Monday, June 30, 2008

Where have I been?!?

Where have I been? Hmmm...where do I begin?!
We (actually, Little Bit) has started potty training himself-Bummer. I wasn't ready yet!
He loves to go "PeePee" and "Yucky" in the musical potty!
He actually goes to the potty all the time- he loves it!
He really is doing wonderful and we owe it all to his big brother.
Little Bit wants to do everything like the K-Man

The K-man has started swimming lessons...which he loves!
If you can believe it, his swimming teacher lives only 2 minutes away!Yes, she actually lives in our small little town!I just drop him off and return to see a smiling wrinkled toed little boy!

Aren't the goggles priceless!?!

Our garden, Gordon, is continuing to produce veggies, and now fruit, left and right! My adorable husband counted 25 cantaloupe just waiting for us out there! We also have a watermelon getting larger everyday...AND let me just say we all have a bit of a yellow tint to our skin because of all the SQUASH we have been eating!Along with our is peach season up here! So the peaches are everywhere just waiting to be added to a fresh peach cobbler or homemade ice cream!

If all of this is not enough we have moved the boys in the same room. Yes, now they are roomies! Let's just say that has been it's own fun little adventure! They love it! Pictures to come of the room.

We have been getting really involved in our small little church family. We are well into the Summer Bible Reading Club. We have about 70 signed up- 26 are kids! We also have our toes in a few other pools helping here and there. My adorable husband got a church softball team together and their first game is tonight- Go team!

We have been a bit busy, but we are loving every minute of it! I have not had the chance to be near the computer much- I glanced at my e-mail and I had 70 new messages- oops! That's my next stop!

This is where I have been!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kiddy Up!

This week has been a week of rodeo fun for the kids~ We went to the Sheriff's Posse Parade on Wednesday. We were a bit late because I forgot my camera and didn't realize it before we got stuck on the major highway without a turn around for miles!! Oops- It was a bit warm to say the least, but with a little shade from the car and a bottle of water in hand the parade was worth it.
The boys got a ton of candy- that my adorable husband ate while nobody was looking! Poor kids-
This parade is a bit different then is primarily made up of horses, big trucks and
TRACTORS! You would not believe how many picture K-man asked me to take of specific horse (mostly Paints) and tractors-Ha!

Along with this week came boots...


and Cowboy hats!
Yep-we are ready for any trail ride or rodeo~

The K-man was beside himself with excitement waiting to go to the rodeo.
Well, last night with much anticipation we went! I cried during The National Anthem while all three of my boys removed their hats and "my" little small town stopped to pay tribute to those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms. I laughed as Little Bit kept saying"MORE!" waiting for the next event and wiped sticky hands... As the boys had their first taste of...
Cotton Candy!
We ended the night at around 10:30 pm when the last bull was ridden and all the goats, pigs and sheep had been petted by the boys- Ha! You think I'm kidding! K-Man kept saying the goats were his favorite part followed by the "buckin' bulls!"
The ride home was a full conversation between my adorable husband and the K-man on what animal we would get first... how we need 2 horses... and how we should build a barn for the animals. Whew~ I am still trying to wrap my brain around raising animals, straw cowboys hats and the smell of manure. Who says life's not an adventure!?!
Just to let you know...I wore shorts and crocs to the rodeo~

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Babe~
Little Bit wants to be just like his Daddy- HeeHee! Just the ties~

The K-man's answers to 10 Questions about his Daddy:
1. What is his job? he works for me
2. What is his favorite food? broccoli and he loves green beans
3. What is his favorite drink? coffee
4. What does he do for fun? he likes to get the weeds and make our flowers grow
5. What is his favorite color? maroon and camo
6. What are his favorite sport teams? Aggies and the Astros...NOT the boo horns!
7. What fun things do you like to do with him? play and wrestle
8. What does he smell like? STINKY!...but sometimes he takes a bath and that makes him smell good
9. How old is he? maybe 14...actually 1
10. Why do you love your Daddy? Because he is my friend, because he takes care of me, because he loves me too.
We love you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bring on the heat!

The temperatures are starting to spike... But we are loaded and ready!

Bring on the Heat!

Friday, June 13, 2008


I must confess I have blenvy...Have you not heard what this is? Let Laurie explain! I read other blogs and wonder: "why can't I write like that?", "my days are so boring.", "do other mothers ever sleep?", "I could do that if I had the time or the money!, "her blog is so cute", "Oh,..."-you name it! I know, I know it's just horrible- However,I thought I was the only one! NOPE! ...Relief!
So, what am I doing about it...I'm focusing on my own blessings for the day (I have read some "10 blessing Tuesdays" from other bloggers), I'm stepping back and focusing on what my purpose in life is (to bring joy and honor to God), and I'm being happy for those around me and what they have learned and are willing to share.
So, really blenvy is not that bad- it can help you have a reality check!
Do you have Blenvy?
What are you doing about it?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am fuming!!!! I was just at Cracker Barrel with the boys for a fun lunch and I about got ran over! No, not outside, but while trying to pay. First, I was standing in line with the boys when these ladies kept moving right up on me. At one point I had bent over to pick up something off the floor and one of the darling ladies pushed right in front of me. I smiled and slowly worked my way back in line. THEN while I was trying to keep the K-man in sight and hold Little Bit while signing the receipt the little darling lady started moving closer handing the lady behind the counter her receipt...I was still trying to put everything back in my purse and get the kids in order when the lady behind the counter starts the new transaction and the darling lady was practically pushing me out of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not the only time I have felt like I was being run over while trying to finish a purchase. This happens at grocery stores and department stores. Before I can get my change back in my purse and grab my bags the next person is being checked out and I am being "pushed" out of the way by the next customer!

