Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nothing like PINK!

I just wanted to share my new favorite things! I found PINK garden tools! They look wonderful with my new PINK crocs! I am sooo ready for gardening now! I can just hear my new neighbors, "There is that girl in pink again!...Are those PINK tools!" What can I say there is nothing like PINK!


Lynn said...

I adore the pink! It is so make me think I might need to add gardening to my list of to do's after I retire. Hmmmmmm but I always did so well with silks.

silken said...

when we were newly married, we lived in an apt. Mike cleaned the pool and often helped the complex's handy man repair things. I got so tired of losing or finding grease covered tools-screwdrivers, scissors, tape measure, flashlight, whatever. So I decided I'd buy pink stuff so they would not dare to use it!

I was so wrong! Grease covered PINK isn't that attractive!:)

I guess in your house you need a little pink amongst all that blue!

have fun!

Holly said...

Pink, of course, makes everything more enjoyable! :)