Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Farmer's Market in the Fall

We will be heading down to South Texas tomorrow (for a whole week) to be with family and celebrate my second born's 1st birthday. However, before we make the trek we decided a family trip to the Farmer's Market to see what FALL goodies they had would be fun!

Just in case I was NOT in the FAll mood (HA!)...the The Farmer's Market would have done it! Look at ALL the Fall goodies!!!

Here is the K-Man feeling a Bumpy Pumpkin! His response, "Cool Momma, feel!" This was before he started running around like a mad man to feel every pumpkin, gourd, veggie, and flower there!

Look at ALL the beautiful colors of gourds they had! Fall is made up of so Many gorgeous colors, don't you think? This was only one small section of the Whole Farmer's just imagine the colors!

The K-Man staring up at a ghost scarecrow. I told you they had everything!

They had some HUGE pumpkins! I Mean HUGE! I wish we could have taken one home, but I wouldn't have been able to feed my family for a week! The Farmer's must LOVE their HUGE pumpkins. However, we still were able to take picture with some.

Now we didn't buy any HUGE pumpkins, but we did get 10 very small pumpkins and gourds. Just the right size for the boys! What a wonderful day in the small town Farmer's Market.

Although there were wonderful pumpkins to choose from we are still holding out for our OWN pumpkins in our OWN Pumpkin Patch in the backyard!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

What have you been up to?

I am a happier person when I am doing some kind of craft. It can be ANYTHING! As long as I get at least 20 minutes a day to do ANYTHING crafty I feel like I was successful.. Often I only get 20 minutes...but I'll take what I can get!

So, what have I been up to you ask?
I saw a similar wreath in a magazine for another holiday and decided, "I can do that!", but I needed something Halloween-ish. So here is my new Halloween Wreath!

I also have been needing to do some MAJOR paper control for all the K-Man's artwork. His room has a western/outdoor-ish them so I made him a bulletin board that wold fit the theme.

I thought I was quite clever to use rope around the edges-Ha!

AND last but not least...I re-painted a piece of furniture black with an antique touch. Do you recognize the piece??? Yes, it was the white piece I found at the end of someones drive way in H-Town!

Now, what have you been up to?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

When life gives you lemons...

First Lemon:
The planned trip to Houston to visit "The Girls"(aka flamingos) and my other wonderful friends is no longer. My adorable husband has THIS JOB that likes to make things difficult. So, not to blame him...I'm not too happy with This JOB right now!We have a camping trip planned at the end of October and I really, really, really hope nothing messes it up! I haven't seen many of these girls in a bout 5 MONTHS OR MORE!!! YUCK!

Second Lemon:
I live 6 hours away from my entire family (this includes my adorable husband's entire family too!) While we love where we are it's times like this that the distance hurts my heart! My wonderful, kind, never complains, loves her family more then anything Granny is in the hospital as I type. Within 48 hours she has gone from an annual heart check up to the placement of a pacemaker. My heart is calling me home and we are working on it. Times are a bit hard with two young children and a 6 hour trip and a husband that travels...and, and.

(Little Bit with his Great Granny Farris.)

SOOOO, I am making LEMONADE!

I am praying for my friends that I can't see RIGHT NOW and their wonderful families, for the relationships that I have been blessed with in Houston, and for my future trips to H-Town. I am blessed that there are so many ways to communicate with all the girls. I am looking forward to the camping trip in October, Fall Birthdays in November, and The Annual Flamingo Christmas Party in December! One missed trip won't hurt! Not too bad.

I am praying for my Granny and the family that surrounds her now, for the doctors to love her has much as I do, and for our travel down there to be smooth. I am blessed to have a family that is so close and that takes up the slack when one member can't be there. I am blessed my boys have their great-grandparents to hug and learn from. I am blessed.

When life gives you lemons...God can give you LEMONADE! Pray.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Library Adventure

Ok, I take my wonderful boys to the Library for Story Time every chance we get(pretty much every week!). I love it just as much as they do. The different voices "The Story Lady" makes for each character in the books, The fun themes and crafts she comes up with...Oh, so wonderful! My heart goes out to all the mothers that give their children this wonderful adventure every week.

