Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Frog Birthday Party

I know many of you love giving birthday parties for your children. I'm totally crazy about birthday parties too! I wanted to share some tips from the birthday party I just gave for my 2 year old boy.
With my parties I always start with a broad theme and then get creative. While I think pre-packaged parties can be the way to go...I tend to want to search around and make my own things or create activities just to make it more one of a kind (and part of the fun for me is finding things cheap!) .
Little Bit is CRAZY about frogs (Hoppys)... there is my theme!
Then I found this frog fabric for $2 a yard at the old Wally World...
That was all I needed to get my brain spinning AND there were also my colors!

Here is the invitation I made with the computer (I didn't scan it very good). The computer and I have gotten very close over the last year or so! These are post cards...cheap to make and cheap to mail!
I also made the favor tags using the computer. I found the favors here . I also got the little frogs for the "frog hunt" there.

I took that cute and cheap "hoppy" fabric and made this banner for the party. The other colors were only $1 a yard!!! I got the idea from Kelly . It was fun to make! I see more in my future!

This cake was a winner in my book! Little Bit LOVED it and it was so easy (and quick) to make!
2 boxed cake mixes
(follow directions for an 8 inch cake AND 24 cup cakes)
I used food coloring for the cake and cupcakes to match the theme colors
(a totally of two tubs of icing)
1 fruit roll-up for tongue
1 peel a part twizzler to mouth
2 oreos for eyes
Ta Da!
(Oh- I have to say the flies were tricky to find...but thanks to the K-man's keen eyes we found them at Good Will-24 for a dollar!!!)
Here is another look. I also made table cloths with the fabric for the indoor and outdoor tables.
I felt we had plenty of frogs with the balloons and fabric that I just got cheap-o colored plates, napkins and such...that matched the fabric.

Along with hunting for 72 little frogs outside we also played Pin the "Fly on the Frog's Tongue!"
I free-handed the frog using two pieces of poster board(it has been saved to be used in my mom's classroom). The flies were on my clip art...printed and cut out! The kids loved this game- Hee Hee, the memories!

Then came my special touches just for Little Bit. I made his "Hoppy" shirt for his special day. You can find a tutorial here .

I also made him some PJs using the cheap fabric!

Finally, I recently mailed these Thank You post cards with a picture from the party. I added a personally note below the typed "thank you". I think the more I get to be creative the more I have with these special days! For more party ideas check out here .

I had a fun "Hoppy" Birthday for my special boy...
You can too!


whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Way to Cute! I'm so glad we were able to share the fun with you guys. Gray said "Hoppy Party"! just now when he saw the computer - he's still playing with the hoppies.

Tomilyn said...

Hi Miss Lacie! I have been lurking in your blog for almost a month now. Your kids are so cute! I have two little guys of my own as well! You are so creative! I need a tutorial on how to make those cards with my computer. Too cute!

silken said...

very cute and perfect! I know you all had lots of fun!!