Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Babe~
Little Bit wants to be just like his Daddy- HeeHee! Just the ties~

The K-man's answers to 10 Questions about his Daddy:
1. What is his job? he works for me
2. What is his favorite food? broccoli and he loves green beans
3. What is his favorite drink? coffee
4. What does he do for fun? he likes to get the weeds and make our flowers grow
5. What is his favorite color? maroon and camo
6. What are his favorite sport teams? Aggies and the Astros...NOT the boo horns!
7. What fun things do you like to do with him? play and wrestle
8. What does he smell like? STINKY!...but sometimes he takes a bath and that makes him smell good
9. How old is he? maybe 14...actually 1
10. Why do you love your Daddy? Because he is my friend, because he takes care of me, because he loves me too.
We love you!


silken said...

love the answers!!

Holly said...

Great pictures of your boys!

B. looks so cute with all of those ties draped around his neck. K's answers are so funny--I love interviews like that.

Lynn said...

PRECIOUS......Is that the hook em sign I see?

maria said...

Sweet K's answers are so cute! I know the boys love their daddy and he loves them too!