Friday, June 29, 2007

Let's go Camping!

We got back a couple of days ago from our annual "Pitch Family" vacation. This year the destination was Possum Kingdom. Though it rained for the last couple of days we had a great and relaxing time. Like Kannon said, "Rains not bad cause God made it." Lucky for you I decided to share only a FEW of my pictures. K. tried his heart out to catch a fish. He wanted to catch a "little fish for Bob". Bob is his pet fish at home.
We tried and tried to catch a fishy friend for Bob. Sorry Bob not this trip!
Notice they have given up the fishing and decided to just enjoy the scenery.
Oh B.! You are just too cute! I don't think any sun will find that baby soft skin...Do you?

Rub a Dub Braden in the "Poppy Tub". He can't get much bigger or the "Poppy Tub" might bust!
Say cheese little boy! See I told you it was a tight squeeze...his poor feet are getting smooshed against the side!
Grammie did you say you wanted a s'more? K. feels like sharing!
It was so pretty! Do you see the large rolling, tree covered hills in the back ground? This was our swimming hole during our vacation- not to shabby, huh?
Where will Poppy the Pop-up take us next?


Deanna said...

You guys look great and like you're having fun!! I'm so glad!! Miss chatting with you already...

Lynn said...

You are all having so so much fun! Did you look up the park by my house? I'll even bring you BBQ. We can go to church together. C'mon Poppy ....come to Camp Neena.

Heather said...

I hope Poppy will bring you to Houston really soon. **sniff sniff*

I loved the apron post. I still wear the one we got at the Nutcracker Market. :)

I'm glad you had fun camping...I love the pics!!

Miss you girl.

Laurie said...

B. is such a cutie! Look like you guys had a great time.