Thursday, April 19, 2007

'Cause I'm THREE!!!!

Life is such an adventure with Kannon!!!

"'Cause I' m three" has been Kannon's theme for the last few weeks! It is his answer to everything! "I need three books 'cause I'm three!"..."I'm not going to fall 'cause I'm three!" I don't want to eat that 'cause I'm three!"..."I need to go to church 'cause I'm three!"..."I don't want to wear those pants 'cause I'm three!" I have tried to use his own words to my benefit and get him to do things-"Kannon go pick up your toys 'cause your three!"- well, the sweet little three year old is too smart for me!!! It hasn't worked yet!
Hmmm. Maybe we can learn a lot from a little boy- "I need to smile 'cause God loves me!"..."I need to bring joy to others 'cause God loves me!"... You feel in the blank!
Have a wonderful day 'cause Kannon's Three!!!!


Deanna said...

Can you believe they are three, actually?!?! Kannon looks like he's having a blast! Brice came and looked and told me all about how Kannon was playing with trucks and asked me about his dog. You'd think he was there, the way he "knew" just what Kannon had been up to in the dirt with the truck! It was funny... Mr. Informative, these days!

Heather said...

I think Kannon is so smart!! You know, cuz he's three! I miss that sweet kid! Macy and Reid ask about him all the time...they love seeing his pics on here!

It sounds like you are having some really fun adventures! Wish I could have met you for a burger in Brock! I miss you, girl!

Love you bunches!

Holly said...

Wouldn't it be funny if grown-ups said that!?! I can hear Kannon saying that and with a proud smile on his face too.