Saturday, July 28, 2007


I was tagged by Holly to complete a little fun "Did you know?" SOOO. Here it goes!

Jobs I have had:
1. Receptionist for an Optometrist(I thought I wanted to grow up and be an optometrist-nope!)
2. Student Worker for International Programs at Texas A&M University. Nothing fancy just needed the fun money while attending Texas A&M.
3. Occupational Therapist for the Geriatric Program at UTMB in Galveston. My first "REAL" job. Well, that lasted until my adorable first born arrived!
4. Occupational Therapist for Sigma Home Health. That lasted until my adorable second born arrived!

Films I can Watch Over and Over Again:
1. You've Got Mail- LOVE IT!!! I think everything in life can be related back to this great movie!
2. The Magic of Ordinary Days (A Hallmark Movie!)
3. Divine Secets of the YA-YA Sisterhood (A great Chick- Flick!)

Places I have Lived:
Wow, I hadn't realized what a traveled life I have lived!
1. Port Lavaca, TX
2. Victoria, TX
3. College Station, TX
4. Webster, TX
5. A Very Small Town outside of Weatherford, TX

Favorite TV Shows:
Ok- there is not much TV watching here...
1. Paula Deen (Food Network)
2. Man vs Wild (Discovery) If you haven't watched this, it is a must see!
3. Houston Astros

Favorite Foods:
1. Coffee- my new favorite store bought creamer is pralines and cream! Yummy!!!
2. Southern Cooking- from biscuits and gravy to fried pork chops!
3. Tex-Mex
4. Ice Cream...Coffee flavored ice cream...yum yum!
5. Sweet Tea

Websites I visit daily:
1. Blogs
2. E-Mail
3. Flamingo Chat Spot

Places I would rather be:
1. Hanging out with the Flamingos over coffee
2. My toes in babbling brook reading a book
3. Eating Ice Cream...Today I will have to settle for animal crackers- Bummer!

Thanks Holly for the Tag-

Thursday, July 26, 2007

No Time

A Self Portrait of the Cool Mom, the Hip Sister, and the Country Little Lady

I have just had no time to blog the last few days! It has been one fun, adventurous day after another! My Mother and Sister came up to spend time with "the country folk and their kids"-Ha! It's always a hoot when "the girls" get together. The K-Man and Little Bit were spoiled rotten and it will take me weeks to get them back to "normal".

Well, anyway I'm back and have missed all the blogging.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Confessions of the Cleaning Lady

Tonight before I hunker down to a good book I need to confess. I just opened my dishwasher looked inside and yes, there were clean dishes looking up at me. Then, I looked at the sink and there were dirty dishes looking at me there too. *sigh* I casually look around. My adorable husband isn't watching. So, with one swift move I put all the dirty dishes in with the clean dishes and start the dishwasher!

There. I feel much better. The funny thing is I had to move some of the clean dishes around to get all the dirty ones in- Ha!

Good Night from the Cleaning Lady.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday?

Oh- Today is Not Wednesday? Good! Guess where I went today...Just ONE guess!!!

Ok, for those who don't know me too well, I love Hobby Lobby! I mean, when I lived in "H Town" I probably went at least once a week maybe more! I always knew what was on sale for the week and when they set the seasonal stuff out I helped them (HA)!
Well, we moved to this very wonderful, small country...Did I say small?...I mean tiny country town. While there are nice and unique shops in the larger town down the road from us, there is NO HOBBY LOBBY! After reading my blog my adorable husband said I needed a "girl day". Have I told you my adorable husband is also wonderful?

So after my long run this morning I was off to the BIG city (about an hour away). I mean one that actually has a highway with 3 to 4 lanes. When that orange and blue sign came into view I about had a heart attack! No, Really! I stepped into the store took a deep breath and went down each and every aisle. For those that don't know, the SCRAPBOOK stuff is half off! Go...Hurry!

Yes, it was a nice morning with a Raspberry Mocha Frap for breakfast and lunch at Potbelly. However, driving home to the wide open rolling hills and the huge green trees I decided Hobby Lobby is wonderful (and I will return every chance I get), but the tiny town living is for me!

