Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday?

Oh- Today is Not Wednesday? Good! Guess where I went today...Just ONE guess!!!

Ok, for those who don't know me too well, I love Hobby Lobby! I mean, when I lived in "H Town" I probably went at least once a week maybe more! I always knew what was on sale for the week and when they set the seasonal stuff out I helped them (HA)!
Well, we moved to this very wonderful, small country...Did I say small?...I mean tiny country town. While there are nice and unique shops in the larger town down the road from us, there is NO HOBBY LOBBY! After reading my blog my adorable husband said I needed a "girl day". Have I told you my adorable husband is also wonderful?

So after my long run this morning I was off to the BIG city (about an hour away). I mean one that actually has a highway with 3 to 4 lanes. When that orange and blue sign came into view I about had a heart attack! No, Really! I stepped into the store took a deep breath and went down each and every aisle. For those that don't know, the SCRAPBOOK stuff is half off! Go...Hurry!

Yes, it was a nice morning with a Raspberry Mocha Frap for breakfast and lunch at Potbelly. However, driving home to the wide open rolling hills and the huge green trees I decided Hobby Lobby is wonderful (and I will return every chance I get), but the tiny town living is for me!

Oh, Happy Day!


Heather said...

I'm so glad you got to go to Hobby Lobby! Wish I could have gone with you. We have had many a fun time in Hobby!

I can't see your eyebrows in that pic! HA HA Nice way to disguise it! HA HA Its a very pretty pic, though! :)

Glad you had a great deserve it!

Deanna said...

I was just going to say the same thing, Heather..LOVE the TEASE pic where we think we might get an eyebrow peek. ;)

You know we love ya, girl!!

I cannot imagine how different your life is..driving all that way just for a Hobby Lobby. Glad you had a good time!

Laurie said...

So funny. I was looking for the eye brows too. I love Hobby Lobby and am so glad you got a girl day to go and splurge. So what did you get?? Doing any new projects?

Lynn said...

I am always always up for a HOBBY LOBBY fix. I love HL. I need a run there myself. So, is my house close enough to be a meeting point for the FLAMINGOS? I think I feel a party coming on. I could be MOMMY FLAMINGO. Let's plan a party. That is when your eyebrows grow out.

Lacie said...

It's kind of funny-I didn't get anything major. I think it was the idea I could've if I wanted to!

Shaka said...

never heard of hobby lobby-sounds like i'm missing out!