Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall Addictions-Confession #1

What are your fall addictions? I have Ohhhh so many issues that my adorable husband and children have to deal with. I absolutely love Fall!

Confession #1
The Fall Magazine Purchase

For some reason during the fall/holiday season my basket goes straight to the magazine racks! For example, this morning I was at Lowe's to pick up paint for a new project I want to conquer AND before I knew it I am looking at the beautiful fall covers on each magazine! I catch myself and calmly say out loud, "Lacie, PAINT!" However, when I arrived home I noticed I had purchased paint AND two of the most fall filled magazines! (Sorry, most adorable husband- I did get the paint!)

Then of course I hurry to put Little Bit to nap so I can sit and flip s-l-o-w-l-y through the pages with no interruptions. Throughout this wonderful time of the year I will flip through those magazines at least 100 times...ok maybe 150 times!

Have I said that I love fall? Stay tuned...Another Fall Confession soon!


Heather said...

Those are not your running shoes......where are the orange ones? HA!!

I'm glad you got some fun fall magazines. Have you got all your pumpkins out, too? I need need to post some pictures and motivate me. :)

Love ya!

Lacie said...

Oh- Heather, you know Trey makes me wait before fall EXPLODES in my house!

AND, No those are NOT my running shoes! I only use my running shoes for running silly! Not for reading magazines!!! Hee Hee!

Kelly said...

fall truly is a great time for magazines! so many crafts, and projects, decorations, gift ideas. the covers are always so tempting!

Lynn said...

OH MY.. I love fall too. I love when I can smell it in the air. The pumpkin patch and scarecrows and fall colors have already crawled out of my attic! I couldn't resist. And, magazines are one of my weaknesses, too. I think we should have a magazine swap. One of my friends and I do that.

Rochelleht said...

How fun! I think Lowe's carries the cutest publications! I think fall rocks!

Don't think I'm a freak or anything, but I dreamt about you last night. I dreamt that we went to your house and you had a super cool basement (in Texas, yea right!) full of amazing storage. I was jealous.

How weird is it when we start dreaming about blog folk? :-)

Megan said...

I love magazines as well. I always love the great ideas they have. Fall is such a fun time of the year.

Hey check out my blog I tagged you for something.

Michelle said...

You crack me up! I love this addiction that you have and there is nothing wrong with it. Of course I'm saying that because I have started down that road. I just can't help myself.

BriteCloud said...

I love magazines! And one of my faves is the one you have on top, "Paper Crafts". I even have the Doodlebug house they show, but I haven't decorated mine yet. Do you think I should do a Halloween house??

I love Fall, too.

Shaka said...

i too love fall-well, maybe i just love the change of season! have fun with the magazines! what is your painting project?