Oh, Happy Day!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino

I have had a very long week with my adorable husband being out of town, both boys being sick, and then the whole eyebrow thing. So, what is a girl to do...load up the snotty, coughing, whining little boys and drive 20 minutes to a somewhat larger town to get a well deserved coffee at none other the Starbucks! When I drove up ready to order the usual Grande, Non-fat, Decaff, White Chocolate Mocha the voice on the other end said too cheerfully, "Would you like to try the new Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino?" Hmmmm. Should I? It could be just another not so great thing to happen this week? Do I feel brave? Finally, deep breath..."Yes, I would love to try it, but decaff please." Can we say YUMMY!!!! So, stop whatever you're doing (Ha-reading my blog) and go get you a Raspberry Mocha Frappuccio . It will make your day a bit brighter...speaking from experience!
What is your favorite flavor at Starbucks?

Have a Great Weekend!

This Week

This week has been a kind of crazy week. Ok, when are weeks not crazy! But I have come across some wonderful things that I want to share...

1.I love Avenno products. I started using them for "Little Bit" and have found that they have some wonderful things. The company may have been around forever, but I am often a little behind the game. Better late then never.
Check out all the wonderful Avenno Products Here .

2.You can't beat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...And little boys think they're Yummy too!

3.I used the new Sally Hansen
Extreme Wear nail polish- Love it! There are a ton of new shades. They are reasonably priced so you can by at least 3 or more at a time! I am wearing the color Peach Daiquiri now.

4. Last but not least The Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks is WONDERFUL! I don't branch out much, but last night I was feeling a bit crazy and thought I would try something different! YUMMY! Stop whatever you are doing right now (Ha-reading my blog) and go get you one! Your day will go much smoother!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Ok- I had to wait until this morning to type this post so that I could get through it without crying!!! I have thick eyebrows. I understand this and over the years have grown to love them. While living in "H town" I had a girl that kept my eyebrows nice and shaped! Well, now living in this new small town I have been a bit scared to trust anyone with these precious things that grace my face.

Yesterday I took the plunge. I had to- My brows were looking a bit shabby. So, I call..went in...walk out...and SOBBED all the way home! I have gone from nice shaped thick eyebrows to straight lines that have chunks missing out of them!!!!! My adorable husband was so nice and gave me my space as I worked to get all the wax still stuck in my eyebrows. He said, "they look fine, a little different but they don't look bad." I just sobbed (I think it was time for a good cry anyway!)and told him I am not going ANYWHERE looking like this!

The way I see it- I am planning a trip in August to "H town" and I will just have to let them grow like crazy and let "my sweet, wonderful, talented, old girl" fix them! Until then I am just going to have to walk around with a bag over my head! (this reminds me of an I Love Lucy episode!) I am really not vain- but everyone looks right at your eyebrows everyday and you can't just twist them up into a clip until they grow out!

What was that girl thinking! Oh- and you are CRAZY if you think I will post a picture of these two things on my face (HA!) Life is full of little challenges.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good Mail Update!

I just wanted to say, Thank you for making my day with all the wonderful GOOD MAIL! If you would like to know where the idea of Good Mail came from or would like to start the fun with your friends just check it out Here

Thanks Holly for the Sunny, Summer Kitchen towels. I had a hard time using them for the first time! My sister, Lindsey, sent me some tunes to put on my MP3 player for those long runs- Thanks GIRL!

Robyn sent me a toe ring to enjoy this summer! I had to paint my toes before wearing it- Ha! Thanks Kim for the Magnetic Note Pad (A mother can NEVER have too may of those!) Also, Kim mailed me the Stampin' Up Idea Catalog! Yeah!!!

This Good Mail almost gave the K-Man a heart attack! It came during lunch and well...lets just say lunch was then over!- Diane and the Thurman Girls (cousins) sent K. and B. LOADS of FUN things!

And Last...but certainly not least Angie my new blogging friend from the Favorite Things SWAP sent some of her favorite things to share with me. I LOVE the Bag (You can never have too many to totes)! She is also a Texan and sent a Texas shaped cookie cutter with a wonderful sugar cookie and icing recipe! Oh...the list of wonderful things could go on, but one of may favorite was the letter "L" Angie decorated for me! It goes perfect in my Pink Flamingo Laundry Room! Thank You Angie!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Just Peachy

Saturday we had our first experience at the Annual Peach Festival! We had a BLAST to say the least! They blocked off all of the down town square just for this event.

Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, and More PEACHES!!! Of course there HAD to be peaches at the Peach Festival. There was Peach Tea, Peach Julep, Peach Honey, Peach Salsa, Peach Cobbler, Peach Homemade Ice Cream... Need I go on!

