Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've been Tagged!

It is fun to be tagged and learn more about those around you while others get the scoop on you too! Megan tagged me...so here it goes ready or not!

1.What I was doing 10 years ago- September 1997:

I was attending Texas A&M University (Whoop!)working towards a BS in Community Health. Ellen was my sweet roommate who put up with my cat Toby (long story!) I still feel bad about it! I'm not even a cat person...why I had a cat still is beyond me-HA! Ok...Ok...back on track!!

2. Five years ago was September 2002:

I had been married to my adorable husband for two wonderful years and was looking to graduate from Texas Woman's University (Houston Branch) with a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy. Ok, in all honesty those two years in OT school were tough! Both mentally and emotionally! Just married and working on a masters...would not recommend it!

3. One year ago September 2006:

This one is SOOOOO easy! In one month almost to the day my sweet second born, Little Bit, was to make his appearance. I was trying to prepare both myself and The K-Man for a wonderful change! I was getting clothes washed and the baby's room just perfect for out precious baby! Oh...I have goose bumps! What a blessing!

4. Yesterday, September 17 (Has it been that long since I blogged!!!!-WOW!):

Let's see...We hung out at the house. Just Me and the little guys. We were blessed with beautiful fall weather SO we played a lot outside. We planted mums, watered plants, played on the swing set, ate lunch outside, finished putting out some fall stuff, and I made a Halloween Chain with the K-Man. Wow- we did do a lot! No wonder I was beat at the end of the night!

5. Snacks I enjoy

Cheetos, does coffee count?...how about sweet tea???, anything chocolate,...oh, and right now I can't seem to stay out of the candy corn!! I love cookies...really anything baked...yummy!

6. Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million dollars:

Ok, my head is swimming! First, I would buy a weekend home around Houston (close to all my dear friends there) so I could be there and here kind of at the same time! Then I would do all of the good stuff...like give to those in need, pay off my student loans, pay off my parent's house (my birthday is in November-just a reminder!), spoil my kids rotten---oh, I'm already doing that with the little I have, so moving on...

7.Locations I would run to:

I'm not sure where they are all at, but those wonderful porches covered with huge trees next to a pond or lake. I know those places exist. I see them in magazines all the time! That is were I would run too! I also like the beach in the cool morning or late evenings...very nice! I don't get out much-Ha!

8. Bad habit I have:

Maybe you should ask my adorable husband-HA!! I think I work too hard to make things Perfect and I am WAY TOO HARD on MYSELF!

9. Things I like doing:

Reading, scrapbooking, crafting, decorating, blogging, hanging out with girl friends, snuggling up with the boys after they have been bathed and are ready for bed, being with family, shopping...Wow, I enjoy a lot of things!

10. Biggest Joy of the Moment:

Other then the quiet I am enjoying with my fall decorations all around me blogging about fun stuff...hmmm...definetly my trip planned to visit everyone in Houston in a couple of weeks and celebrating my sweet second born's 1st birthday (bitter sweet)!

Fun Stuff! Thanks for tagging me Megan!

I tag...


Megan said...

It was so fun getting to know more about you. I love blogging. I loved what you did yesterday. You are a great and fun mom. Thanks for doing the tag. It was fun to read. I also love on the side how you have listed what your boys are doing. That is such a great idea.

Shaka said...

fun read. it was nice to get to know a little bit more about you.

maria said...

Funny. we have the same 'biggest joy moment'--your trip to Houston in a couple of weeks! Can't wait to see you then!:)

Lynn said...

HEY! I plan to be in Weatherford Saturday afternoon/night. I know you guys are busy busy but I'd love to see you even if it's just for a minute. I love your tag memories. Please don't tag me on remembering stuff. I can barely remember yesterday. LOL.

Robyn said...

Great stuff Lacie! Can't wait to see you!!! Hurry!