Thursday, September 27, 2007

When life gives you lemons...

First Lemon:
The planned trip to Houston to visit "The Girls"(aka flamingos) and my other wonderful friends is no longer. My adorable husband has THIS JOB that likes to make things difficult. So, not to blame him...I'm not too happy with This JOB right now!We have a camping trip planned at the end of October and I really, really, really hope nothing messes it up! I haven't seen many of these girls in a bout 5 MONTHS OR MORE!!! YUCK!

Second Lemon:
I live 6 hours away from my entire family (this includes my adorable husband's entire family too!) While we love where we are it's times like this that the distance hurts my heart! My wonderful, kind, never complains, loves her family more then anything Granny is in the hospital as I type. Within 48 hours she has gone from an annual heart check up to the placement of a pacemaker. My heart is calling me home and we are working on it. Times are a bit hard with two young children and a 6 hour trip and a husband that travels...and, and.

(Little Bit with his Great Granny Farris.)

SOOOO, I am making LEMONADE!

I am praying for my friends that I can't see RIGHT NOW and their wonderful families, for the relationships that I have been blessed with in Houston, and for my future trips to H-Town. I am blessed that there are so many ways to communicate with all the girls. I am looking forward to the camping trip in October, Fall Birthdays in November, and The Annual Flamingo Christmas Party in December! One missed trip won't hurt! Not too bad.

I am praying for my Granny and the family that surrounds her now, for the doctors to love her has much as I do, and for our travel down there to be smooth. I am blessed to have a family that is so close and that takes up the slack when one member can't be there. I am blessed my boys have their great-grandparents to hug and learn from. I am blessed.

When life gives you lemons...God can give you LEMONADE! Pray.


Shaka said...

i'm sorry it's been hard, i wish i could help you! i hope your grandma is okay!

Tip Junkie said...

What a bummer!! I'm so sad that you aren't going to be able to see your friends and family. I really hope your Granny recovers quickly. I want to hear more about your flamingo Christmas Party! What do you do?

Holly said...

I'm soooo sorry so many lemons have been growing around your house! I do appreciate your attitude. Your "lemonade" is very sweet!!

Robyn said...

So sorry Lace... I will be praying for your grandma.