What has happened to the "Hi, how are you?" What has happened to the slow paced, enjoy the day world I know I remember as a child. Everyone is such in a hurry for nothing! What...To be to the car two seconds faster?! I wish this world would just SLOW DOWN! Come on...Smell the ROSES -or do you even know what those are!!!

BREATH... Ok, I am back and better!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The K-Man's SPT

Usually, Tuesdays are my days to take interesting and
fun pictures of myself.
However this Tuesday is the K-man's SPT-
I call it "What I have learned from watching my Momma."

Yes, there is a story behind these pictures...I was busy trying to get things done around the house and the K-man needed something to do. I gave him my camera and he was busy for about thirty minutes. There were wonderful pictures of toys, plants, fans, and laundry... But these were my favorites! Hee Hee! I just laugh looking at them!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Your my world!

i am in love with my adorable husband and i know he loves me too!
Because of his job he has to travel here and there...but i know he would rather be with us!
this is what i found last night when i got home with the boys and this morning while i was getting the house moving-
the book i am reading-
as i sat down to type this post-
as i started a load of laundry this morning-

no explanation need!-
getting the boys ready for supper last night-
changing the temp in the house (my husband knows me too well)-
getting the coffee ready this morning-

seriously, how could i not feel loved and appreciated?!?
Love ya babe-see ya soon!

Friday, June 6, 2008

And we're off...SLOWLY!

Before the doctors appointment...
AFTER!!! Whoo Hoo!
The cast is off! However, he is not to do too much for the next two weeks and he may have a limp for the next 4 weeks. The K-man is being a trooper- but both his ankle and knee joints are very stiff and painful to move. Poor guy!
Thanks for all the prayers-keep them coming!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Old Fashioned?

i know some may feel i'm old fashioned in many aspects. however, i like to call it sentimental! i remember my granny farris working out in her flower garden all the time. she had the most beautiful roses not to mention she still knows everything about any flower or plant available! so, i have worked hard to learn all i can from her and learn about flowers and plants to make my home look welcoming (just like hers)...AND i want my children to develop a green thumb too!

the same granny also has always been a great cook. our holiday meals have always been a cooking extravaganza! i also have always enjoyed the times with my adorable husbands family in south texas with everyone in the kitchen and wonderful smells filling the house -often things from the garden! i too want to be able to cook for my family with comfort meals that let them know i have made it special just for them(the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?- and I have three boys!!!). i also want to make my guest feel welcome and special with meals from the heart. i heard one day while at a restaurant two older women saying that making homemade biscuits and pies would soon be a lost art- not if i can help it! along the same mother has always used a cast iron skillet-yes, i cook with one too. it should be a staple in every kitchen! another staple in the kitchen is an apron! even apron for a friend who is helping you in the kitchen.

quilting is another secret love of my mine. my great grandmother (gramz) was a quilter and her memory lives on with her beautiful handmade quilts that are now a part of our family. i remember watching her with a thimble and needle in hand working away while all the women chatted. Sewing is something I feel may soon be also a lost talent. I remember going with my mom to pick out fabric for the perfect summer dress and watching her spread out the material and pattern across our dinning room table. I remember taking naps to the hummmm of the sewing machine. I have a sewing machine and it need to be used more!

my adorable husband's grandparents (pawpaw and nanaw) and his great grandparents have always had a garden. i love to hear him talk about there being so many potatoes picked it would cover an old barn floor or watching his mother and nanaw snapping beans together on the porch.

so, to continue the family tradition we too have a garden.
we hope to teach our boys how to grow a garden and enjoy working hard at something that is rewarding in many ways.
my adorable husband's mother has always canned pickles and green, what have i been doing over the last couple of days??

i have waited years to get the family recipes for these!
well, i had to get a garden first!
so, while some may feel i am old fashioned- i think i am honoring those i love and keeping their love alive! i feel things have changed over the years...and many of these things i value and enjoy were done in a slower and more personal time. sometimes i really miss the times when people talked face to face while cooking, snapping peas, canning or quilting. hmmm. maybe I am a bit old fashioned-but proud of it!

Monday, June 2, 2008


i don't have a brother...

my adorable husband doesn't have a brother...


the K-man and Little Bit have a brother!

what a blessing!