Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Library Adventure

Ok, I take my wonderful boys to the Library for Story Time every chance we get(pretty much every week!). I love it just as much as they do. The different voices "The Story Lady" makes for each character in the books, The fun themes and crafts she comes up with...Oh, so wonderful! My heart goes out to all the mothers that give their children this wonderful adventure every week.

Today there were two "girls" that I have been thinking about all day. One was a mother with a newborn who while nursing the baby tried to engage and round up her little 2-ish year old daughter. The little girl wanted to run, dance, and climb in the middle of everyone... while listening to the story was not on her mind. The mother tried so hard. She was sweating, embarrassed and worn out by the end of the 30 minute Story Time! I wanted to hug her neck to let her know we have ALL been there! AND to just hang in there because it DOES get easier! The next "girl" had a little boy that kept getting in the K-Man's face and climbing on the other kids. She kept getting on to the little boy but with no avail. I over heard her telling another lady that she was just worn out and wondered if her boy would EVER sit still. I smiled and calmly said, "He will!, It just takes time."

HOWEVER!!! The mothers that sat in the back and talked LOUDLY throughout the WHOLE 30 minutes...I am a bit aggravated with you! The sweet Story Lady kept asking the kids to quiet down, but I have a feeling she was kind of talking to YOU!

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