explain that they have used color on my hair-Not Bleach in the past! She told me to come back at 1pm today and we would talk about it!! Ok- I am really scared! I'm hoping it will be like "steel magnolias". I will give you an update in a couple of hours! YIKES!

I asked Kannon what he wanted for lunch:

Kannon: I want spaghetti

Me: I don't have time to fix spaghetti now, maybe for supper

Kannon : Oh- I have lots of time. Here you can have some of mine! (as he hands me some out of his pocket)

All I could do was smile, take the time (put it in my pocket) and say thank you!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Everyday is an Adventure

I know I have said it many times, "Everyday is an adventure!" But I am going to say it again! "Everyday is such an Adventure!" I love to just stop and take in what all Kannon says during the day:

  • (after me tearing up on the way home from church) "Momma, are you happy crying or sad crying?"
  • (watching ants and being stung by some) "I don't like ants, but God made them!"
  • (during his prayer at supper) "Dear God, thank you for the day, for the food, and for the ants over there (as he points with his eyes closed)."
  • (as he is giving Braden a hug) "Momma, we love ourselves."
  • (while listening to a kid song, (the song goes;) "I'm not perfect, no I'm not...I'm not perfect, but I've got what I've got" (Kannon laughs) " Momma, that's silly... I'm perfect, right?!!"
  • (as he is picking his nose) 'I'm getting the bad boogers, but there Are some good boogers"
What an adventure!

Here it comes!

Be on the look out for Good Mail!
Kannon has even gotten into the idea of mailing things to people that aren't bills, late notices, fliers...etc., but unique, thoughtful and just plain fun stuff!! I have been the recipient of good (pink) mail and it has often made my day much brighter! I hope I will bring joy and a few smiles through the idea of "good mail"! It is amazing how much happiness you feel doing something special for someone else! There are so many special people in my life- I have a lot of "good mail" to mail!!!
I took pictures of the packages just because they looked neat sitting on my table.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shhh. They're Sleeping

There is nothing better then when the boys take a nap at the same time!!! I get so excited I don't know what I want to do first...catch up on blogs, make a cup of coffee(yummy!), pick weeds, paint my toe nails (much needed!), read a book, take a bath (what is that?), eat ice cream (I can have my bowl to myself!). Oh- the fun of a quiet house!

I think today it is a big pot of coffee with coconut creme creamer and nails!

Shhhhh. Don't wake the boys!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Joys of Living in the Country!

Today while making sandwitches for lunch I was gazing out my open kitchen window looking out at the flowers and listening to the birds...until there he was!!! Kannon (Age 3) with his pants and underware down around his ankles trying to walk in the rock garden towards the door!!!! I laughed and then it hit me! The schools were out today and our next door neighbors were working in their yard with their kids. I had also noticed earlier that several other neighbors were out enjoying the beautiful day. Our poor neighbors were probably thinking, "Our new neighbors are strange-don't they know 'country folks' have toliets in their homes now too." or "I hope their kid is the only one that uses the 'potty' outside!"

No matter what they think Kannon seems to love going "potty" outside in the grass. We have asked him to wait and ask us first, but it just hasn't slowed him down! I guess this is just one of Kannon's joys of living in the country!

Sorry no pictures today (Hee Hee!)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nothing like PINK!

I just wanted to share my new favorite things! I found PINK garden tools! They look wonderful with my new PINK crocs! I am sooo ready for gardening now! I can just hear my new neighbors, "There is that girl in pink again!...Are those PINK tools!" What can I say there is nothing like PINK!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Picture or No Picture?

Picture or No Picture, That is the Question!!! Today I heard Braden talking in his bed...little did I know he was talking to Kannon!!! I walked into Braden's room only to see Kannon in the baby bed too!!! So, what is a scrapbooker to do? Do I get on to Kannon and tell him that is not safe to climb in bed with Braden or do I run for the camera??? Well, obviously you see the camera won out! They were so cute together! I did eventually talk to Kannon about why he shouldn't get into bed with Braden- but I'm not sure I made a very good point after the photography session!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

No Laundry Today!

