Wednesday, May 28, 2008

While on break...

What have we been up to while I was on my blogging break??? Hmmm, actually...We have drawn a lot of pictures while wearing 3-D glasses and funny hats... We have eaten cereal off the floor because it's just better that way...
We have ridden buck'n horses...
We have watched our garden full of green beans, purple hull peas, squash, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, cantaloupe, okra, water melon, and tomatoes grow large and full...
We have started the harvesting of the squash
(this is often a daily task-our first pick was 7 huge squash)... We have watched Little Bit enjoy his first year to actually pick the veggies from our garden
(he was a bit too young to enjoy the whole process last year)...

We have cooked our first summer dish from the garden-
a family recipe for fresh squash fritters...

We (actually my adorable husband and the K-Man) have been on a backyard camp-out...
Where sleeping in a tent was a must, AND...
Going on a frog hunt to catch 19 frogs was the highlight of the night!

REALLY...Who has time to BLOG?!?

* Note about the frog hunt... No frogs were hurt on this little adventure in our backyard! However, there was one Momma who was a bit nauseous at the sight of them!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SPT- Something...

The SPTs for this month are all related to the phrases often heard around weddings:
Tuesday, may 6 something old
Tuesday, may 13 something new
Tuesday, may 20 something borrowed
Tuesday, may 27 something blue
If you haven't noticed, I have taken a blogger break...but I will catch up a bit today
with two SPT's:

Something borrowed: I love to share books! Books are made to be shared don't you think?...this book was borrowed from Holly- Thanks Holly! Great Read!

Something Blue: My K-man's eyes!!! It's so unique that K-man has big blue eyes because neither me nor my adorable husband has blue eyes! When he was a baby we kept waiting for his "baby blues" to disappear, but they only got bigger and more blue!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

She's Back!!!

My computer got an UGLY, MEAN virus on Wed. and I have been spending my time trying to get my computer back up and running! After some tears, sweat and blog /e-mail withdraw we are back to "normal"!

This is what I have been thinking about lately:

1. What do I feel about stay at home dads...both of the other therapist I work with have stay at home husbands...Hmmm.

2. Did I feel more relaxed and focused over the last 4 days while my computer was in surgery?
Yes, a bit. ...But I also felt more out of touch- being out here in the country away from long distant friends and family. I also felt I was going to miss out on some of the happenings in blogger world. Overall, I have decided that I really do need to cut my time down that I am on the computer- The K-man has actually prayed thanking God for "Momma's computer"OUCH!!!!

3. Hot Tea or Coffee??? I feel that everyone around me is making the switch for various reasons! I even attended a tea party with girls that actually drink hot tea! WHAT?

4. Is wearing a cast harder on the 4 year old boy or is Momma??? MOMMA!!!

5. Why do authors feel the need to add garbage into a book (like movies)! I mean the story line would be fantastic without all the trash!!!! I had to stop reading a book the other day because I just couldn't handle the scene described by the author- Bummer! I've heard the book was good!

Any thoughts???
Stay at home Dads...
Computer time...
Hot Tea or Coffee?
Books and Movies with TRASH! (what do you do?)...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SPT- Something New

The SPTs for this month are all related to the phrases often heard around weddings:
Tuesday, may 6 something old
Tuesday, may 13 something new
Tuesday, may 20 something borrowed
Tuesday, may 27 something blue
It's really so funny how I never know what in the world I am going to do for a SPT, but something always happens at the last minute to help out... once again-

Do you see what I see in this picture?!? ...On the way "home" (to my parent's house in South Texas) I spotted a special find on the side of the road and I made a mental note to make a stop there on the trip home on Monday.
Yes, my something new is this little wooden flamingo! I spotted her driving 70ish miles an hour-Ha! She was at a tiny shop on the side of the road! I love fun, unexpected finds like this! Now- it's all about the name...

What 's a good name for my good natured little pink gal?

Where do you think you will find her?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Too Much!!!!

I found a little miniature, small town version of Half Price Books! However, it doesn't feel half price when you spend as much money as I did today-Bummer! I so love books and I enjoy seeing my favorites on my book shelf.

How do you decide which books are keepers and which ones are sell backers?
Do you keep a library of books?
Do you ever OVER indulge in books?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SPT- Something Old

The SPTs for this month are all related to the phrases often heard around weddings:
Tuesday, may 6 something old
Tuesday, may 13 something new
Tuesday, may 20 something borrowed
Tuesday, may 27 something blue
Check out Lelly's Blog to get in on all the fun with SPTs!

Today is something old...No, it's not just a picture of me!

Look up-It's the pink Texas A&M cap! I have had this cap since college -YIKES! Yes, this poor little pink cap is around 10 years old! The sad thing is it's totally my "go to" for bad hair days, quick dress days, outdoor days...actually when I think about it, when am I not wearing it??!!Every girl needs a good (Old) cap!

Little Bit was home with me today because he was running fever-Poor little guy! However he was lucky enough to get in on my SPT!

What is your something old?

Do you wear caps?

Monday, May 5, 2008

What color would you choose?

If you were a 4 year old little boy who loved the great outdoors and your Daddy was a huge fan of deer hunting wouldn't you choose a CAMO colored cast too?
It just looks so great with the K-man's dinosaurs crawling all over it!
I mean, if you have to wear a huge cast for 5 weeks it might as well look good, right?

This is a picture from the day we returned from getting his cast. When we walked in the door he wanted down so he could play!!! He is really such a trooper! K-man is now walking pretty good with the cast and he is able to army crawl around the house when he needs to get somewhere quickly.

Oh... Never fear, Daddy rigged up the Gator so the boys can still get around outside! This weekend on top of everything the K-man was in a wedding!!! He is really getting the hang of these self portraits!
Hee Hee! During the wedding he was pulled in a red wagon cute!
Here is my handsome little K-man with his second cousin Lyndon-
The wedding was so wonderful and my little boy was precious (with the Camo cast and all), of course!
We are all doing good and getting back to "normal". Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts!