Friday, December 31, 2010

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

I always feel that the time from Thanksgiving until New Year is a complete whirlwind! I even find myself at times grrrrring about the holiday season. I feel like I have a hard time Enjoying Anything between Everything that needs to be done and the things I want to do. SO.... New approach! Instead of keeping the whirlwind feeling lingering inside me, I'm going to look back and savor the moments that brought "goosebump" moments to my arms and heart. Even if the moment only occurred for a split second.

  • DVRing all the Christmas movies from the Hallmark Channel. I only watched a few, but it was wonderful to watch them anytime. I always feel warm and fuzzy inside after watching them.
  • Fudge all over the boys faces after licking the beaters.
  • K- Man making a list of the goodies he wanted me to bake (fudge, puppy chow, candy covered pretzels, sausage balls, and candy covered popcorn).
  • B-boy seeing Santa for the first time at the mall..."I see Him! I see Him! He's over there!"
  • Watching the boys write their Christmas lists...adding to it all month long. I love the way K-man spells his words and how B-boy forms his letters.
  • Shopping for clothes (with my boys in tow) for a couple of ladies living at the nursing home I work at. The boys were so proud when they picked out a blouse that I actually bought for the ladies.Wrapping the gift while I thought about what each of the ladies meant to me.Watching them open each present and feel and touch each piece of clothing. Seeing the boys' big eyes as the ladies were so excited about the gifts.
  • Seeing the boys look in awe at the Christmas tree ornaments and gifts.
  • Driving up to the outside of our house being decorated with Christmas lights for the first time.
  • Finding the perfect place to put our Department 56 Snow Village.
  • Looking at all the past ornaments made by the boys over the years.
  • Having a marshmallow fight following opening the marshmallow shooters Christmas morning.
  • Listening to B-boy see Christmas lights on the way to church. He would see the same lights every time we went, but listening to him you would have thought he had never seen them before!
  • Singing at the nursing home with friends from church.
  • Looking at Christmas lights with Paw Paw and Gramzie singing Christmas Carols at the top of our lungs!
  • Watching B-boy in his Christmas program. He was a very ADORABLE wise man.
  • Listening to B-boy practicing singing all the songs that he would be singing in the program. I can still hear him singing ...."Si--lent Night..." all over the house.
  • Going with K-man on his field trip to an Opera House for a Christmas show/play. Yep, I teared up...always do! There is nothing better then seeing your child's bright eyes experiencing Christmas.
  • Going with friends to see the play Rodolph. B-Boy was scared out of his mind of the Abominable Snow Monster! Watching the boys get autographs from all the characters after the show. Yep, I teared up at the end...always do!
  • Getting 10 Christmas cards on one day!
  • Hearing the boys excitement as they looked at what Santa brought before they "woke us up".
  • A couple of days before Christmas- Listening through the boy's door as K-man explained what Santa does on Christmas Eve.
  • Seeing my adorable husband in his new house shoes, shooting the boys with his new Nerf Gun!
  • Listening to all the Christmas music being played EVERYWHERE.
  • Seeing our nieces that we haven't seen since this past summer.
  • Sitting on my Parents front porch for two hours on my Mom's new porch swing watching the boys play outside


Yes, once again, in the mist of the CRAZINESS of the holiday season there were memorable moments that deserve their time to be savored.