Monday, April 23, 2007

The Joys of Living in the Country!

Today while making sandwitches for lunch I was gazing out my open kitchen window looking out at the flowers and listening to the birds...until there he was!!! Kannon (Age 3) with his pants and underware down around his ankles trying to walk in the rock garden towards the door!!!! I laughed and then it hit me! The schools were out today and our next door neighbors were working in their yard with their kids. I had also noticed earlier that several other neighbors were out enjoying the beautiful day. Our poor neighbors were probably thinking, "Our new neighbors are strange-don't they know 'country folks' have toliets in their homes now too." or "I hope their kid is the only one that uses the 'potty' outside!"

No matter what they think Kannon seems to love going "potty" outside in the grass. We have asked him to wait and ask us first, but it just hasn't slowed him down! I guess this is just one of Kannon's joys of living in the country!

Sorry no pictures today (Hee Hee!)


Deanna said...

OH LACIE...all I can say is LOL!

Heather said...

that is so funny! my brother used to do that, too! HAHAHA Now he's 26 years old! hee hee

silken said...

well, I better wait a few more years before sharing any of THOSE stories! ;)

Holly said...

One word: BOYS