Today there were two "girls" that I have been thinking about all day. One was a mother with a newborn who while nursing the baby tried to engage and round up her little 2-ish year old daughter. The little girl wanted to run, dance, and climb in the middle of everyone... while listening to the story was not on her mind. The mother tried so hard. She was sweating, embarrassed and worn out by the end of the 30 minute Story Time! I wanted to hug her neck to let her know we have ALL been there! AND to just hang in there because it DOES get easier! The next "girl" had a little boy that kept getting in the K-Man's face and climbing on the other kids. She kept getting on to the little boy but with no avail. I over heard her telling another lady that she was just worn out and wondered if her boy would EVER sit still. I smiled and calmly said, "He will!, It just takes time."

HOWEVER!!! The mothers that sat in the back and talked LOUDLY throughout the WHOLE 30 minutes...I am a bit aggravated with you! The sweet Story Lady kept asking the kids to quiet down, but I have a feeling she was kind of talking to YOU!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall has Arrived!

I'm not sure what your traditions are for celebrating the arrival of Fall... (Oh, yesterday was the FIRST Day of Fall just in case you were wondering. If you didn't know- Shame on you, Ha!)

...Back to my thought on Fall traditions. I have a couple. First, I get so excited I drive my adorable husband crazy. Then, I start the fall baking. YES, right away! I have to have a pumpkin treat for the First Day of Fall (Doesn't everyone?) This year my dear personal friend Paula Deen shared her secret family recipe for her Creamy Pumpkin and Pecan Squares in the Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine. Did I say secret? I meant to say semi-secret!

Yummy, Yummy! Let the baking begin!

Next, we MUST have the traditional Fall Mix. I am not sure how long this mix has been in our family. I just remember eating it! To my friends in H-Town it is called Lacie's Fall Mix. Kind of catchy, don't you think?

If you don't have a fall tradition, let me help you start one...Here is the Almost Famous Lacie's Fall Mix! Go Make Some!!!

1 big container of raisins
1 Large bag of M&Ms
1/2 a bag of pretzels (any shape will do)
1 big bag of candy corn
1 big container of salted roasted peanuts

Yummy, Yummy! Oh- the BEST way to eat it is to take one of each of the items and place gently in your hand. Then pop it in your wide open mouth and savor the flavor!

Happy Fall Ya'll!
What are your traditions for celebrating fall?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Read, Read, READ!

The other night we were meeting my adorable husband for supper in the "Big" City. (We...I mean, the two little guys) It took me a while to navigate through the exits and turn arounds before we landed in the Borders parking lot (slight detour, but the kids were tired of me trying to find Joann's). Ok, to try to make this story which is getting too long shorter...I unloaded the kids and marched through the front doors of the book store. The K-Man stopped, gasped, then grabbed my hand and said,"Momma, is THIS like a Library?!" His eyes were so big and his expression was so cute. I held my proud Mom head high and smiled while saying, "Yes Sweetie, THIS IS like a Library, but you get to keep the books!" At that point my first born sprinted to the children's section and was beside himself looking at all the books. If it were up to him we would have bought every book there!(We left with ONLY three books about dinos for K. and A book for B.)

Why am I so proud? One of my hopes is to encourage and inspire my children to love to read. I have taken the K-Man to "Library Time" since the day he could hold his head up good and Little Bit has followed in big brother's foot steps. I read to them before they were born and continue to to READ, READ, READ to them. I find so much joy and learn so much about myself in each book I read- and I want my boys to experience the excitement of finding a GREAT book that they just can't put down.

I think the K-Man is on his way!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've been Tagged!

It is fun to be tagged and learn more about those around you while others get the scoop on you too! Megan tagged here it goes ready or not!

