Sunday, May 18, 2008

She's Back!!!

My computer got an UGLY, MEAN virus on Wed. and I have been spending my time trying to get my computer back up and running! After some tears, sweat and blog /e-mail withdraw we are back to "normal"!

This is what I have been thinking about lately:

1. What do I feel about stay at home dads...both of the other therapist I work with have stay at home husbands...Hmmm.

2. Did I feel more relaxed and focused over the last 4 days while my computer was in surgery?
Yes, a bit. ...But I also felt more out of touch- being out here in the country away from long distant friends and family. I also felt I was going to miss out on some of the happenings in blogger world. Overall, I have decided that I really do need to cut my time down that I am on the computer- The K-man has actually prayed thanking God for "Momma's computer"OUCH!!!!

3. Hot Tea or Coffee??? I feel that everyone around me is making the switch for various reasons! I even attended a tea party with girls that actually drink hot tea! WHAT?

4. Is wearing a cast harder on the 4 year old boy or is Momma??? MOMMA!!!

5. Why do authors feel the need to add garbage into a book (like movies)! I mean the story line would be fantastic without all the trash!!!! I had to stop reading a book the other day because I just couldn't handle the scene described by the author- Bummer! I've heard the book was good!

Any thoughts???
Stay at home Dads...
Computer time...
Hot Tea or Coffee?
Books and Movies with TRASH! (what do you do?)...


Bakocas said...

A very interesting blog! Congratulations

BriteCloud said...

I am a hot tea drinker. One of my cupboards has been taken over by my various teas. I love to go to Teavana in the mall and sample, as well as buy.

I had the absolute BEST Indian Chai Tea at an Indian Restaurant a few months ago. I searched high and low for Cardamom to make my own. Found it. It takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare. Then I found that you can buy the already made Chai Tea and add your own milk to it. Still, neither version compares to the authentic one I had.

Stay at home dads? Whatever works for the family, I guess. I wouldn't find it attractive.

Computer time? Must we go there! Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Trash in books and movies? I wish I could share some movies with the kids that I have enjoyed. I hate bad language simply for the sake of using bad language.

Glad you are back up and running!

Heather said...

TEA???? WHAT???? Thats just not right. HA HA!!

Glad your computer is up and running! How is the cast thing going?? Call me if you get a chance. I know you are super busy.

Love ya~

silken said...

oohh, I am all for the hot tea. I agree w/ britecloud, chai tea w/ milk and honey, yum! (the best one I"ve found is Stash decaf!)

my daughter has a friend whose dad stays home....pretty good set up for their family!

movies and books w/ garbage....sad and frustrating!

um, computer time....