I could not believe the crowd that turned out for the Festival! There were people everywhere. We had been told, "everyone from everywhere will be here on Saturday". Well, they weren't kidding! Even with the crowd the event still had that small town feel! I keep waiting for the festival to be shown on the FOOD NETWORK. You know, I have been told this IS the Peach Capital of the TEXAS!(the courthouse is the big building in the background)

While we were enjoying the Peaches and craft booths we listened to good ole country music from local bands and local favorites. No, they didn't sing about peaches!

From what we heard the one thing we HAD to try was the Homemade Peach Ice Cream. So, we stood in line for a bit...a bit longer...ok, a bit longer...then

We ate the BEST Homemade Peach Ice cream this side of the Brazos (Ha!) Yummy!

Then once we got K's belly nice and full (wise decision?)we went to the Kiddo Area for lots of kid fun!

I don't think the K-Man had fun at all (yeah,right!)

We made it home with a half a peck of Peaches and Peach Salsa. Well, and four full bellies of Peach Goodies! If you're not busy next July, the Peach Festival is just PEACHY!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Track

I started training to run in a 1/2 marathon a bit over a month ago. I did it for several reasons:
1. I have always loved the "my time" running gives me
2. It was a new challenge for me as one of my 100 life goals
3. It was a way to stay connected with friends in "H town"
4. I was dealing with a BIG life change of moving and I wanted something to focus my up and down emotions on
5. I wanted to get back into shape after having my second little one

I have enjoyed the challenge of long distance. While I have more training to go before my first run in November, I have learned a lot about myself:
1. In the words of my adorable husband, I am "just stubborn enough to do it".
2. Waking up before the family and the animals for "quiet time" is a true personal joy.
3. I am so scared of dogs I don't know!
4. I am a bear when I don't get my run time in the morning.
5. I love new challenges. When I reach a new goal (or increased mile)I get so excited!!

Today I reached the eight mile mark! Yes, I am getting there! Living in a Very Small town there are no running groups or established areas for running. So, I have "My Track". The sights and sounds include huge blue skies,wild flowers,big sunrises, cows, horses, hills, jack rabbits, turtles, DOGS, and an occasional car. Today I wanted to share some pictures from "My Track" with you.

Friday, July 13, 2007

What have I learned this week?

1.Dishwashers are sooo taken for granted! My Dishwasher has been on the "Out of Service" mode for the last couple of weeks. It is killing me! I spend at least half my day washing dishes!!!

2.Taking two boys to the Doctor for check-ups and shots is harder then training for a marathon! OH MY GOODNESS!!

3.A clean house is so overrated! By the time you get it clean some little boy decides to Pee Pee on the wall by the toilet or spill sticky juice on the floor- I have come to realize it is more fun to have a not so spotless house and just laugh a bit more!

4.Reading a good book gets in the way of everything! I want to read instead of blog (opps!), cook, eat, sleep, clean (ok, this may be another reason for #3.),watch TV...the list could go on and on just ask my adorable husband.(I think he wants to take away my library card! Hee Hee!)

5.Wearing a Running Skirt does make the overall distance seem shorter. I have been kind of discourged with training for "The Half"(marathon)in Nov. So, what is a girl to do to get a running skirt of course! VERY CUTE! (Thanks for the tip Holly).

6. If my adorable husband brings one more cucumber or tomato into my house from the garden I will loose my mind!!! Gordon,I need a break! I am running out of recipes and ideas for cucumbers and tomatoes. The neighbors are starting to lock their doors when they see me coming with veggies!

7. The K-Man can talk non-stop about anything and everything until you make him go down for a nap or ask him to give Momma a time-out! Oh, the simple joy of silence- Ha!

8.AND Blogging is such a fun way to connect with other women, mothers, and people just trying to make a difference in the lives of their families and in the world.

What have you learned this week?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

9 Months of Joy

Yes, My "Little Bit" (also known lately as "B-Boy")is now 9 months old! I can't believe the booger is 3 months from turning a year! What...I can't even think that way! Having a second child is different. It just is! With the first one you just sit and wait for the next milestone.You want them to hurry and sit, crawl, walk... Not with the second! I want B to do all those wonderful things, but S-l-o-w-l-y!! I want him to stay little just a bit longer...stay my baby! Well, B has other things on his mind then being my baby!

He loves to laugh and make others laugh. If he catches you laughing or smiling at something he is doing you can bet you are going to get to see it again! He has brought much Joy to our little family. He is also an all or nothing kind of little person! He is either Happy or Mad - there are few other moods. He can also move back and forth very quickly between the two. Thank goodness Happy most of the time!!!

