Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Flower Journal

Flowers just make me happy!!! Flowers that grow in My garden make me super happy!!!! At my new home there are the most wonderful and beautiful plants!! There are roses, iris, lantana, verbena, grape vines, jasmine, rosemary... just too many to name!!! Some I have planted and others that were here when I arrived. My goal is too find out and learn as much as I can about each plant. I am trying to take pictures of each plant and keep a journal. Right now the roses are my favorite!! I have never had roses but my Granny Farris always had the most beautiful roses (and flower garden). She has the green thumb of the family!!!! I included some pictures I took that will be in my journal! What are your favorite flowers or plants? Do you have any gardening hints?


silken said...

I am loving your journal! it's gorgeous!

the boys look really happy too, and sounds like mamma is happy.

we miss you. thanks for sharing all your new stuff w/ us!

Heather said...

But, do you have a lemon tree? :)

Deanna said...

Garden hint #1...water them! :)

I have some jasmine out in the front flowerbed and it started really blooming today. My front door smells WONDERFUL right now! The gardenia bushes are next! I love this time of year...every time I walk out or in the door it smells so great.

Your flowers look beautiful!

Lynn said...

Lacie you are really seeming to settle in! Heather has been so sad about your moving but I know that you will both only grow closer together because of your deep friendship! The boys are really growing. Sometime when the Sabs are in 'ville you all need to come down and have a visit with us. We have room for you all!