Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who's TWO??

Today Little Bit turned TWO!
We are having a Toadly Froggy Birthday this weekend with family and friends...
BUT today was Momma and Little Bit Day!
Little Bit got a small red and a small blue "hoppy" (ie.frogs) to start off the special day.
One fits perfectly in each hand. He has not put them down today.
That includes nap time and during Bible class tonight!
(Note to self: I need to take a picture of them.)
We (meaning just the two of us) went to Cracker Barrel for lunch...
Yes, there was sweet tea involved!

We also indulged in His favorites..."NOODLES!" (ie. mac and cheese)

AND corn bread!

There were veggies present, but very little!

And of course we had a ton of loving phone calls and messages!

"Hoppy" Birthday!

We all love you tons!


whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Happy, Hoppy Birthday Little Bit! Can't wait to see you all Saturday!!
MMMmmmm....that Cracker Barrel mac-n cheese sure looks good!!!
Looks like a fun Mommy and me date!

Holly said...

Your Cracker Barrel date sounds PERFECT!

Happy, happy 2nd birthday Lil-Bit!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you.....

Daesha said...

Can't believe it's already been two years. Wow! He's not a baby anymore - he looks like a little boy. Happy birthday sweet boy!

penguinette said...

Happy Two Braden. I hope you have a super birthday party. We miss you and want to come play soon!

rlkllk said...

Hey I can't believe he's 2 already. Can't wait to see ya'll during the holidays

silken said...

happy birthday! :)