In honor of Little Bit's 9 month achievement, Here are 9 things I want for my Sweet Baby
1. To know and love God with all his heart
2. To respect and put others before himself

3. To have a GREAT friendship with his brother
4. To know his parents adore him
5. To be strong and healthy
6. To love life and see each day as an adventure (even on those "bad" days)
7. To reach for the stars
8. To one day (a long long long long time from now) marry a christian girl and have a strong happy marriage and family
9. To always be confident in who he is and what he stands for

Braden, I will continue to pray for you and do all I can to make your dreams come true. I will work everyday to always be the best Momma I can be for you. I love you!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Dee Dee and Cochran

(Say Cheese!)

Our sweet K-Man has two of the most wonderful best friends a mother could ask for. They all get along so good together. They laugh, play dinosoaurs, take naps, eat and do many other fun things together. Oh...Did I mention they are imaginary?

Yes, Dee Dee and Cochran are my little boy's imaginary friends. K. has always had a great imagination and he really enjoys his buddies. They appeared a couple of weeks after we moved and have stuck around. At first my adorable husband wasn't to keen on the idea, but "the boys" have kind of grown on us. Now we just smile when K. lets us in on what they are doing.

Over the last few months we have learned a lot about Dee Dee and Cochran and in turn a lot about K. When we dicipline K. he often tells us what Dee Dee does at his home. Or when we won't give K. something he tells us what Cochran's Dad won't let him have. Almost everything that goes on in our home also goes on in "the boys' home" in some form or fashion.

However, A couple of days ago K. came up to me and said, "Dee Dee said Poo Poo."I explained that we don't talk that way and I don't won't to hear him say it. He then said he didn't say it but Dee Dee did. So I casually told him Dee Dee could't come play if he didn't talk nice.

I have kind of enjoyed Dee Dee and Cochran. It is fun to see what they will do or say next. Did you have an imaginary friend? How long do they normally stay around?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Home for Lost Turtles

Yes, we have officailly become the home for lost turtles! The rain has finally stopped after several weeks, but now the local turtles seem very lost and confused! This is Mr. Tuttle the Turtle. He was the first poor lttle guy we found in our front yard.

The K-Man thought he was so "cool!" Poor Mr. Tuttle had leaves and grass all over him.

For a moment we thought about keeping him around our pond. We thought it would be a safe and cozy home for him...BUT Shelby did not agree. She Barked and Barked and Barked AND BARKED!!! So...

We changed our minds and decided to take Mr. Tuttle down our road a bit and find him another cozy place to leave. We had to explain to K-man that his family was probably waiting for him.

Same Song Second Verse! About 30 minutes later we hear Shelby barking her head off again! Yes, here is Mr.Tuttle #2. He thought our pond would be a great new home until he met our Shelby! Sorry, room for turtles here.

Before we took Mr. Tuttle #2 to the "NEW TURTLE Establishment" K. needed a picture with him!

Yes, Mr. Tuttle #2 liked the new home and was reunited with his brother Mr. Tuttle #1.
(No turtles were hurt during the making of this adventure!)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday Tips and Tidbits

I have found a new blog that has wonderful ideas. Laurie has done a great job including fun and helpful tips. So...I thought it was only fair to share my find!

Look at the Tip Junkie Blog Here

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 1st Fourth of July Sweet Little Bit!
What do you get when you bake flag cookies...
Gotta love the no mess, kid friendly, the "K- Man" can do it on his own (his new favorite phrase, "I can do it!") cookies.
Haven't I heard the "watched pot never boils". I guess that doesn't mean cookies!
The "K- Man" approves! Yummy, Yummy in his sweet tummy!

Stay up late and eat all the Fourth of July goodies Momma made...
Light a dozen Sparklers for the 1st time...
Sit outside in the cool night waiting to the watch the small town "fireworks extravaganza" from the front porch...
A little boy who watched about 5 minutes of the firework show before falling sound asleep warm in his Momma's arms!
We hope yall enjoy the Fourth of July like it was your first one, eat all the yummy goodies we often make to celebrate our independence, run around waving sparklers, and warm up close to someone your love- We did!

Monday, July 2, 2007

When life gives you Cucumbers...

When life gives you cucumbers, You Make...Lots and Lots of Pickles!!!! (Mom came up and we made another big batch of Dill Pickles)
Fried Cucumbers! (Bet you haven't heard of that, huh? You know it is good when you see all that grease!)
Cucumber and Noodle Salad! (I found a very yummy salad to make with the ton of cucumbers "Gordon" is making)
Vinegar Cucumbers! (These are so good when kept cold in the fridge!)

Any other ideas for cucumbers- We have them coming out of our ears!!!