Friday, October 17, 2008

My Home in the Fall

I wanted to share what my home looks and feels like in the Fall.

What I love about the fall:

1. the colors

2. the spiced pumpkin smells

3. my almost famous fall mix

4. sitting on my porch in the cool of the morning and evening

(with warm coffee in hand)

5. whoopie pies

6. Halloween pjs

7. pumpkins

8. soft cozy blankets

9. deciding on Halloween costumes

10. comfort foods

What do you love about fall?


Rochelleht said...

OH so cute! It's so nice that it FINALLY hit, huh? I am LOVING the cool air.

penguinette said...

My fall decorating skills are no where near yours. But I do love this time of year. And your fall mix is one of our all time favorites. I need to make some for the babies. Miss you!

Lynn said...

Everything looks beautiful! Wish I could come by for some coffee!