Friday, July 13, 2007

What have I learned this week?

1.Dishwashers are sooo taken for granted! My Dishwasher has been on the "Out of Service" mode for the last couple of weeks. It is killing me! I spend at least half my day washing dishes!!!

2.Taking two boys to the Doctor for check-ups and shots is harder then training for a marathon! OH MY GOODNESS!!

3.A clean house is so overrated! By the time you get it clean some little boy decides to Pee Pee on the wall by the toilet or spill sticky juice on the floor- I have come to realize it is more fun to have a not so spotless house and just laugh a bit more!

4.Reading a good book gets in the way of everything! I want to read instead of blog (opps!), cook, eat, sleep, clean (ok, this may be another reason for #3.),watch TV...the list could go on and on just ask my adorable husband.(I think he wants to take away my library card! Hee Hee!)

5.Wearing a Running Skirt does make the overall distance seem shorter. I have been kind of discourged with training for "The Half"(marathon)in Nov. So, what is a girl to do to get a running skirt of course! VERY CUTE! (Thanks for the tip Holly).

6. If my adorable husband brings one more cucumber or tomato into my house from the garden I will loose my mind!!! Gordon,I need a break! I am running out of recipes and ideas for cucumbers and tomatoes. The neighbors are starting to lock their doors when they see me coming with veggies!

7. The K-Man can talk non-stop about anything and everything until you make him go down for a nap or ask him to give Momma a time-out! Oh, the simple joy of silence- Ha!

8.AND Blogging is such a fun way to connect with other women, mothers, and people just trying to make a difference in the lives of their families and in the world.

What have you learned this week?


Holly said...

I agree whole-heartedly with your lessons this week, except #2 and #6 don't apply to me, but I feel for you! A. could probably talk to the wall and believe me--the wall would be begging for a break! :)

Glad you like the skirt--they're great! Sorry you've been down about the training--can I do anything?

Laurie said...

Sounds like you had a great week. That running skit sounds so cute and a good motivator. Very cool. Dishwashers are very important. I hope you get yours fixed soo. I learned that I really enjoy doing things in the evenings with my husband. Usually we're so busy working/blogging/etc that we don't spend much down time together.

Heather said...

Keep on running girl! You can do it! You already are there...keep up the good work. I am proud of you. You ROCK.

Now, come to H-town! I miss you terribly!