Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Read, Read, READ!

The other night we were meeting my adorable husband for supper in the "Big" City. (We...I mean, the two little guys) It took me a while to navigate through the exits and turn arounds before we landed in the Borders parking lot (slight detour, but the kids were tired of me trying to find Joann's). Ok, to try to make this story which is getting too long shorter...I unloaded the kids and marched through the front doors of the book store. The K-Man stopped, gasped, then grabbed my hand and said,"Momma, is THIS like a Library?!" His eyes were so big and his expression was so cute. I held my proud Mom head high and smiled while saying, "Yes Sweetie, THIS IS like a Library, but you get to keep the books!" At that point my first born sprinted to the children's section and was beside himself looking at all the books. If it were up to him we would have bought every book there!(We left with ONLY three books about dinos for K. and A book for B.)

Why am I so proud? One of my hopes is to encourage and inspire my children to love to read. I have taken the K-Man to "Library Time" since the day he could hold his head up good and Little Bit has followed in big brother's foot steps. I read to them before they were born and continue to to READ, READ, READ to them. I find so much joy and learn so much about myself in each book I read- and I want my boys to experience the excitement of finding a GREAT book that they just can't put down.

I think the K-Man is on his way!


Kim said...

Way to go! All those story times - at home and the library - are paying off! K and B will love books, thanks to their sweet mommy! The teacher in me is beaming for you.

BriteCloud said...

Isn't reading wonderful! Nathan and I would sit and read for hours a day when it was just me and him. Today he is an avid reader, can't go to sleep at night unless he reads first, I love to see that. Plus, he is a very good writer. I have dreams of him being published someday. Maybe...

I would have loved to see K's reaction to the bookstore. Have fun!

P.S. When I have to punish Nathan I often make him write essays about what he did and how it affected others, etc. I always think of Seth Cresswell saying that his Dad would make him copy poetry to punish him, and now he loves poetry.

silken said...

love it! it's a great feeling. we love to READ!

love Rhonda's idea of essay writing, we have done it too, along w/ copying bible verses, and the dictionary (that's the worst!)

Shaka said...

love books and love to see my kids enjoying good books! he's sounds like he had a great time!