Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Party 2008

We decided to have a pumpkin carving party this year. We carve pumpkins every year and decided we wanted to share the fun with friends! Oh- meet the new additions to our porch! I picked out the tall one-such personality, don't you think?
Here is a close up of the K-Man doing all he could NOT to touch the "yucky stuff"!

Throughout the whole carving process Little Bit kept saying,"EWWWewwwEWWW"!

Here is a quick glance at some of the fun that went on Friday night!

Here are some ideas from our pumpkin party:
I decided to read The Pumpkin Patch Parable at the beginning of the party. I love this book and recommend you read it to your children during this time of year!

I made these little jack-o-lantern guys out of marsh mellows, craft sticks and flavored chocolate!

I thought these party favors turned out too cute!

I stuck the "guys" in a black pot with some moss to make them easier to display.
I also typed out a summary of the parable with various scriptures for the families to take home.

I also made these jack-o-lantern picks. I used store bought stickers, black card stock and toothpicks.

The picks were stuck in these pumpkin shaped sandwiches for the kids. Easy and fun!

Here is my table with a simple menu of Pumpkin...Pumpkin and more Pumpkin!
(We had other hearty foods that remained in the kitchen-not to mess up the pretty table-Ha!)
The party was a blast and I look forward to making it an annual event!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Frog Birthday Party

I know many of you love giving birthday parties for your children. I'm totally crazy about birthday parties too! I wanted to share some tips from the birthday party I just gave for my 2 year old boy.
With my parties I always start with a broad theme and then get creative. While I think pre-packaged parties can be the way to go...I tend to want to search around and make my own things or create activities just to make it more one of a kind (and part of the fun for me is finding things cheap!) .
Little Bit is CRAZY about frogs (Hoppys)... there is my theme!
Then I found this frog fabric for $2 a yard at the old Wally World...
That was all I needed to get my brain spinning AND there were also my colors!

Here is the invitation I made with the computer (I didn't scan it very good). The computer and I have gotten very close over the last year or so! These are post cards...cheap to make and cheap to mail!
I also made the favor tags using the computer. I found the favors here . I also got the little frogs for the "frog hunt" there.

I took that cute and cheap "hoppy" fabric and made this banner for the party. The other colors were only $1 a yard!!! I got the idea from Kelly . It was fun to make! I see more in my future!

This cake was a winner in my book! Little Bit LOVED it and it was so easy (and quick) to make!
2 boxed cake mixes
(follow directions for an 8 inch cake AND 24 cup cakes)
I used food coloring for the cake and cupcakes to match the theme colors
(a totally of two tubs of icing)
1 fruit roll-up for tongue
1 peel a part twizzler to mouth
2 oreos for eyes
Ta Da!
(Oh- I have to say the flies were tricky to find...but thanks to the K-man's keen eyes we found them at Good Will-24 for a dollar!!!)
Here is another look. I also made table cloths with the fabric for the indoor and outdoor tables.
I felt we had plenty of frogs with the balloons and fabric that I just got cheap-o colored plates, napkins and such...that matched the fabric.

Along with hunting for 72 little frogs outside we also played Pin the "Fly on the Frog's Tongue!"
I free-handed the frog using two pieces of poster board(it has been saved to be used in my mom's classroom). The flies were on my clip art...printed and cut out! The kids loved this game- Hee Hee, the memories!

Then came my special touches just for Little Bit. I made his "Hoppy" shirt for his special day. You can find a tutorial here .

I also made him some PJs using the cheap fabric!

Finally, I recently mailed these Thank You post cards with a picture from the party. I added a personally note below the typed "thank you". I think the more I get to be creative the more I have with these special days! For more party ideas check out here .

I had a fun "Hoppy" Birthday for my special boy...
You can too!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thoughts on the Election...

We are blessed to be in a country where we have the freedom to vote for our President. With this wonderful freedom comes responsibility. This election has personally been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me, because I do feel the strong responsibly to fight for the "goodness" and "honesty"of our nation. It is a tough world out there and without God as the priority of our nation the wickedness will abound. We live in a selfish nation with "Me" as a focus...We need God as our focus! I have watched every debate, listened to talk radio, and read anything I can get my hands on to try to find a comfort or a peace...BUT guess where I found it???
"Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God." Romans 13:1
I have very strong opinions about each of the candidates that are running AND I will be placing my vote for the "team" that I feel is best for our nation. However, this passage along with the whole chapter of Romans 13 has granted me a peace and a strength for what the next four years have in store for our nation and my family (ie. what God has planned) I have read this chapter everyday for the last week and I will continue as the election moves forward.
I am blessed that God is in control and not mere men!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Home in the Fall

I wanted to share what my home looks and feels like in the Fall.

What I love about the fall:

1. the colors

2. the spiced pumpkin smells

3. my almost famous fall mix

4. sitting on my porch in the cool of the morning and evening

(with warm coffee in hand)

5. whoopie pies

6. Halloween pjs

7. pumpkins

8. soft cozy blankets

9. deciding on Halloween costumes

10. comfort foods

What do you love about fall?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hoppy Birthday!

We had a "Hoppy" birthday party for Little Bit this weekend!
We played "Pin the Fly on the Frog's Tongue" and went on a frog hunt for colorful frogs in the yard
(to the K-man's excitement he found a real one!)
We also ate a frog cake with flies on the cupcakes.
Special Memories:
1. Having Grammie and Poppa AND Gramzie and PawPaw there to celebrate
2. Little Bit's excitement over EVERTHING "Hoppy" including the hoppy shirt I made for his special day.
3. When his big brother passed down his red tricycle that he got when he was two.
4. Having friends take time out to celebrate the special day with us.
5. The kids running around looking for frogs.
6. Little Bit "acting" shy when everyone was singing to him.
7. Little Bit sneaking icing from the cake and having orange Cheetos's all over his face.
We love you Little Bit!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who's TWO??

Today Little Bit turned TWO!
We are having a Toadly Froggy Birthday this weekend with family and friends...
BUT today was Momma and Little Bit Day!
Little Bit got a small red and a small blue "hoppy" (ie.frogs) to start off the special day.
One fits perfectly in each hand. He has not put them down today.
That includes nap time and during Bible class tonight!
(Note to self: I need to take a picture of them.)
We (meaning just the two of us) went to Cracker Barrel for lunch...
Yes, there was sweet tea involved!

We also indulged in His favorites..."NOODLES!" (ie. mac and cheese)

AND corn bread!

There were veggies present, but very little!

And of course we had a ton of loving phone calls and messages!

"Hoppy" Birthday!

We all love you tons!