1.What I was doing 10 years ago- September 1997:

I was attending Texas A&M University (Whoop!)working towards a BS in Community Health. Ellen was my sweet roommate who put up with my cat Toby (long story!) I still feel bad about it! I'm not even a cat person...why I had a cat still is beyond me-HA! Ok...Ok...back on track!!

2. Five years ago was September 2002:

I had been married to my adorable husband for two wonderful years and was looking to graduate from Texas Woman's University (Houston Branch) with a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy. Ok, in all honesty those two years in OT school were tough! Both mentally and emotionally! Just married and working on a masters...would not recommend it!

3. One year ago September 2006:

This one is SOOOOO easy! In one month almost to the day my sweet second born, Little Bit, was to make his appearance. I was trying to prepare both myself and The K-Man for a wonderful change! I was getting clothes washed and the baby's room just perfect for out precious baby! Oh...I have goose bumps! What a blessing!

4. Yesterday, September 17 (Has it been that long since I blogged!!!!-WOW!):

Let's see...We hung out at the house. Just Me and the little guys. We were blessed with beautiful fall weather SO we played a lot outside. We planted mums, watered plants, played on the swing set, ate lunch outside, finished putting out some fall stuff, and I made a Halloween Chain with the K-Man. Wow- we did do a lot! No wonder I was beat at the end of the night!

5. Snacks I enjoy

Cheetos, does coffee count? about sweet tea???, anything chocolate,...oh, and right now I can't seem to stay out of the candy corn!! I love cookies...really anything baked...yummy!

6. Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million dollars:

Ok, my head is swimming! First, I would buy a weekend home around Houston (close to all my dear friends there) so I could be there and here kind of at the same time! Then I would do all of the good give to those in need, pay off my student loans, pay off my parent's house (my birthday is in November-just a reminder!), spoil my kids rotten---oh, I'm already doing that with the little I have, so moving on...

7.Locations I would run to:

I'm not sure where they are all at, but those wonderful porches covered with huge trees next to a pond or lake. I know those places exist. I see them in magazines all the time! That is were I would run too! I also like the beach in the cool morning or late evenings...very nice! I don't get out much-Ha!

8. Bad habit I have:

Maybe you should ask my adorable husband-HA!! I think I work too hard to make things Perfect and I am WAY TOO HARD on MYSELF!

9. Things I like doing:

Reading, scrapbooking, crafting, decorating, blogging, hanging out with girl friends, snuggling up with the boys after they have been bathed and are ready for bed, being with family, shopping...Wow, I enjoy a lot of things!

10. Biggest Joy of the Moment:

Other then the quiet I am enjoying with my fall decorations all around me blogging about fun stuff...hmmm...definetly my trip planned to visit everyone in Houston in a couple of weeks and celebrating my sweet second born's 1st birthday (bitter sweet)!

Fun Stuff! Thanks for tagging me Megan!

I tag...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall Addictions-Confession #1

What are your fall addictions? I have Ohhhh so many issues that my adorable husband and children have to deal with. I absolutely love Fall!

Confession #1
The Fall Magazine Purchase

For some reason during the fall/holiday season my basket goes straight to the magazine racks! For example, this morning I was at Lowe's to pick up paint for a new project I want to conquer AND before I knew it I am looking at the beautiful fall covers on each magazine! I catch myself and calmly say out loud, "Lacie, PAINT!" However, when I arrived home I noticed I had purchased paint AND two of the most fall filled magazines! (Sorry, most adorable husband- I did get the paint!)

Then of course I hurry to put Little Bit to nap so I can sit and flip s-l-o-w-l-y through the pages with no interruptions. Throughout this wonderful time of the year I will flip through those magazines at least 100 times...ok maybe 150 times!

Have I said that I love fall? Stay tuned...Another Fall Confession soon!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Congratulations K-Man !

The K-Man received his medal in the mail today from our extended church family in League City! All summer we took on the challenge of the Blast into God's Word summer reading program. The K-Man was so excited to have a second medal for reading the bible and participating in the program, BUT what he doesn't understand is that his parents were even MORE excited. There is nothing better then seeing and experiencing the excitement of your child reading (or listening) to God's Word.

