Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today's adventure included a trip into town looking for a photography place (for the boys up coming pictures), a post office, and the public library! It was like a scavenger hunt. I found a photographer who gave me directions to the post office (some good mail has been sent!) the post office the sweet lady gave me some ok directions to the library. Then at the end of the "hunt" to Kannon's delight, there were real dinosaur bones at the library!!!
It was fun to look for places and navigate through a town I am not familiar with yet! To reward our efforts on the way back to our VERY SMALL town (from the larger town we live next to) I stopped at Mikey's. It is the local donut and hamburger stop! I had to take a picture of it to share! While the place may not look like much... the hamburgers were very tasty to say the least! BIG BIG burgers! (yummy). Kannon also had an adventure of his own! He rode the "tractor" with his Daddy! Well, lets just say they both had fun! Good thing because the new yard is much bigger then our previous yard and Trey was not able to finish it before supper! Back to the "tractor" boys! What will the next adventure be?????


Holly said...

Trey and Kannon looked like they were having a ball mowing your new huge yard! I'm glad you are discovering interesting places around you, as long as you can always find your way home! :)

Love ya!

Deanna said...

That's so neat!! I love Mikey''s so cute! :) It sounds like your new home is suiting you and that makes me happy!