Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good Mail Update!

I just wanted to say, Thank you for making my day with all the wonderful GOOD MAIL! If you would like to know where the idea of Good Mail came from or would like to start the fun with your friends just check it out Here

Thanks Holly for the Sunny, Summer Kitchen towels. I had a hard time using them for the first time! My sister, Lindsey, sent me some tunes to put on my MP3 player for those long runs- Thanks GIRL!

Robyn sent me a toe ring to enjoy this summer! I had to paint my toes before wearing it- Ha! Thanks Kim for the Magnetic Note Pad (A mother can NEVER have too may of those!) Also, Kim mailed me the Stampin' Up Idea Catalog! Yeah!!!

This Good Mail almost gave the K-Man a heart attack! It came during lunch and well...lets just say lunch was then over!- Diane and the Thurman Girls (cousins) sent K. and B. LOADS of FUN things!

And Last...but certainly not least Angie my new blogging friend from the Favorite Things SWAP sent some of her favorite things to share with me. I LOVE the Bag (You can never have too many to totes)! She is also a Texan and sent a Texas shaped cookie cutter with a wonderful sugar cookie and icing recipe! Oh...the list of wonderful things could go on, but one of may favorite was the letter "L" Angie decorated for me! It goes perfect in my Pink Flamingo Laundry Room! Thank You Angie!!!


Heather said...

Girl! You are raking it in! HA HA How fun!! I love good mail!

I have that pink bag and I love it...you can get ALOT of stuff in it! HA HA

Love ya!

Laurie said...

Talk about JackPot! You got some good stuff. I've read a lot about Good Mail but I didn't really know how it worked. Thanks for the link.