Saturday, July 7, 2007

Home for Lost Turtles

Yes, we have officailly become the home for lost turtles! The rain has finally stopped after several weeks, but now the local turtles seem very lost and confused! This is Mr. Tuttle the Turtle. He was the first poor lttle guy we found in our front yard.

The K-Man thought he was so "cool!" Poor Mr. Tuttle had leaves and grass all over him.

For a moment we thought about keeping him around our pond. We thought it would be a safe and cozy home for him...BUT Shelby did not agree. She Barked and Barked and Barked AND BARKED!!! So...

We changed our minds and decided to take Mr. Tuttle down our road a bit and find him another cozy place to leave. We had to explain to K-man that his family was probably waiting for him.

Same Song Second Verse! About 30 minutes later we hear Shelby barking her head off again! Yes, here is Mr.Tuttle #2. He thought our pond would be a great new home until he met our Shelby! Sorry, room for turtles here.

Before we took Mr. Tuttle #2 to the "NEW TURTLE Establishment" K. needed a picture with him!

Yes, Mr. Tuttle #2 liked the new home and was reunited with his brother Mr. Tuttle #1.
(No turtles were hurt during the making of this adventure!)


icecold1967 said...


silken said...

our first (and last) lost turtle was named Biggio!

Heather said...

Macy would have LOVED that! She and K man would have fun looking for animals. We are into frogs and snails right now! HA

Holly said...

Y'all are creating quite the Turtle Subdivision out they'll want a pool, tennis courts, and trash pick-up. Poor Shelby, too bad they couldn't just get along :) Maybe K-Man should start wearing an Animal Control vest.