Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Track

I started training to run in a 1/2 marathon a bit over a month ago. I did it for several reasons:
1. I have always loved the "my time" running gives me
2. It was a new challenge for me as one of my 100 life goals
3. It was a way to stay connected with friends in "H town"
4. I was dealing with a BIG life change of moving and I wanted something to focus my up and down emotions on
5. I wanted to get back into shape after having my second little one

I have enjoyed the challenge of long distance. While I have more training to go before my first run in November, I have learned a lot about myself:
1. In the words of my adorable husband, I am "just stubborn enough to do it".
2. Waking up before the family and the animals for "quiet time" is a true personal joy.
3. I am so scared of dogs I don't know!
4. I am a bear when I don't get my run time in the morning.
5. I love new challenges. When I reach a new goal (or increased mile)I get so excited!!

Today I reached the eight mile mark! Yes, I am getting there! Living in a Very Small town there are no running groups or established areas for running. So, I have "My Track". The sights and sounds include huge blue skies,wild flowers,big sunrises, cows, horses, hills, jack rabbits, turtles, DOGS, and an occasional car. Today I wanted to share some pictures from "My Track" with you.


Laurie said...

Your track is pretty amazing! I'm a city girl myself - but WOW I can certainly appreciate that kind of beauty. You'll make your goal - good job.

Holly said...

What a beautiful track you have! Serenity as you sweat, right?
8 miles is great! How did it feel? How did you feel later? Do you branch out from your loop or just repeat?
What do the cows think of you running circles around them?

Heather said...

I'm so glad you shared your track!! Now I can picture you running on Sat. with us. :) You have a beautiful view when you run....except for the smelly cows! HA HA

I'm so proud of you....8 miles! WOW! I started out today with 3 and nearly puked from dehydration! HA I'll get there...

silken said...

I only did four and I've been running for a couple of years now! and I still haven't gotten back into shape after my second little one! (or should I say I've just got a new shape!)

Deanna said...

Beautiful! :)

Shaka@fun that is funny said...

way to go! i admire people with such motivation! keep going. you have a beautiful track! that prob. helps.