When we first moved to our new home I noticed there was a vegetable plot in the back yard. I was so excited because I had always wanted to try my hand at growing vegetables. I had casually mentioned my desires a couple of weeks ago to Trey's Great Uncle Benny (78 years young) and Great Aunt Willa Mae (72 years young). Well, to my surprise this morning I got a phone call at about 8:30am. Uncle Benny said that if I didn't have plans today they would like to help me start my first vegetable garden!! I said "no plans here"as I tossed the laundry back into the laundry baskets! We had so much fun planting! I kept asking questions as we worked, but gardening comes so easy for them they just kept saying, "it will be fine". We planted Kentucky Wonder beans, Improved pinto beans with corn, round peas, straight neck yellow squash, okra, cucumbers, tomatoes (different varieties), bell peppers, and zucchini squash. I have 8 rows all together! While I am so excited--I'm also wondering "what did I get myself into?" Stay tuned to the adventures of vegetable gardening !!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today's adventure included a trip into town looking for a photography place (for the boys up coming pictures), a post office, and the public library! It was like a scavenger hunt. I found a photographer who gave me directions to the post office (some good mail has been sent!) the post office the sweet lady gave me some ok directions to the library. Then at the end of the "hunt" to Kannon's delight, there were real dinosaur bones at the library!!!
It was fun to look for places and navigate through a town I am not familiar with yet! To reward our efforts on the way back to our VERY SMALL town (from the larger town we live next to) I stopped at Mikey's. It is the local donut and hamburger stop! I had to take a picture of it to share! While the place may not look like much... the hamburgers were very tasty to say the least! BIG BIG burgers! (yummy). Kannon also had an adventure of his own! He rode the "tractor" with his Daddy! Well, lets just say they both had fun! Good thing because the new yard is much bigger then our previous yard and Trey was not able to finish it before supper! Back to the "tractor" boys! What will the next adventure be?????

'Cause I'm THREE!!!!

Life is such an adventure with Kannon!!!

"'Cause I' m three" has been Kannon's theme for the last few weeks! It is his answer to everything! "I need three books 'cause I'm three!"..."I'm not going to fall 'cause I'm three!" I don't want to eat that 'cause I'm three!"..."I need to go to church 'cause I'm three!"..."I don't want to wear those pants 'cause I'm three!" I have tried to use his own words to my benefit and get him to do things-"Kannon go pick up your toys 'cause your three!"- well, the sweet little three year old is too smart for me!!! It hasn't worked yet!
Hmmm. Maybe we can learn a lot from a little boy- "I need to smile 'cause God loves me!"..."I need to bring joy to others 'cause God loves me!"... You feel in the blank!
Have a wonderful day 'cause Kannon's Three!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Flower Journal

Flowers just make me happy!!! Flowers that grow in My garden make me super happy!!!! At my new home there are the most wonderful and beautiful plants!! There are roses, iris, lantana, verbena, grape vines, jasmine, rosemary... just too many to name!!! Some I have planted and others that were here when I arrived. My goal is too find out and learn as much as I can about each plant. I am trying to take pictures of each plant and keep a journal. Right now the roses are my favorite!! I have never had roses but my Granny Farris always had the most beautiful roses (and flower garden). She has the green thumb of the family!!!! I included some pictures I took that will be in my journal! What are your favorite flowers or plants? Do you have any gardening hints?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baby Braden

Our precious Braden is growing up so fast!!! To me it seems he is growing up much faster than Kannon. We found a Pedi Doctor who is an Aggie, so I know my boys are in great hands. At his 6 mo appointment we found out Braden weighs about 18 lb and is 27 1/2 inches long. The nurse looked at me- smiled then asked if my husband was tall!!!! If I were quick on my feet I would have said "no" just to have seen her face. The doctor agreed Braden is moving in the direction of being a "big boy"!

Braden (6Mo);
- Lower bottom tooth has broken through
-sitting in tripod
-has been having oatmeal and squash for supper
-laughs hard
-plays with feet
-loves his thumb and white blanket
-likes to be held by momma a lot!
-smiles all the time!!!
-has officially been knocked in the head by Kannon's truck

We love you Braden!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Water Lilly

I was starting supper tonight and I looked out my kitchen window- there it was!!! The most BEAUTIFUL Water Lilly was in our pond! I ran outside and started calling to Kannon, "come see the flower in the water!" He was more excited about trying to feed the fish- but he did say it was pink! It is the simple things in life that often make us the happiest! This small little Water Lilly with it's pretty pink pedals just made me smile!

