Monday, July 2, 2007

When life gives you Cucumbers...

When life gives you cucumbers, You Make...Lots and Lots of Pickles!!!! (Mom came up and we made another big batch of Dill Pickles)
Fried Cucumbers! (Bet you haven't heard of that, huh? You know it is good when you see all that grease!)
Cucumber and Noodle Salad! (I found a very yummy salad to make with the ton of cucumbers "Gordon" is making)
Vinegar Cucumbers! (These are so good when kept cold in the fridge!)

Any other ideas for cucumbers- We have them coming out of our ears!!!


Heather said...

It all sounds good to me...I'm hungry. We could have your cucumbers and Holly's brownies that her and A made today. I think that would be a great idea! Can you come over? :)

Ashley said...

You need to open up your own farmers market and make some money. ha ha!

Holly said...

Oh boy, Gordon is on overdrive! Were the fried ones like fried pickles? Good with Ranch? Maybe keep making pickles since they will store for a while.

Guess it's no surprise what everyone will get in his or her stocking this year...a jar or two of Pitch Pickles!!

Kelly said...

yum! i love pickles... fried cucmber huh? sounds interesting. but just about anything is good fried.