Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am fuming!!!! I was just at Cracker Barrel with the boys for a fun lunch and I about got ran over! No, not outside, but while trying to pay. First, I was standing in line with the boys when these ladies kept moving right up on me. At one point I had bent over to pick up something off the floor and one of the darling ladies pushed right in front of me. I smiled and slowly worked my way back in line. THEN while I was trying to keep the K-man in sight and hold Little Bit while signing the receipt the little darling lady started moving closer handing the lady behind the counter her receipt...I was still trying to put everything back in my purse and get the kids in order when the lady behind the counter starts the new transaction and the darling lady was practically pushing me out of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not the only time I have felt like I was being run over while trying to finish a purchase. This happens at grocery stores and department stores. Before I can get my change back in my purse and grab my bags the next person is being checked out and I am being "pushed" out of the way by the next customer!

What has happened to the "Hi, how are you?" What has happened to the slow paced, enjoy the day world I know I remember as a child. Everyone is such in a hurry for nothing! What...To be to the car two seconds faster?! I wish this world would just SLOW DOWN! Come on...Smell the ROSES -or do you even know what those are!!!

BREATH... Ok, I am back and better!


Kim said...

Preach on Sister Sue!

Heather said...

amen to that...some people are so rude! I'm sorry you had to to deal with that stinky lady. You're too sweet not to push her out of the way! HA HA!

Shaka said...

i hear you. i have gotten stubborn and won't move till i have loaded my wallet and receipt back in my purse. i don't know why we can't have 2 seconds to finish up before being shoved out the door.

silken said...

i'm not big on cracker barrel, but I hate getting rushed in line. this happens to me all the time and I dont' have little kids w/ me!

I started a new site at my own domain ( with another hopefully soon to follow! I added you to my blog roll. It's brand new right now, but maybe someday you can stop by and check it out!

Holly said...

Excuse me...are you finished? Nudge,'s MY turn.

I agree, everybody needs to take a deep breath and slow down. Pause. Take a moment. Be.