Monday, June 9, 2008

Your my world!

i am in love with my adorable husband and i know he loves me too!
Because of his job he has to travel here and there...but i know he would rather be with us!
this is what i found last night when i got home with the boys and this morning while i was getting the house moving-
the book i am reading-
as i sat down to type this post-
as i started a load of laundry this morning-

no explanation need!-
getting the boys ready for supper last night-
changing the temp in the house (my husband knows me too well)-
getting the coffee ready this morning-

seriously, how could i not feel loved and appreciated?!?
Love ya babe-see ya soon!


Holly said...

What a thoughtful guy you've got there!

I think the last post-it I left said, "Please change the Sparkletts." Even though I said please, it sure wasn't what you'd call a love note. :)

maria said...

What a wonderful hubby to be so thoughtful to leave you those notes. Its definitely a reminder to me to not take our dear spouses for granted!

rlkllk said...

How sweet. Glad to see that Kannon is on both feet now. Hope all is well. C ya soon

Rochelleht said...

Oh, so sweet! My dh left a bunch of notes all around the house for Valentine's Day '07 and I have left half of them up cause they just make me happy.

silken said...

you are so blessed!