Kim and Jason

Today some of our most special friends came by to see us from League City! We had so much fun! Though we have only been gone about two weeks, it is never too soon to have friends come up! It was nice to have the feeling of "not skipping a beat". We started gabbing the second their car pulled into the driveway and we didn't stop until they drove off! My heart felt just as close to them even tough we are now about 5 hours away. It was refreshing! It was fun to show them our new home and talk about some of our recent adventures. I loved seeing their boys and watching our kids interact! I think Rylan and Jacob were in shock when Kannon (3 years) started "playing" with them! The picture of the boys: Braden (6 mo), Kannon (3 years), Jacob and Rylan (8 mo). It really made my week to see them in person! I think they are going to be in this area maybe every 3 months to see family SOOOO I'm hoping we can see them often! There is nothing better then spending time with friends while your kids are crying, throwing balls, rolling, and laughing/screaming in the background!!!

My only regret is feeding them on paper plates!!! Here are some of our most wonderful friends visiting us and I use paper plates!!! What was I thinking (easy, throw away, non- breakable while holding children!) Well, watch out Kim and Jason- Next time it is China!!!! Ok- we had sandwiches! BUT come on... I could have used my new Fiesta dishes!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good Mail

Kannon opening his "Good Mail"!!! He loved it-
Kannon loving the DINO stickers!
Kannon looking at his special friend A. He carried the pictures around all day!!!

I received "good mail" today!!!! It has totally made my day!!!! Not only that, but "my Kannon" got "good mail" too! I was so touched that I couldn't contain my smile! I am still up tonight with a lot of smiling energy!!!

I also came across a new blog spot today that I Love!! It's funny because it is one of my closest friend's blog!!! I had no idea!!! I read it ALL and laughed out loud- AND she introduced me to "good mail" She also motivated me to BLOG- just talk and have fun!

Today was a fun day and I look forward to the adventure of tomorrow!!! Thanks Holly!
Kannon today: I told him Braden was getting his first tooth- "Braden is growing bigger- PERFECT!"

Farmers Market

On Thursday I decided it was time to wonder around. There are so many neat things to do and shops to visit!!! While Braden was sleeping and Trey was working- Kannon and I embarked on a fun adventure!!!

We decided to go to the local Farmers Market. There were vegetables, fruits, and flowers! We stared looking around at everything! As soon as Kannon spotted the strawberries it was all over! We purchased a basket full and started eating them right away!! They were very juicy!! We finally had to put them away so Trey could have some too!

I went crazy over the flowers!!! The flowers and plants that were there were grown in the area. At the market they only sell things that will grow easily in the area (which made it easier for me to select the "right " plants for our garden). It was fun to read all the labels and buy plants that I have never tried before! We packed the car up and headed back to our home to start planting!

On the way home we rode with the windows down. It was a beautiful day and I was so excited about our discoveries at the Farmers Market!!
Kannon had fun too. As soon as he walked in the door he shared his strawberries with Trey- then the planting began!!!!

It was a day I will always remember- One of those days where your heart smiles all day long!!!

Happy White Easter

We woke up to the fun words -"Momma it's snowing!!" I jumped out of bed and was sooo excited! I grabbed Kannon and ran outside! We were so cold, but we had to get IN the snow! We played in it, tried to eat it, and we took pictures of it!!! Who would have thought it would snow in April! That day we dyed Easter eggs with the fireplace going and drank coffee all day long! I think I had more fun then anyone! My heart was so joyful to here the crackling of the fireplace while watching the pure white snow float around. Happy White Easter !!! (I think our family might have been only one out of a small handful that was actually excited to see snow in April!!!!)

Home Sweet Home!

We have had fun trying to get our "Home Sweet Home" in order! The boys rooms are finally looking a bit more like kid rooms and the rest of the house more like a home. It has been fun to buy new things for the home and put our mark on the house. I feel the house is starting to reflect us as a family. Our family pictures are everywhere and candles are being burned- so it feels much more homey! I look forward to opening our home up to family and friends!! That means YOU! Love ya!

Kannon 3 years: "I'm not going to fall because I'm three!!!!"