Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SPT- Something New

The SPTs for this month are all related to the phrases often heard around weddings:
Tuesday, may 6 something old
Tuesday, may 13 something new
Tuesday, may 20 something borrowed
Tuesday, may 27 something blue
It's really so funny how I never know what in the world I am going to do for a SPT, but something always happens at the last minute to help out... once again-

Do you see what I see in this picture?!? ...On the way "home" (to my parent's house in South Texas) I spotted a special find on the side of the road and I made a mental note to make a stop there on the trip home on Monday.
Yes, my something new is this little wooden flamingo! I spotted her driving 70ish miles an hour-Ha! She was at a tiny shop on the side of the road! I love fun, unexpected finds like this! Now- it's all about the name...

What 's a good name for my good natured little pink gal?

Where do you think you will find her?


Jeanette said...

How fun that you found her. I love collecting and I love lucky finds.

Dacia said...

What a cute flamingo. Good luck with finding a place for it.

Bren's Life said...

That is too funny that you saw that as you were driving. Too cute. So how many flamingo things do you have?

Heather said...

That is the cutest ever. I am cracking up that you spotted that. I am pretty sure I would too! HA HA! It is too precious!

I have many names I can think of! HA HA What about Daisy...Like Driving Miss Daisy. Since one, you found her while driving and two, you are the best driver in the world....Savannah or Texas! :) And for as where I might find her....maybe hanging out with Gordon????

Love ya!

Lacie said...

You are so clever! I love the name and the Gordon idea!
Hee! Hee!- I know you would have spotted her too!

Ok, the Question: How many flamingoish things do I have?...Let's just say I have a laundry room full of them! From bags...frames...chompers...lotion bottles...puzzles...flags...FINKIE....lights...cookie jar...NEED I GO ON! However you did catch that they have all landed in my laundry room- Yep, thats my only flamingo space that is allowed-Ha!

Chris said...

How funny. Great find and I vote for Daisy. Perfect name.

Alisa said...

I am laughing that you spotted it while driving by- and that you were driving pretty fast to spot such a bird!
You must have a nice size laundry room to hold it all!

Kim said...

Simply adorable...and I bet she will not end up in the laundry room! :)

The monkey bunch said...

Fun! Daisy is perfect.

lelly said...

i love daisy!! those are my favorite finds.

but, she is way to cute to put in the laundry room!