Thursday, July 26, 2007

No Time

A Self Portrait of the Cool Mom, the Hip Sister, and the Country Little Lady

I have just had no time to blog the last few days! It has been one fun, adventurous day after another! My Mother and Sister came up to spend time with "the country folk and their kids"-Ha! It's always a hoot when "the girls" get together. The K-Man and Little Bit were spoiled rotten and it will take me weeks to get them back to "normal".

Well, anyway I'm back and have missed all the blogging.


Holly said...

I'm glad you had a whirlwind of girl fun--now you can recover and get back to normal.

I love pic of the 3 of y'all with your big shades--girls with attitude! :)

Missed you in Blogville(and in person too)--welcome back!

Deanna said...

I'm glad you're back and you had a great time!!! Lovin' the pic too! :)

Lynn said...

I know you had a very fun visit. I got to be with my girls and babies this week too. Better than any earthly present!

Laurie said...

How fun you were able to spend some time with your mom and sister! I've been gone myself and it feels good to be back.