I am really looking forward to sharing this outstanding program with our "new" church family here next summer.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday dear Sister and Auntie Lindsey
Happy Birthday to YOU!

I have the most wonderful sister in the world! Well, I really don't know any different, but from stories I have heard I have a pretty great one! She puts up with me and my family so that's something special right there!!She rolls her eyes at me with all my over exaggerations, but never makes me feel bad. She listens to my "poor me stories" and never complains. She sits at a different table when there isn't enough room for her AND my children and just laughs at the situation. She really tries to keep the whole family in style, but doesn't mind being seen with us(this is a big job-Ha!). My sweet sister always seems to adjust her schedule around my family because of the kids and she just makes it work with a smile. Lindsey is very kind hearted and always puts other's first. She is full of FUN and Laughter. Ok,I could go on and on, but I don't want her head to swell!

Here is a poem about sisters that is from Me to YOU, Lindsey!

For happy times shared through the years,
for the loyalty, love, the laughter and tears.
For the special things only you can do,
for all these things, I thank you!
Time and space may separate us,
but heartstrings know no end.
I'm proud to call you my sister,
happier still to call you my friend.
-Author Unknown

(Lindsey and her Sweet Husband with the K-Man!)

While Lindsey is a great sister, I would love her as an Auntie (The Auntie is her own special touch!) She spoils my children rotten. She has introduced K. to Incredible Pizza, and he has never been the same! No, REALLY! She hugs, teases, picks, and loves my children to the point it takes me a week to re-train them after being with their Auntie!

All of this is great and fun , but the most important thing is she is a child of God. She lives her life with grace and humility. Lindsey, WE LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Thoughts and Tidbits

1. The K-Man has a new Pre-K teacher! Yes, the cute one in the picture...well, she didn't eat her Wheaties! I'm sure everything will be fine. The "New Teacher" seems a bit less organized, but seems to love the kids. Poor, K. another change. Poor Momma! I have been praying all day!!!!

2. *Not for Grandparent's eyes!* I know that I am addicted to Blogging when K. shouts from the bathtub, "Momma, I'm COLD!" Yes, he was in there for OVER thirty minutes while I caught up on the latest AND his water WAS Very Cold! I made it up to him with an extra book at bedtime!

3. Fall is in the air. Don't you just smell it! Oh, Hobby Lobby is going to just love me over the next few months!

4. There is nothing better then eating ice cream in bed when everyone is asleep! I know...I know...that is when I should have been Blogging!

5. Football officially starts tonight! How do I know this you ask? Well, my adorable husband is "playing" in two leagues of Fantasy Football this season. We will be flipping back and forth between a dozen games ALL SEASON! Oh, one of his teams is named the "Barking Spiders"! Boys will be Boys!

Any Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Little House on the Prairie

As funny as it might seem, one of my life goals is to watch ALL of the episodes of Little House on the Prairie. It has been a fun goal because the K-Man loves LHOP too. It has been so nice to actually get to watch a television show with my child! I miss all the family TV shows! Oh...I better move on before I get on a "soap box"!

The other night we were watching an episode where Caroline had a mother and daughter talk with Laura before bed (I love those loft talks). Caroline in all her wisdom made the comment, "Don't be afraid to hurt. Hurt is how you measure happiness." WOW! I knew LHOP was a great series! I know this wisdom went right over the K-Man's head, but it hit me square between the eyes.

Just wanted to share.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

On the Road Again!

Poor Little Bit. Is it really that bad?

We are leaving in a little while to head down to Victoria to visit family over the extended weekend. While I am so excited to see everyone...the 6 hour trip in the car, not so excited!! The K-Man is a good traveler. He sleeps, names the clouds, eats snacks, listens to music, and the list could go on and on. Like I said, good traveler! Now Little Bit, TOTALLY different story! See the adorable face above...yes, this it what Little Bit's face looks like in his car seat after the first 30 minutes! I know this phase will pass too, but what are my chances it will happen in the next 30 minutes??

Enjoy your long weekend!