Friday, June 13, 2008


I must confess I have blenvy...Have you not heard what this is? Let Laurie explain! I read other blogs and wonder: "why can't I write like that?", "my days are so boring.", "do other mothers ever sleep?", "I could do that if I had the time or the money!, "her blog is so cute", "Oh,..."-you name it! I know, I know it's just horrible- However,I thought I was the only one! NOPE! ...Relief!
So, what am I doing about it...I'm focusing on my own blessings for the day (I have read some "10 blessing Tuesdays" from other bloggers), I'm stepping back and focusing on what my purpose in life is (to bring joy and honor to God), and I'm being happy for those around me and what they have learned and are willing to share.
So, really blenvy is not that bad- it can help you have a reality check!
Do you have Blenvy?
What are you doing about it?

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